Hornet Sonia
Hornet Sonia.jpg
Japanese ホーネットのソニア
Romanization Hōnetto no Sonia
General Information
Classification Martians
Deity Mars
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Galaxy Hornet Galaxy
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Hornet Stinger
Twilight Marionette
Turn Back The Darkness
Items used
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Place of birth
Place of training
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Family Mars(father)
Misha (mother)
Bacchus (uncle)
Vulcanus (uncle)
Medea(step mother)
Orion Eden(Half-brother)
Debut Ω: Episode 11
Appearances Omega: Animation
Omega: Ultimate Cosmos
Japanese voice Aya Hisakawa
English voice
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Hornet Sonia (ホーネットのソニア Hōnetto no Sonia?), a young Martian who belongs to their upper class, the High Martians (ハイマーシアン Hai Māshian?), who encounters Aquila Yuna during her escape with Aria. Sonia can use the element of Darkness.


Children and Youth

Sonia is the daughter of Mars and half-sister to Orion Eden. She believes in the ideals of her father and fights for his goals. Even though their mothers are different, she loves Eden as her younger brother, and wants to see him as King of the new world, protecting the new Athena. It was created from a small Medea, whom he refers to as his mother, although not of the same biological daughter.

Kazuma of the Southern Cross

Sonia in Mars Castle

Her 1st mission was to assassinate Southern Cross Kazuma because of his influence on the other Knights. At first Sonia is not sure of her ability to do so, but Medea convinces her to go.

Sonia follows Kazuma for several hours, waiting for the best time to attack until the Silver Saint feels her presence. He confronts her, and she advertises as a Martian who came to kill him. The Silver Saint, meanwhile, is surprised by a child being used by Mars.

Kazuma wears his armor, and after a brief struggle, Kazuma wins easily, but refuses to hurt her because of her still being a child and being used by Mars. He sends her away for her to fight for those he loves and turns his back to the girl. Sonia, consumed by rage and fear of being rejected by Medea and Mars attacks the Saint in the back, killing him cowardly. This surprises both Kazuma and Sonia.

Sonia falls to her knees before his body, in tears, until the small Lionet Sōma, the son of Kazuma, approaches and sees the scene. Sonia decides to leave, taking the Cloth Stone of Southern Cross Kazuma.After that soma dedicated his life to becoming a saint and retrieving his father's Southern Cross Kazuma

Top of War III

After the start of the third war between Athena and Mars, Sonia is first seen after the defeat of Mantis Ordykia at the hands of Soma and Pegasus Kōga, Sonia quickly eliminated the Martian before it could react.

Chase for Aria

When Aquila Yuna flees the Babel Tower taking Aria with her, Sonia receives a mission to thwart her progress. Accompanied by Crow Johann and Hound Miguel, she finds the two girls in a nearby village. Before she can eliminate Aquila Yuna, she receives orders to return the tower, leaving Michael and Johann with a mission to find Athena. When he was leaving, Soma arrives and tries to attack her seeking revenge for his father, but is stopped by Miguel. Sonia, seeing that the situation was under control, heads back to the Tower of Babel.

Sonia is present during the announcement of the rebels Bronze Saints by Mars. She guides her brother, Orion Eden, waiting until Cosmo is strong enough to stand up before the battle.

Battle in the Fire Ruins

Later, Sonia runs several groups of Silver Saint and Martians in search of Aria, as well as to protect the ruins that give strength to the Tower of Babel. However, after three of the five ruins have been destroyed and the Saints they have sent all failed or betrayed, Sonia decides herself to prevent the destruction of the ruin of the Fire.

She goes to the Fire Ruins in Central America. There, knowing that the group of Bronze Saints had only a Saint of Fire Element , Sonia raises her cosmos in order to attact Lionet Sōma. Her plan is successful, causing Soma to recognize the Cosmo and go inside the ruins alone.

Lionet Sōma finds and reveals himself to be the son of Southern Cross Kazuma, to the surprise of the Martian girl. She realizes that he is almost possessed by anger, and decided to use that to her advantage, makes little of the last moments of life Silver Knight.

Anger takes over Soma, and Sonia, knowing he will not be able to concentrate to use a technique, decides that this is the best time to beat him with a single blow. However, the ruins of the fire intensified Cosmode Soma, causing the rider to be able to compete with Sonia in terms of power. He is able to reach the Martian, and prepares his technique.

