Gemini Saga, also known as Pope Ares, is the Gold Saint in the constellation Gemini in Saint Seiya (Sanctuary Arc). It is said that he is the most powerful Gold Saint of its generation on Saint Seiya Next Dimension, chapter 41 and as the most powerful Saint to have ever served Athena on Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold, episode 4 (semi-canon).

Personality and Background

Saga disguised himself as the Pope and was the first Gold Saint that Masami Kurumada introduced in his manga along with Leo Aiolia, although their rank wasn't revealed until later volumes. In his first appearance, Saga presided the event in which Pegasus Seiya acquired the status of Saint. In the anime adaptation, he was introduced in identical manner, in episode 1.

Saga managed to treacherously put himself in control of the Sanctuary for many years after killing Pope Shion, the original Grand Pope of Sanctuary, by stealing his identity.

Saga is often described by other characters as someone with the kindness of an angel but with the darkness of a demon. This ambivalence ended up creating a split personality: a good Saga that was extremely loyal to Athena, and an evil one that keeps control of the body most of the time and killed the previous Pope to steal his place. When it takes control of Saga's body, his hair turns from blond to jet-black (the color schemes were altered for the anime, in which Saga's normally blue hair turned light grey). Saga's two "sides" can also communicate between themselves; in a dialogue the good Saga reproaches his evil "side" to have forced him to hurt Athena.


Early years

As detailed in the prequel Saint Seiya: Origins, Saga was teleported to Sanctuary at birth along with his twin brother Kanon. Along with them, however, an evil spirit associated with the Specters known as Lemure that had been sent by the Goddess Ker. Shion ignored this despite Dohko's insistence to kill the infanntile spirit. The spirit then merged with Saga and would later manifest as his split personality.

Before the Sanctuary Arc, Saga was one of the most beloved men of Greece, in fact, a favorite of the Pope after Aiolos. When he becomes patriarch, he is considered near godly. (This is seen more in the manga section 7).

He is one of the first Gold Saints of his generation (without considering Libra Dohko and Aries Shion), always a wonderful, kind, and generous person. This was to such an extent that his peer and opposition for the Pope's successor, Sagittarius Aiolos, admitted benevolence, wisdom, bravery and power of Saga exceeded him and he wished for Saga to be the Pope. However, Shion decided that Aiolos would be the next Pope. Only his twin brother Kanon knew about the evil that existed in his mind and tried to convince him to take over the sanctuary. However, the evil side of Saga had not yet taken control of him, so he decided to lock Kanon in a prison located in Cape Sounion. Confirmed in the official novel, Episode Zero and Episode G, Cancer Deathmask did know the intentions of Saga, and even consented to his plan for the conquest of Earth, since according to his philosophy: "The concept of justice changes through time and perspectives., as ethics of which create values that influence the notion. Though the Pope's actions are supposed to be evil instantly, history perhaps shall vindicate them."

After Cape Sounion, unable to struggle with his thoughts any more and impacted by Shion's decision, Saga's evil personality fully manifested and started to take control. Travelling to Star Hill and hearing from Shion there that he was denied successorship because of the evil the Pope sensed within him, Saga killed Shion and took his clothes in order to impersonate as the Pope, leaving his corpse at Star Hill.

Saga attempted to kill Athena with a golden dagger when she was a baby. However it was prevented by Sagittarius Aiolos. When Aiolos saw the face of the Pope, he noticed to his surprise, that it was not Shion. Saga then attacked him, but Aiolos managed to escape, taking Athena and the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. After this failed assassination, Saga went to Athena's statue and his good self took control once more. In sorrow for his actions as well as wishing to die as penance and to avoid further evil acts, he attempted to stab himself with the Golden Dagger. He was stopped by Ker sending the dagger out of his hand, however, who revealed he had the mission to kill Athena before she'd allow him to die. The words "kill Athena" echoed within his brain and, for a long time after, Saga's true self would appear little.

