Gold Saints (黄金聖闘士ゴールドセイント Gōrudo Seinto?) are the most powerful, almost-invincible warriors in Athena's army, serving her since the mythological era. They wear the 12 Gold Cloths that correspond to the zodiac constellations, the most durable and powerful among the 88 Cloths. The Gold Saints have fully mastered the Seventh Sense, the essence of Cosmo, which grants them miraculous abilities, such as the capability to attack at the speed of light.

In the Toei adaptation, the artists gave their aura a golden color though other media sometimes did not. Their duty at the Sanctuary is mainly to defend the 12 Zodiac Temples, one for each sign, but they are also the ultimate arsenal at the disposition of Athena and the Grand Pope to accomplish the most difficult missions. They represent Athena's main war strength during the conflicts against the other deities' armies.

They are known for being among the most powerful characters in the series. While they are all known to dominate the Seventh Sense, a few of them are so powerful that they have reached the Eighth Sense(Arayashiki) during the series. They are protected by the twelve zodiac constellations that are on the ecliptic cycle, thus, containing the energy and light of the sun. With the evolution of the series, only the most powerful enemies are comparable to the Gold Saints, such as the Marina Generals or the high-ranked Specters, including the 3 Judges of the Underworld and most of the other Celestial Star Specters. The anime series and films added some other Gold Saint-level enemies such as the God Warriors.

Generally, the elites of any army can master a Cosmo to the same extent as a Gold Saint, and sometimes beyond, although like any other Saint, the Gold Saints are capable of overcoming their limits in times of crisis to accomplish miracles. Not only is the power of the Gold Saints incomparably superior to all other Saints (except in a few cases), their notions of honesty, ethics and righteousness are also highly respected by the other Saints. This does not necessarily indicate a Gold Saint holds a righteous attitude, as there have been instances of Gold Saints acting with unrestrained lethality and self-interest, instances which were openly overlooked by others. In many cases the Grand Pope chooses his successor from amongst The Gold Saints.

Some of the Gold Saints in the 1986 Toei anime. From left to right: Leo Aiolia, Scorpio Milo, Gemini Saga, Aquarius Camus, Aries Mu, Virgo Shaka.

During the battle of the 12 Temples, in the final part of the Sanctuary saga, five Gold Saints died, but only three -- Evil Gemini Saga, Cancer Death Mask and Pisces Aphrodite - were actually traitors to Athena, however, the manga considers Saga, Deathmask and Capricorn Shura. Aphrodite just fought for what he believed. And all the others were indeed faithful to Athena. In fact, in the following sagas they sided with the protagonists, helping them as much as they could.

In the manga sequel and prequel official Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension, Saori/Athena travels through time to save Pegasus Seiya from the curse of the sword of Hades, thanks to the primordial god of time, Chronos, and meets the gold saint of the eighteenth century, as Virgo Shijima, Pisces Cardinale, etc., who are the predecessors of the gold saints of the twentieth century. The 20th century Gold Saints' souls follow her in this battle.

In the 21st Century, the God of War Mars succeeded on a hostile takeover of the Sanctuary. In the previous years, the majority of Gold Saint ranks had not yet been replaced from the previous wars, as the only acting Gold Saints being former Bronze Saints Sagittarius Seiya and Libra Shiryu, in addition to the pupil of the previous Aries Saint Mū, Aries Kiki. Now in control of the Sanctuary, Mars offered the vacant Gold Cloths to a number of loyal followers, all ruthlessly malevolent warriors unworthy of wearing a Gold Cloth, yet powerful enough to control them; Taurus Harbinger, Gemini Paradox, Cancer Schiller, Leo Mycenae, Virgo Fudō and Libra Genbu, who was actually acting on Athena's behalf. Meanwhile, the God of War's wife Medea, who is secretly conspiring to betray him while appearing to aid him, appointed his own daughter Hornet Sonia as the new Scorpio Saint, and later granted Silver Saint Horologium Tokisada the Aquarius Cloth. Medea's own brother, Amor, secretly obtained the Pisces cloth. Out of these false Gold Saints, with Aries Kiki and Libra Genbu pretending to serve him, Mars was ultimately betrayed after Harbinger and Fudo had a change of heart. Schiller perished in battle, while Paradox was defeated and later apprehended, her Gold Cloth being taken up by her twin sister Gemini Integra. Mycanae was murdered by Pisces Amor, who was later killed by an Abzu-possessed Pegasus Kouga. Tokisada seemingly perished at the edge of time during a battle with Wolf Haruto, and Sonia was later killed by her own Cosmo when she proved unable to handle the power of the Scorpio cloth. When order was restored to the world, Taurus Harbinger and Virgo Fudo joined Aries Kiki, Sagittarius Seiya and Libra Genbu as official Gold Saints, despite having previously serving Mars.