However, Kouga, Yuna and Aria appear to try calm the heart of Soma. Upon hearing the words of his friends, Soma manages to calm down and focus enough to launch a powerful attack on Sonia, to the surprise of Marciana, which is achieved in full. Wounded and with a broken mask, Sonia flees back to the Castle of Mars.

Bronze Saints Invasted

Sonia had recovered earlier when the fight is advised by a Martian who Castle was being attacked. Along with the Silver Saint Scutum Ennéade, they are one of the only lines of defense of the palace, since most of the Silver Saints were out, Mars was absent and Orion Eden had left with Aria.

Sonia finds and confronts Wolf Haruto and Dragon Ryūhō in the corridors of the castle. She defeats them and then quickly moves through the castle with a group of Martians, to meet again with Lionet Sōma when he announces his presence. She is intrigued as to why the Saint did not attack her by surprise, and they start fighting.

During the fight, Sonia realizes how much Soma increased his Cosmo and is no longer owned by hatred, deciding not to see him more as a simple Bronze Saint. A powerful collision of techniques ensues, opening a crater in the ground and both warriors are thrown away. With the approach of Kouga, Sonia decides to leave, vowing to Soma that will end this fight.

Darkness Ruins

Sonia, after fighting Soma without her mask and holding a Stone Cloth of Kazuma .

Upon discovering that Orion Eden and Aria had gone to ruin of Thunder, Sonia decides to go after her brother. However, when approaching the ruin, a huge amount of  Dark Cosmo engulfs the entire site, taking all who were there, including Sonia, to the Darkness Ruins.

In the Ruins of Darkness, Sonia is surrounded by an illusion and relives the fateful day she was sent to kill Southern Cross Kazuma. Following the mission, she is confronted by Mars, who says that she would not have hesitated for longer serves in kill a Knight, and throws her in an abyss of darkness.

She is suddenly saved by Lionet Sōma, who warns her that this is only an illusion, helping and defeating the fake Mars. She asks why he had saved her, and Souma responds by saying that he will be the one who will kill to avenge his father. She replies that Souma will pay dearly for his naive attitude and goes away, appearing near the Nucleus of darkness, as Aria and Koga destroy the nucleus, Mars appears and after a brief struggle between him and the Bronze Saints, Aria is mortally wounded. Mars escapes, taking Eden and Sonia, while the young girl gave her last gasps in the presence of the Bronze Saints.

Promotion To Gold Saint

Sonia receives the Scorpio Cloth

After her brother Orion Eden is revealed to be against Mars, Sonia decided to correct the error of her brother and go to fight the Bronze Saints. At this point she appears in Medea's room. Medea says she will not stop her, but must give her something that is sure to give her strength and that is when she gives Sonia the Scorpio Gold Cloth, naming her the new Scorpio Gold Saint. After receiving the Gold Cloth, Sonia is addressed to the Scorpion House which awaits the Bronze Saints to deal with them.

New battle 12 Zodiac House

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  • Hornet Stinger: Sonia creates many stingers through her Cosmo, leaving her Galaxy from cracks in her arms. They fly toward the opponent and attack all at once.
  • Twilight Marionette: Sonia creates lines from her fingers and throw on the floor, creating an exotic glow in the soil that expands across the battlefield. Her black spheres emerge that move with constant speed and random, exploding to get in contact with the opponent.
  • Turn Back This Darkness: Sonia concentrates her Cosmo in the palm of her hand, creating a vortex of energy around her right arm and a red ball in the center of her hand, she uses to attack the opponent.

Special features of the Galaxy

The Galaxy Sonia follows the pattern of the Warriors of Mars is predominantly black with red details, but with the addition of gems along the dress, very similar to Clostones. Besides the Galaxy, Sonia wears a mask very similar to the Female Saints of Athena.



  • Although Sonia does not belong to the ranks of Athena, she wears a mask like the female saints. It is said she does this merely as a mocking gesture towards Saints. Despite this, she does go to great lengths to ensure nobody sees her true face.
  • Sonia's arms, which are normally covered by her armor, are covered in many scars. The source of these scars are never revealed, although they were assumed to have come from many years serving as a High Martian. Sonia's arms were cleansed of these scars after her death, when her corpse came in contact with the Cosmo rain generated by Aria's staff.
  • She is known as "the Child of Mars" (Japanese: "マルス の 子ども" - the girl from Mars), referring to the fact she was the first-born daughter of Ludwig, the man who would eventually become the god of war, Mars.
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