Saint Seiya: Episode G

Gemini Saga1.png

Saga appears from the prologue, where Cronos delivers the golden dagger with which to kill Athena but discovered by Sagittarius Aiolos (Episode G). Years later, it appears as Pope, apparently under the command of Pontos trying to kill Leo Aiolia. After Virgo Shaka feels a wicked cosmos, which owns Galan, the meeting convenes golden. At the same meeting, he sent Saint Leo to fight against Hyperion ebony that was attacking the Sanctuary. Then he would explain to the other Gold Saints that the Titans are back to take over the Megas Drepanon and resurrect the great god Cronos. Later Capricorn Shura comes with a doubt before the Patriarch and Saga reveals her true identity, the saint of Capricorn attacks him for killing the true patriarch. But Saga wins the fight and manages to control the heart of the Genro Maōken Shura. After Leo Aiolia defeated Koios, Saga is left reflecting when discovered by Cancer Death Mask. But the Gold Saint decide to keep being faithful Cancer provided Saga create a world of justice, which in turn is based on power(Which is totally different with the original manga, where Deathmask serves Saga for his own benefit.)

When the resurrection of Cronos is imminent, as Pope Saga commanded all Saints pray that they stay home and not go out for any reason. The great god comes before the statue of Athena and is about to destroy it when it is stopped by Saga. What happens now is that Saga is under the influence of his half benign and maintains a fight with Cronos; although very damaged the Saint does not give up and is on the verge of killing Cronos with the same dagger that gave. But surprisingly is controlled again by his evil side and removed leaving free passage Cronos to stay with the Megas Drepanon. Saga was chosen by Cronos and the destination, as the first destroyer of the human future.

Saga Cronos attacks and a stroke destroys the figure created by the cosmo of Cronos, but this is not enough because the god does not have a physical body. Saga uses his Galaxian Explosion making him a serious injury to a Cronos surprised how your body might be hurt nonexistent.

But the time to give the final blow to Cronos, bipolar Saga regains control and goes to the temple of the Patriarch, cursing his good side.

After the incident in which Garan was possessed by the cosmos of Pontos, Saga appointment as Patriarch to all Gold Saints to come together. Although not attend the meeting nor Mu of Aries or Libra Dohko; Aioria is the last to arrive. At the same meeting, sent to Saint Leo to fight against Hyperion ebony that was attacking the Sanctuary. Then I would explain to the other Gold Saints that the Titans are back to take over the Megas Drepanon and resurrect the great god Cronos. In chapter 12, he reveals his true identity to Capricorn Shura, who is enraged and attacks him for killing the true patriarch. But Saga wins the fight and manages to control his heart Genroken Shura (here is a new contradiction with the classic manga, apparently).

Later sent to Saint Leo to confront the ghost of Minos, then Retsu to help in his fight against the Gorgon and finally to Shaka while it protects your cosmos raised in India. After defeat Aioria koios, Saga is left reflecting when discovered by Death Mask. But the Holy decide to keep being faithful Cancer provided Saga create a world of justice, which in turn is based on force. When the resurrection of Cronos is imminent, as Patriarch Saga commanded all Saints pray that they stay home and not go out for any reason. The great god comes before the statue of Athena and is about to destroy it when it is stopped by Saga. What happens now is that Saga is under the influence of his half benign and maintains a fight with Cronos, although very damaged Santo Gold does not give up and is on the verge of killing Cronos with the same dagger that gave . But surprisingly is controlled again by his evil side and removed leaving free passage Cronos to stay with the Megas Drepanon. He also stars in the Gaiden 02, which is tormented by his double personality and must take care of some evil spirits.

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter I: the Sanctuary

Saga posed as the Pope of the Sanctuary for thirteen years. When he learned that the Sagittarius Gold Cloth was in Japan, he sent Phoenix Ikki to kill the eight Bronze Saints and retreive the Sagittarius Cloth.

Later, Saga gives the order to send ten Silver Saints to the front, but all end in failure. Saga ordered to kidnap Saori but the mission fails.

Saga orders Milo to go to Japan to kill the Bronze Saints. Milo refuses in principle given the honor of a Gold Saint to fight one who he thinks is inferior to him. Saga says that they may have the possession of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth Sanctuary that has been lost for 13 years, and there are 2 Gold Saints that fled the Sanctuary that could help them, Libra and Aries. Milo finally agrees to go to Japan to kill the Bronze Saints. Then comes Leo Aioria to ask Saga to let him go in the place of Milo and gets his permission. Saga explains to Milo that the reason why he sent Aiolia in his place is because he was the brother of Gold Saint Sagittarius Aiolos, the "traitor" of Athena, and seeks to "clear his honor."

Saga also sends Cancer Deathmask to probe the old master Dohko of Libra, but fails due to the intervention of Dragon Shiryu and Aries Mu.