The Gold Saints as they were during the battle at the 12 Temples (manga version)

When the 12 Gold Cloths are near one another, they emit a shining light and produce a very loud sound: this phenomenon is called "resonance". However it is not a common because the reunion of all the 12 Gold Saints is a rare event, which usually only happens when Athena and the Grand Pope summon the Gold Saints to a meeting in view of an upcoming crisis.

If the Gold Saints with two equivalent forces wage battle between them, it is said the battle can last a long time. In this confrontation, it is referred to as the "War of a Thousand Days," in which the saints can both die or fight forever without a winner. According to Kurumada, Deathmask is the only one who cannot make a "War of a Thousand Days" with other Gold Saints.

The Gold Saints posses a legendary technique known as the Athena Exclamation, where 3 Gold Saints join their Cosmo to form a single blow. The Contemplative Athena Tablet represents its essence. In the manga, that tablet resides in Athena's room. The A.E. power is so immense that it releases an energy similar to the Big Bang (on a smaller scale), the explosion that gave birth to the universe. When two Athena Exclamation collide, they will not only double or multiply, but increase exponentially. Athena banned all Gold Saints to use this technique because, besides being considered a coward's technique (three Saints attacking a single enemy), it can also cause terrible damage to both the opponent and the surroundings. Whoever dares uses this technique, will be regarded as a barbaric and dishonorable person that can never be called a Saint anymore, regardless of the intent.

The Athena Exclamation appears in the Hades saga when Gemini Saga, Aquarius Camus and Capricorn Shura used this technique to defeat Virgo Shaka's Tembu Horin secret attack. After defeating Shaka, the three former Saints switched the technique against Aries Mu, Scorpio Milo and Leo Aioria who retaliated with the same technique. It's unclear how the latter group are able to use this forbidden move without breaking their code of honor, but it's possibly due to the fact that the enemies were equal in number, and were about to use that attack against them as well, not to mention the

The 12 Gold Saints not wearing their cloths

The 12 Gold Saints

difficult situation the Sanctuary was put into.

Gold Saints in Omega

However, the most powerful and destructive technique for the Gold Saints is the one  referred to as the "sacrifice of the Gold Saints." In it, the twelve Gold Saints raise their Cosmo and put their souls into an energy as strong and bright as the sun. All who come in contact with this energy, including the Gold Saints themselves, will die. It's unclear though if it has a real destructive power or if it's limited to the creation of a focused sunlight beam at the cost of the explosion of the full Cosmo of the 12 Gold Saints that causes a massive explosion.

Added to the already amazing array of skills that the 12 Gold Saints have, the Cloth of Libra has six pairs of golden weapons that can be used only in exceptionally desperate cases and with the consent of the Saint of Libra, the one allowed to value the justice and righteousness of the cause, in the absence of Athena herself. The destructive force of the weapons is extraordinary, as they are said to be able to pulverize a star

The 12 Gold Saint Omega

with a single blow, a feat equal only to the most devastating techniques such as Gemini's Galaxian Explosion. The six pairs of weapons are: Tonfa, Spear, Sword, Shield, Triple Rod and Twin Rod.

In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension it turns out that there is a thirteenth gold saint, Ophiuchus, the evil gold saint, whose underground temple is the temple of the snake underneath the temple of Sagittarius.

Gold Saints over ages

Cloth Lost Canvas Lost Canvas Next Dimension Lost Canvas Saint Seiya Omega Next Dimension/Episode G - Assassin
13th Cen. 15thCen 18th Cen. 18th Cen. 20th Cen. 21st Cen. 21st Cen.
Aries ? Gateguard &


Shion Kiki Ω Kiki
Taurus ? Francisca Ox Rasgado, Teneo Aldebaran Harbinger ?
Gemini ? ? Cain & Abel Deuteros & Aspros Saga & Kanon Integra & Paradox ?
Cancer ? Sage Deathtoll Manigoldo Deathmask Schiller Lancelot
Leo ? ? Kaiser Ilias,


Aiolia Mycenae Ikki
Virgo ? ? Shijima Asmita Shaka Fudō Shun
Libra Itia Itia Dōhko Shiryū Ω , Genbu Shiryū
Scorpius ?


