Heindall robe

Heimdall Robe

The Heimdall Robe is one of the Divine Robes worn by God Warriors of Asgard during the movie The Heated Battle of the Gods.


It is the sentinel of the gods who guard Bifröst, the bridge connecting Heaven (Asgard) Earth (Midgard). Never sleeps, and with his horn Gjallarhorn (yelling horn), warns the gods of invasions. It is a very powerful god and is designed to kill Loki.


This Robe, Robe Like all, is to protect features much of the user's body, protecting 100% of the legs, arms and twist. Was not presented this helmet or headband Robe. She is colored in shades or Lilac Wine.


Sword of Heimdall (ヘイムダル の 剣; Heimudaru no ken) is believed to have a powerful cut, but it was destroyed by an arrow Sagittarius Arrow before it can be used

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