Saga gets a letter from Saori telling of him that she is coming to the Sanctuary. Then he welcomes back Leo Aioria who has returned from Japan and questions him why has he returned without the Sagittarius Gold Cloth and without killing his enemy. Aiolia, however, says that he wants to see Athena and Saga says it is impossible. Aiolia prepares to challenge him to get it, then Saga calls him a traitor like his brother Aiolos. Aiolia tells Saga what Athena told him in Japan. When Saga realizes that he knows the truth, he attacks Aiolia and a fight breaks down at once. Then both attacking each other but they are then interrupted by Virgo Shaka. Saga then orders Shaka to kill Aioria, and in the midst of the battle when Aioria was distracted, Saga attacks him, controlling his mind and ordering him to kill the Bronze Saints when passing the Temple of Leo.

Saga orders Silver Saint Sagitta Ptolemy to confront Athena and the Bronze Saints, who then shoots a golden arrow into Athena's chest. Ptolemy explains that the Bronze Saints only have 12 hours to save her, and only the Pope knows how to remove it.

Saga intervenes when Pegasus Seiya reaches the Temple of Gemini with his cosmo creating a maze of light and shadow to Seiya so he can not find the exit of the Temple. Then when Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga and Andromeda Shun reach the entrance of the Temple, Seiya who had come out to his surprise, found them. They decide to enter the temple together, but return to being a victim of maze of lights and shadows projected by Saga from the House of the Pope. When they believe to have found the exit, they have actually returned to the entrance. Saga increases their curiosity and makes them see two houses instead of one. Deciding to split into two groups, Hyoga and Shun on one side and Shiryu and Seiya on to the other. Then Saga projects the illusion of the Gemini Gold Saint in front of Hyoga and Shun. Hyoga attacks the illusion with Diamond Dust, but the attack returned against them. Hyoga returns to attack with the Aurora Thunder Attack, despite the reluctance of Shun, and is again turned against them. While Seiya and Shiryu are confronted by another illusion of the Gemini Saint, Shiryu says he can not feel his presence. When Seiya is about to attack, he is stopped by Shiryu and tells him the Gemini Gold Saint is not there. Shiryu says he feels as if someone has projected its cosmo there. He also says he sees no obstacle and knows where the exit is. Shiryu then grabs Seiya and runs toward the Gemini Saint in front of them. Seiya screams believing to be beaten as they pass the Gold Saint of Gemini, and finally end up exiting the Temple of the Twins. Saga admits his mistake to underestimate the blindness of Shiryu, and decides to end Shun and Hyoga. After receiving his rebounded attack, Hyoga collapses, but Shun back gets up. Shun attacks the illusions with Andromeda Chain but the chain collapses before touching it. Shun then forms Andromeda Nebula defense, forming circles on the floor. Shun challenges him to enter the circle, but when he does enter it nothing happens. Shun then thought that the Saint does not really exist. Then the illusion Saga attacks him with Another Dimension. Shun gets his chain fastened to the pillars of the house, but Hyoga gets ejected into another dimension. Then the illusion repeats the attack of Another Dimension, but Shun returns to stand by its chain. The illusion breaks one end of the chain closer to letting fall in his attack. When suddenly a hint of cosmo breaks the concentration at the other end to make Saga lose his concentration and stops sending his cosmo to the Temple of the Twins and Shun manages to avoid falling into another dimension. Saga wonders who has the ability to do it, discarding it to Athena, Aries Mu, Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Aldebaran in Taurus and Libra Dohko, and eventually discovers that Phoenix Ikki ​​from the Isle of Canon Island is the one that did it. Then after a while Ikki is back to his meditation and his cosmo vanished. Then Saga returns to project the illusion of the Temple of the Twins when Shun was still there. The illusion asks Shun why he didn't escape when the illusion was gone, and Shun says he could not leave Hyoga to wander in another dimension alone. Then Saga attacks him again with Another Dimension, but Shun takes action and unites the broken parts to his chain again, then attacks the illusion with Thunder Wave, and striking through the mask of the Gemini Cloth. The Andromeda chain reaches through space and time to launch an attack interdimensional against Saga who was in the Chamber of the Pope. While retracting his chain back in Gemini Temple, Shun realizes that his chain brought back a necklace and wonder if it belongs to the real Gemini Saint. With the illusion of the maze is gone and exit revealed, Shun exits the temple and continues his journey. The good part of Saga's soul started to talk to the bad soul and said despite his action to defend the Temple of the Twins, Shun won and could not be stopped and to which finally the bad part of Saga to deny the result of the fight and allowing Shun to win.

