Horologium Tokisada (時計座(ホロロギウム)の時貞, Hororogiumu no Tokisada) is the Silver Saint of the Horologium constellation in Saint Seiya Omega. He governing the Eternity and the Time. Tokisada can use the element of Water.


Tokisada is a serious and mysterious Saint of Athena. It seems like the hour mark to conduct their actions, the latter can be seen in the confrontation with Wolf Yoshitomi which announces its arrival to the battlefield at 9:17 pm and announced that he planned to kill at 9:20 pm.

He has held numerous "missions" as a subordinate shadow of Mars. As Saint Horlogium and punctual in the mission in question. Has had time always in the middle of a battle for their ability to kill.

Plot (Mars-Hen)

Secret Mission

Tokisada was sent by the Principal of Palaestra Ionia  to pursue and eliminate one of the institution's students, Yoshitomi, who had rebelled against Athena. Actually, Yoshitomi had discovered the sinister alliance between Ionia and Mars, and decided to intervene so that all Saints know the truth. Unfortunately, thanks to the prestigious status of Ionia, was not difficult for the director to reverse the situation and put Yoshitomi as the traitor. The Silver Saint, Tokisada was then asked to silence the "traitor", possibly without knowing the truth. Yoshitomi and Tokisada clashed in a fight that ended badly injured Yoshitomi.Yoshitomi, despite injuries, can outwit briefly Tokisada.

Yoshitomi ran into his old village, hoping to use the help of his old clan of ninjas. Unfortunately for Yoshitomi, Zenzo - the clan leader - refused to help Yoshitomi who had once abandoned the way of the shinobi. Helpless, Yoshitomi goes away, but is followed by his friend, Haruto. The young Yoshitomi asks about the cause of his injuries and thet Wolf Saint tells about the events that happened. At that time, the environment takes on a red color and a clock materializes in front of them. Tokisada, who had located the trail at 9:17 Yoshitomi, comes amid a vortex of water, heralding his arrival. Yoshitomi wears his cloth and asks Haruto flee. Tokisada says Yoshitomi be dead at 9:20. The Saint Watch accumulates water in his hands and throws on Yoshitomi, who counterattacks with an attack type light.

The impact between the two forces ends up causing a huge explosion that burns all around. Later, Haruto finds the lifeless body of his close friend, but no traces of Tokisada, since it not only survived the explosion, and left the place, his mission accomplished successfully.

Promotes To Gold Saint

Tokisada receives the Aquarius Cloth

During the conflict the new Twelve Houses created by Mars, Tokisada is summoned to the Aquarius House by Medea , the sorceress imperial Martians. There, she presents the Aquarius Gold Clothstone and promotes the Gold Saint. The witch asks to protect the Aquarius House and reports that the one who uses the Cloth, will have enormous power and can realize his dream: to control time. Tokisada accepts the offer and wears the Cloth.

New Battle 12 Zodiac House

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