Graad Foundation (グラード財団 Gurādo zaidan?) is a Japanese organization with its headquarters in the city of Tokyo. It is managed by the Kido household and was founded by its former leader Mitsumasa Kido. Currently, leadership falls in the hands of his "granddaughter" Saori Kido.


The Graad Foundation is extremely resourceful, dealing with top-of-the-line technology and covering virtually any expense of its leader.


At some point after finding Sagittarius Aiolos and receiving the baby Athena (to whom he gave the name of "Saori" and raised as a granddaughter), Mitsumasa founded the Graad Foundation and used its resources to find his numerous children (about 100 males, with at least one female), bringing the males to the Kido Mansion in order to begin their training. They were then sent each to one of the Saints' training grounds to try and claim a cloth, although of the 100 sent, only 10 returned (for one reason or another) when called upon for the Galaxian Wars.


In addition to the project involving the Bronze Saints, Mitsumasa also commissioned Dr. Asamori to create the Steel Cloths, also financing the training of the ones who would become the Steel Saints.

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