Saga reappears when Bronze Saints struggled in the Temple of the Maiden against Virgo Shaka while taking a bath. Saga did not believe that the Bronze Saints would come to this temple, and hoped Virgo Shaka would stop them.

Saga then reappears when the Sagittarius Gold Cloth is back to Sanctuary. His mind doubts about whether Sagittarius Aiolos was still alive and has lived on. He then has a hallucination of all the Gold Saints gathering in front of him seemingly on his defense but then they all turned against him with Athena and Aiolos coming to the Chamber of the Pope to kill him. After Seiya found the message of Aiolos in Sagitarius temple, Saga learns that Aiolos had left a will in the Temple of the Sagitarius, and just after breaking a glass in his hand, cursed that Capricorn Shura will kill the Bronze Saints that were about to reach the Capricon Temple.

Later he cursed about Aquarius Camus losing his fight against Cygnus Hyoga and why Camus give way to Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun. He also recounts all that has happened so far and can not help but doubt about the outcome of the battle, nevertheless he trusts Pisces Aphrodite, the last of the Gold Saints that was left in line to defend.

When Shun collapses after being attacked by the Bloody Rose of Aphrodite, Saga creates secure victory. Shortly after Pegasus Seiya reaches the House of Grand Pope and meets Saga who has taken off the Pope mask he always wore revealing his face. In those moments Saga had blue hair, and his good personality.

Saga congratulated Seiya for reaching there, but Seiya runs and hit Saga in his face. Saga says he can not take the arrow to Athena. Seiya says he has been told that the Pope was all the one that could take it. Seiya strikes again with the Pegasus Meteor but Saga did not move. Saga then mourns, and explains to Seiya that the shield of Athena is the one which can save her if he targets it in the direction to where Athena is and told Seiya to hurry along. But at that moment Saga begins to have a personality change, his hair turned grey, eyes turned red, he regains the evil personality. He stopped Seiya from marching. Saga believes that if he beats Athena and recovers her scepter, Nike Goddess of Victory, with the Shield of Athena, he could challenge the Gods. Seiya gets up and attacks him with the Pegasus Meteor, damaging Saga's Pope clothes. Then Saga summons the Gemini Gold Cloth revealing his true identity, to the surprise of Seiya. Saga attacks Seiya with Another Dimension but then the good personality intervenes within Saga, interrupting the attack and saving Seiya. But the evil personality continues to dominate his body, and Saga decides that if he can not kill Seiya, then he will deprive Seiya of his five senses and begins to remove them one by one. Seiya then re-projecting a huge lift cosmo, attacks Saga with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, initially Saga manages to halt it but when they end up gaining speed and power it hit him. But Saga gets up and hits back at Seiya. Seiya then counterattacked Saga, attacking him with his Pegasus Rolling Crash. Both of them impact to the ground, but Saga stands unhurt and is about to beat Seiya, surprisingly the faces of the Gemini Gold Cloth Mask began to mourn. Evil Saga says he is the only one who can protect this world from the invasion of other gods such as Zeus, Hades and Poseidon and whoever stands in their way must die. Seiya gets up and says that he will die Saga then punches him knocking Seiya out.

When Saga proceed to finish off Seiya, Phoenix Ikki appears, throwing & stabbing Saga's hand with several Phoenix feathers. Saga believed Ikki has already dead but now has to fight against him. Blinded, Seiya gets up and starts walking to the statue of Athena with Athena's guidance. Saga tries to attack Seiya, but is defended by Ikki. Ikki attacks Saga but can not touch him, then Saga counters him with Another Dimension, but Ikki gets back from there and to stamp Saga attacks against a pillar. Saga decides to end the fighting as soon as possible, Splitting the Chamber of the Pope creating a rift between Ikki and Seiya. Ikki tries to jump the rift, but gets a blow to his stomach by Saga and is caught under the falling rubble.

