God Cloths

The Divine Cloths (神聖衣(ゴッドクロス), Goddo Kurosu) are a unique class of Cloths worn by Athena's Saints that have existed since the Age of Myth. Transformed by spilling Athena's blood on the original Cloths, these new Cloths provide their Saints a level of protection and power that surpasses that of Gold Saints and even some minor Gods, such as Thanatos and Hypnos and are second only to the original armors of the 12 Olympians, the Kamui.

Cloth Traits

Having been reborn by Athena's blood, the Divine Cloths are the apex of the man-made Cloths, as it gives their respective Saints a level of protection and power that are said to be near-equal to those of the 12 Olympian God Cloths. They appear as exceedingly elaborate versions of the original Cloths that almost covers a Saint's entire body. All of the God Cloths are provided with wings.

A Divine Cloth provides a near-absolute level of protection to their Saint, as they possess colossal durability and almost completely covers the Saint's body, leaving only the upper arms and thighs exposed. Thanatos Terrible Providence attack, which had previously destroy five Gold Cloths in one strike was unable to even scratch Seiya's Pegasus Divine Cloth. Likewise they provide their Saint with a massive boost in Cosmo. This lethal combination gives a Saint the power to destroy minor Gods and even injure one of the 12 Olympian Gods as the Pegasus Saint was able to injure Hades on every reincarnation cycle they stood against each other. However as the Divine Cloths are still made from mortal hands, they pale against the God Cloths and can be destroyed by a God as seen when Hades easily pierced through Seiya's armor with his sword.

The Divine cloth provides the user to travel faster than the speed of light and enables them to fight at a atomic level. Because they fight at a atomic level the surroundings doesn't even get a scratch. The Divine cloth enhances their speed, fighting strength and durability. They are able to take galaxy destroying attacks. They are immortal and can not be killed. They are able to survive in space and have galaxy destroying if not universal destroying powers.


Bronze God Cloths

Gold God Cloth

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