Hakurei ( 博麗 ,Hakurei ) is Former Silver Saint.Master of Shion, Yuzuriha, Tokusa and Atla, brother of Pope Sage.Hakurei was originally entrusted to occupy the Pope's seat, but gave it up to his brother instead and moved to Jamir. He once prevented his apprentice Shion to defect Athena's ranks in favor of Hades.


As Silver Saint

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Holly War XVIII century

With the demise of his brother, he has taken over the Pope's position, faking that Sage is still alive so not to break the morale of the Saints. In order to break the seal that cut down the Saints' power to 10% by using the sword blessed by Athena in the previous Holy War, Hakurei decides to go to Hades' territory alone despite of Shion's objection. Hakurei easily defeats the foot soldiers and upon entering the church of Hades, he is confronted by Hypnos, who brings forward the defeated disciples of Hakurei, Shion and Yuzuriha. Using the ultimate attack Praesepe Returning Spirits Wave . Hakurei summons the souls of the fallen Saints from the previous Holy War, among them Cancer Sage's soul. Hakurei uses their power to form a massive energy ball, which distracts the attention of Hypnos. While Hypnos is nullifying the energy ball, Hakurei unleashes his living soul to seal the defenseless Hypnos. However, before Hakurei can break the seal using the blessed sword, Hades appears out of thin air and kills him.

Lost Canvas (Manga)

The interwar I: pending Athena

During the next two centuries, Hakurei and Sage accumulate their Cloth Cosmos in the altar so that it is able to retain the time comes the soul of a Twin God. At the same time, Hakurei develops his ultimate technique, Seki Shiki tenryō Ha.Since at Jamir, Hakurei prepares future war away.

11 years before the Holy War

In addition to the particular case what the future of Asmita, Pope Sage as many followers over the years before the Holy War. Concerning the period prior to the return of Athena found in order: Avido, he finally banished because of his behavior contrary to the ethics of Saints.

6 years before the Holy War

Hakurei performs a blood transfusion to save Shion, seriously wounded by Balron after hesitating to join it.

The interwar II: Athena came and after

5 years before the Holy War

Sisyphus bring back Sasha, the young reincarnation of Athena to Sanctuary.Sage sends his disciple Manigoldo in Venice to investigate the criminal organization Nero. While Avido, became head of Nero, made ​​a brief foray into the Palace of the Pope, for the sole purpose of taunting. When Manigoldo defeated Avido, Hakurei has a telepathic communication with him to try to reason with him one last time, however, the Black Saint proffers suicide redemption.

2 years before the Holy War

Hakurei welcomes Shion back to Jamir, the man who became Saint Aries investigate the presence in the vicinity of an evil star. It turns out to be related to this star is none other than Tokusa.

Shortly before the holy war

In the Himalayas, Hakurei sealed an evil Buddharupa remotely controlled by Atavaka.

Pegasus and the Rosary

Just after the end of the first battle of the War, Hakurei sends Yuzuriha in the ruins of the battlefield to retrieve Pegasus Tenma in a coma after being wounded by his former friend Alone (the latter being found to be the receptacle of the soul of Hades in this era ) . The young warrior fulfills its mission , returning to Jamir accompanied by another survivor : Unicorn Yato .

Hakurei repairs Cloth Unicorn  the latter then entrusted him with the task of saving the life of Tenma , essential for the continuation of the Holy War . To do this, it sends the soul of the Unicorn in the Antechamber of Death with its Seki Shiki Meikai Ha , not without having previously taken his sword ( in order to avoid the fatal influence of the Underworld ) .

Shortly after , he sends Yuzuriha as reinforcement , and also to extend the mission : it is now for the trio ( Tenma included) to go to hell to retrieve the fruits of a soap . These fruits are essential in the design of an artifact that is likely to seal the souls of the specters , and thus prevent their constant resurrections via the powers of Hades.

The trio returns victorious from his journey, but the situation quickly packed a group of specters led by Edward arrives at Jamir , followed shortly by Asmita , the defeated . These specters are still free to relive without limitation, the Saints must move quickly : Hakurei assembles the fruits of soap in a string which will load Asmita infuse his Cosmo . Then repairs the Pegasus Cloth . The battle finally turned in favor of the Saints , however, the price of the life of Asmita .

A few hours later , Tenma teleports Hakurei when Shrine attacked by Alone , so he brings the faster the rosary.

Objective Twin Gods

Four days later , he visited the Sage at Sanctuary while arranging to let go towards Tenma 's lair Alone. In doing so, the Holy Altar has initiated their plan carefully prepared to put out of harm's Twin Gods .

Following sacrifice of the Pope to seal Thanatos , the plan enters its second phase neutralize Hypnos and his subordinates, the gods of dreams, and at the same time release the soul of Sisyphus,captive thereof. Once the dream quartet defeated and the Gold Saint released Hakurei goes to Star Hill, posing the Pope ( his death it was hidden from most of the army, so as not to affect moral ) , delivers a speech to mobilize troops for the impending assault - and theoretically final - the lair of their enemy .

However, Hakurei does not imply more in the preparations , delegating command Sisyphus . Shion learns and outraged by such an attitude, just find his master in the Palace of the Pope for the reason . But it does as his head as usual and after snubbed Aries and recalled that none of his actions was never against the Sanctuary , teleports out of reach .

He went alone into enemy territory to destroy the barrier restriction Cosmos surrounding places . Reached the chorus of the building , he finds his nemesis Hypnos and begins the fight he was preparing for more gods centuries. His opponent , however, reserved a (bad ) surprise and presents his disciples Shion and Yuzuriha , he easily removed. To counter the faster the divine power of his opponent and also save the lives of his apprentices, Hakurei uses the Seki Shiki tenryō Ha and employs all his Comos in order to seal the God of Sleep.

Having triumphed, he tries in the wake destroy the barrier with his sword, but suddenly interrupted by Alone , which kills by taking it by surprise, to the horror of his heirs.


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