After reaching the statue of Athena, Seiya took the Shield of Athena and starts to lift it to direct the shield towards where Athena lays down, but just before he succeeded Saga lands a blow on him causing Seiya's body to spin violently and the light of the shield goes in multiple directions and for a brief moment landed exactly where Athena is before Seiya finally dropped it. The brief light from the shield saves Athena and make the golden arrow that was stuck in her chest vanish. Saga believes in principle that Seiya failed, but in the distance is a divine light that tells that Athena was alive. Saga then starts attacking Seiya who is unable to defend himself, and as he is about to finish him, Ikki appears to protect Seiya once again. Ikki attacks Saga with Phoenix's Wings Rise, but Saga avoids it and begins to beat Ikki by destroying his cloth, taking away his five senses and throws him a large number of punches.

Before he finish off Ikki, Athena comes along together with the rest of the Bronze and Gold Saints. Saga can not believe that Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun are still alive, and together the three attack Saga. Even with their combined attacks, it does no harm and gets returned to them, knocking them down. Saga challenges the five saints pray that no disclosure against. The five of them get up Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki join their cosmos to attack Saga. Force of the attack cause Seiya's armor to explode and because of the cosmo power Saga was thrown to the sky. Even then he survived the attack, then the Golden Saints are agitated and position themselves to attack him, Athena intervenes and Saga stubbornly decides to fight her. When he lunges at Athena the Gold Cloth of Gemini diseparated from his body. Saga launches his attack to Athena nevertheless. His good personality then appears from within Saga controlling one arm which then he grasps the scepter of Athena, piercing his own chest. At that final moment, his mind is purified and Saga's good personality came back once and for all, but his body had received a mortal blow from the Athena's scepter, and soon after died in the arms of Athena after asking her forgiveness for all of the evil things he did.

Non-canon anime episodes

When he learned that the Sagittarius Gold Cloth was in Japan, he sent Docrates to recover it, who fought with Phoenix Ikki, regaining nearly all except for the helmet. When he heard, Saga told his subordinate Gigars come back to try to recover it. Gigars notice for it to Gesit and their Saints on the recommendation of Shaina Depths of Ophicus. Geist only temporarily regained the town dying in the attempt to defend Pegasus Seiya. When Saga learns Gigars pities and gives another opportunity to send someone to retrieve it.

Later, he learns that Phoenix Ikki returns to the Death Queen Island and orders the Black Saints, who were banished renegade saints on the island, to kill Ikki. Saga himself causes the explosion and destruction of the island, when Ikki, Seiya, Shun, and Hyoga are there, but are saved by Athena before it exploded.

Saga ordered someone to the mountains to seek out Mu in Jamir to help find the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius who had returned to disappear. Learning that Arachne Tarantula, sent to the mountains of Jamir, had perished, he decides to call the Gold Saint Scorpio Milo.

He also sent Milo of Scorpio to the Isle of Andromeda to end the island's master, Cepheus Albiore which he defeated by Pisces Aphrodite instead.

Asgard arc

In Asgard, Saga's spirit appears in the sky to comfort Seiya, who had fallen off a cliff. This sudden appearance of the spirit of Saga, supporting Seiya, Saint Pegasus makes the emotional cry. Even after his death, Saga remained loyal to Athena.

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter II: Poseidon

Saga appears in a flashback with his brother Kanon where he suggests they kill Athena and the Pope to take over the world together. Saga is outraged that Kanon would even decide to do something as evil as that and decides to lock Kanon in Cape Sounion. Before Saga leaves, Kanon tells Saga that he knows he has a evil side and he will always be in Saga’s mind. This leads to the awakening of Saga’s evil side. Later, Saga appears in the last chapter in the saga of Poseidon with Shura, Camus, and Aiolos, as spirits looking at the edge of the hilltop shrine.

Legend of Crimson Youth and Warriors of the Final Holy Battle

In the third Saint Seiya theatrical feature, "Legend of the Crimson Youth", Saga returns to life with his comrades after being revived by Abel, the brother of Athena. It is interesting to note that, while the movie is non-canon and takes place prior to the Hades arc, it is Saga, Shura, and Camus who ultimately opposed Abel's actions after he kills Athena. Shura and Camus attacked immediately, while Saga waited for a more opportune moment to strike. Saga eventually would find Seiya and advise him into using his 7th sense to defeat Abel, shortly before committing kamikaze with Lynx Jyao, one of Abel's Titan warriors.