Ecarlate Zaphiri,Cardia Milo Sonia ?
Sagittarius ? Aeras Gestalt Sisyphus Aiolos Seiya Ω Seiya
Capricornus ? ? Izō El Cid Shura Ionia ?
Aquarius Krest Krest Mystoria Dégel Camus Tokisada Hyôga
Pisces ? ? Cardinale Lugonis,Albafica Aphrodite Amor ?
Ophiucus ? ? Odysseus - - - ?
Grand Pope ? Itia ? Sage & Hakurei Shion Harbinger Kanon

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension (mythological era canon)

  1. Ophichus Asclepios

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension (18th Century canon)

  1. Aries Shion (ND)
  2. Taurus Ox
  3. Gemini Cain, Gemini Abel
  4. Cancer Deathtoll
  5. Leo Kaiser
  6. Virgo Shijima
  7. Libra Dōko (ND)
  8. Scorpio Ecarlate
  9. Sagittarius Gestalt
  10. Capricorn Izō
  11. Aquarius Mystoria
  12. Pisces Cardinale
  13. Ophiuchus Odysseus
  14. Grand Pope ?

Saint Seiya (20 Century canon)

These Gold Saints are also featured in Saint Seiya Next Dimension, Saint Seiya Episode G and in most of the movies.

  1. Aries Mū
  2. Taurus Aldebaran
  3. Gemini Saga, Gemini Kanon
  4. Cancer Death Mask
  5. Leo Aiolia
  6. Virgo Shaka
  7. Libra Dōko
  8. Scorpio Milo
  9. Sagittarius Aiolos
  10. Capricorn Shura
  11. Aquarius Camus
  12. Pisces Aphrodite
  13. Grand Pope Shion

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension (21st Century canon)

  1. Leo Ikki
  2. Virgo Shun
  3. Libra Shiryū
  4. Sagittarius Seiya
  5. Aquarius Hyoga

Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin (21st Century) Athena Tomoe Santuary

  1. Aries Mū
  2. Cancer Lancelot
  3. Leo Aiolia
  4. Virgo Shaka
  5. Libra Dōko
  6. Sagittarius Aiolos
  7. Aquarius Camus
  8. Grand Pope Aiolos

Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin (21st Century) Athena Saori Kido Santuary

  1. Aries Kiki
  2. Taurus Aldebaran
  3. Gemini Saga, Gemini Kanon
  4. Cancer Deathmask
  5. Leo Ikki, Leo Aiolia
  6. Virgo Shun
  7. Libra Shiryū
  8. Scorpio Milo
  9. Sagittarius Seiya
  10. Capricorn Shura
  11. Aquarius Hyoga
  12. Pisces Aphrodite
  13. Grand Pope Kanon

Saint Seiya Omega (21st Century alternative)

  1. Aries Kiki (Omega)
  2. Taurus Harbinger
  3. Gemini Paradox, Gemini Integra
  4. Cancer Schiller
  5. Leo Mycenae
  6. Virgo Fudō
  7. Libra Shiryū (Omega), Libra Genbu
  8. Scorpio Sonia
  9. Sagittarius Seiya (Omega)
  10. Capricorn Ionia
  11. Aquarius Tokisada
  12. Pisces Amor

The Gold Saint of Omega are characters in an alternative history, not canonical with the Kurumada story.

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (13th Century alternative)

  1. Leo ¿?
  2. Libra Itia
  3. Capricorn ¿?
  4. Aquarius Krest

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (16th Century alternative)

  1. Aries Gateguard, Aries Avenir
  2. Taurus Francisca
  3. Gemini ¿?
  4. Cancer Sage
  5. Leo ¿?
  6. Virgo ¿?
  7. Libra Itia
  8. Scorpio ¿?
  9. Sagittarius Aeras
  10. Capricorn ¿?
  11. Aquarius Krest
  12. Pisces ¿?

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (17th Century alternative)

  1. Taurus ¿?
  2. Cancer Sage
  3. Leo ¿?
  4. Sagittarius ¿?

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (18th Century alternative)

  1. Aries Shion (TLC), Aries Avenir
  2. Taurus Rasgado, Taurus Teneo
  3. Gemini Deuteros, Gemini Aspros
  4. Cancer Manigoldo, Cancer Sage
  5. Leo Regulus, Leo Ilias
  6. Virgo Asmita
  7. Libra Dōko (TLC)
  8. Scorpio Cardia, Scorpio Zaphiri
  9. Sagittarius Sisyphus
  10. Capricorn El Cid
  11. Aquarius Dégel
  12. Pisces Albafica, Pisces Lugonis
  13. Grand Pope Sage, Hakurei

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (20th Century Future alternative)

  1. Aries Avenir
  2. Libra ¿?
  3. Sagittarius ¿?

The Gold Saint of Lost Canvas are characters in an alternative history, not canonical with the Kurumada story.

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