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter III: Hades

Gemini Saga reappears in the Hades Chapter. Together with Aquarius Camus and Capricorn Shura (making them the so-called "Wailing Trio"), Saga was revived by Hades in exchange for eternal life. He was sent to the Sanctuary with the mission to make way for the real Specters and bring Hades the head of Athena. In fact they just wanted to apologize to Athena, and warn her about his armor, and only with her, Athena could defeat the Dark Lord. Aries Shion, former Pope of the Sanctuary and Master Mu, Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aprodithe were also revived as Specters of Hades, and several Silver Saints as well. During the journey, the "Trio of Lamentations" passes the House of Aries, and her guardian without many , the perception of Mú. Added by Bronze Saint problems. On this occasion, with the collaboration of Aries Shion, Mu was helpless, paralyzed by the power of his master. They can also easily pass the House of Taurus, Aldebaran was killed as previously by the specter Deep Niobe.

However, upon arriving at the House of Gemini, which should be empty, Saga, Shura and Camus are surprised by a powerful Cosmo, who is wearing the Gemini Cloth, and trying to stop them from advancing. Saga soon realizes that such a person could only be his brother, Kanon, and asks his companions to follow the House of Cancer, as he stands to face him. Kanon is determined to prevent their enemies from below, and creates the maze of Gemini, which prevents any enemy to find the exit, just as Saga made ​​against the five protagonists before. Saga delivers a blow that crosses the entire Sanctuary and targets the Temple of Athena, where Kanon was. Once Kanon was reached, the illusions are shattered and the "Trio of Lamentations" finally leaves the house of Gemini. After leaving his former home, for a moment, Saga weeps upon learning that his brother was finally on the good side.

On entering the House of Cancer, the trio is struck by Virgo Shaka , which partially destroys the house. Saga, Shura and Camus disguise themselves with the armor of the spectra Dullahan Cube , Gorgon Ox and Elf Mills , respectively, they killed on the steps of Casa de Leon soon joined the group of Cyclops Giganto, and well have gone unnoticed by Aiolia Leo, despite this suspect them.

When you go to the next house, they are greeted by Shaka, which soon kills the other spectra, for they reveal the true reason for being on the side of Hades . But Saga notes that were still being observed. So the three were forced to confront Shaka.

Saga tries to send him to another dimension and after that Shaka executes his ultimate attack. The Virgo began to strip Saga of his senses with its technical Treasure of Heaven Before destroying the last sense, says Shaka saga to use the foul, the Athena Exclamation... Saga encourages his fellow Gold Saints to remember their purpose, goal and use the deadly blow, since its mission would be much more difficult without the five senses. So with tears in his eyes, the trio uses the blow and kill Shaka.

After leaving the Garden of Twin Trees, the scene of his fight with Shaka, the three are intercepted by Aries Mu , Leo Aiolia and Scorpio Milo . With only one direction, the three saw no other option but to re-use of the Athena Exclamation. His opponents do the same. A clash of two Athena Exclamations destroy the shrine. But soon it would happen, Pegasus Seiya , Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga and Andromeda Shun intersect the destruction of two exclamations, throwing them against the "Trio of Lamentations." Still Saga, Shura and Camus survived.

Athena orders Mu, Milo Aiolia and take all three to her temple. Athena's plan was to go to hell and join Shaka to fight Hades. When they arrived at the temple, Athena gives Saga the golden dagger he used in an attempt to kill her thirteen years ago, and so she puts the dagger in her own neck.

Discovering the plan of Athena, the three are hanged by Mu, Milo and Aiolia to go to the Castle of Hades. Covertly they enter the castle, telling Pandora they were carrying the body of Athena, ordering her to take them to Hades' presence. However, Pappilon Myu left one of his Fairies watching everything and sends information to Hades, revealing the treason of the three. Once discovered they try to attack Pandora and force her to take them into Hades. However, the twelve hours of life that Hades granted them were coming to an end, and they started to die.

When dying a second time, Saga shows how he really was true to Athena, he ends up turning to dust in the arms of Seiya, and tells the Pegasus: "Protect our Goddess." They are the last words of Saga.

Saga is resurrected again in Hell, this time by Athena and receiving the armor that was originally his. He is sacrificed along with the other eleven Gold Saints to overthrow the Wailing Wall in order to give access to Athena's victory over Hades.

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

In the official sequel Saint Seiya Next Dimension, Saga appears (together with the other Gold Saints) in the form of spirit to help of Athena.

Heaven Chapter: Overture

In Tenkai-hen: Overture, Saga, along with Kanon and the other gold saints, returned for a brief moment to be judged by various Olympian Gods. They condemned him for participating in a war that caused many casualties among the deities, and sentenced him and the other humans to spend the eternity encased in a monument to serve as the ultimate example of punishment for the generation of humans to come. Saga felt no regret and accepted his fate.

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold

List of opponents

As the Saint of Gemini
Opponent Result Notes
Phoenix Ikki Victory -
Pegasus Seiya Draw Gemini had the advantage, but Pegasus used Athena's Shield to knock him out. Later, Gemini suicided in front of Athena.
As the Specter of Ghost-Gemini
Opponent Result Notes
Dullahan Cube Victory -
Virgo Shaka Unfair 3 against 1: Ghost-Gemini Saga + Ghost-Aquarius Camus + Ghost-Capricornus Shura VS. Virgo Shaka. Virgo left using his 8th Sense.

Techniques and abilites

As the most powerful of the Gold Saints, Saga was a master of the usual Gold Saint level abilities, being; light-speed combat, realistic illusion creation, distortion of time and space and strong cosmos/telekinetic management In fights and also remotely, along with an array of incredible feats under his belt, Saga very much has cemented his place as one of the, if not the, strongest Gold Saint (rivaled only by Shaka and Aiolos) of his generation. He's been know to use the following attacks:

Galaxian Explosion (ギャラクシアン・エクスプロージョン/銀河爆砕): Saga's most powerful attack, he concentrates all of his cosmos energy to the maximum in between his hands, and releases it in the form of a gigantic shock-wave capable of obliterating nearly anything in its path. Nothing has been reported to survive and or escape it once it has been released. To the onlooker, the attack would look like a myriad of galaxies and planets come crashing into his opponent. The aftermath been reported to resemble like a small tactical nuke has been set off.

Another Dimension (アナザーディメンション/異界次元):  Saga concentrates his cosmos to the maximum again, then lets off a powerful lightning which rips the fabric of space and time, he then proceeds to launch his opponent into this thing, the intent being that opponents caught into this will wander endlessly inside this limbo between time and space with no opportunity to return. Very few saints are been known to recover from this, and the ones known (Shaka & Ikki) do so only because they have extremely high cosmos powers and or abilities to help them escape this prison.

Demon Emperor Fist (幻朧魔皇拳): With a quick movement of his hands, he shoots a beam of light that goes through the opponent's brain at the speed of light. This technique directly attacks the opponent's brain, allowing Saga to manipulate him through suggestion (pretty much brainwashing his opponent), ordering him to attack anyone he desires or even going against their most precious assets. The effects will only disappear if the intended suggestion is completed. A weaker version of this attacks the nervous system of the opponent, leaving him immobile and vulnerable to any attack.

Sensory Annihilation (五感剥奪): This ability alllows Saga to withdraw all the senses from the opponent although not as refined as Shaka’s ability to do it with the Tenbu Horin, nevertheless he leaves his enemy in a sort of vegetative state.

Astral Projection (幽体離脱): Saga can control his Cloth at distance and uses his cosmic power to do so. However, it's not impossible to be perceived with this ability as Andromeda Shun's chain was able to detect exactly where he was and attack him using the empty space within the armor as traveling source. Gemini Kanon used the same Technique in Hades Arc, and Saga was also able to find his twin after becoming disillusioned by his immense power only to realize it was just an illusion. Saga can also teleport his Cloth from the distance.

Labyrinth of Twins (ツインズの迷宮): Illusion to make enemies wander aimlessly around the Gemini Temple without being able to find an exit. Both Gemini Saga and Gemini Kanon are able to use this technique. In the Sanctuary Arc, Saga used this against the bronze saints; Dragon Shiryu was the only one able to find the exit because of his lack of sight, and hence the optical illusion had no effect on him. Andromeda Shun was also able to break it by attacking Gemini Saga and breaking his concentration. In the Hades Arc, the golden saints Capricorn Shura and Aquarius Camus were unable to get through it, even knowing that it was an illusion. The technique was only broken when Gemini Saga launched an attack directly to the Grand Master chamber, hurting Gemini Kanon and once again breaking the caster's concentration.

Predecessors and Successors


  • Saga appeared in Saintia - Shō, but off-screen.