Unknown Host of Hades ( ハーデス・の ・ホスト , Hādesu no Hosuto) was the host of Hades in the 16th century.


When Hades possessed the host , his hair turn into purplish color , and the color of his eyes become darker shade . The host's facial expression transform into that of of coldness and merciless

After Hades was expel from the host , the host is a young man with long , wavy yellow hair , and presumably dressed in that similar clothes as Alone's


Most of the host's personality is unknown . Since Hades is well-known for possessing the purest human body , it's likely that the host did indeed possessed ideal qualities of every ideal host of Hades

Background and History


The host chosen for the soul of Hades was a young boy of around fourteen to sixteen years . From whatever information given to us , this host happen to be the son of a king and queen of an unnamed kingdom.

Become King of the Underworld

At some point, he was possessed by Hades, King of the Underworld. His relationship with Pegasus Saint in XVI Century is a unknown but judging from the other host's deep friendship with Pegasus Saint, it is hinted that this host and the 16th century Pegasus Saint are best friends.

The Sixteenth Century Holy War 

Hades take over this unnamed host in the Sixteenth Century Holy War

As the lord of the Underworld , Hades presumably spend most of his time commanding his Specters armies , as Hades is no doubt their lord . With the Specters armies , Hades managed to killed many Saints , including some Gold ones .

In the final phase of the Holy War, Hades sent Griffon Minos and his subordinates to attack the Sanctuary, but were defeated by the remaining Saints . This event leading an enraged Hades personally descended into Sanctuary and fighting the Saints. Much to his surpise , Hades found himself trapped within the confines of the Athena Barrier , and shocked to realized realized the Saints had been lured Hades into that trap. Hades tried to attack without avail, prevented by the combined efforts of the Saints and Athena, who managed to negate his attack.

A weakened Hades's host (XVI century) carried by Hakurei

Altar Hakurei directs a combined attack with silver saints who managed to stay alive and begins a bloody battle where Hades appears at that moment attacking saints left alive at that moment appears with Cancer Sage, wearing cloth with divine Athena and laying a trap to Hades covering with energy field to Hades and their specter to not resurrect after Hades enraged. Athena launches an attack but at that moment the saints stop the attack with their remaining energies , expel Hades from the host's body . After the defeat of Hades, Hakurei volunteers to bridal catch the host , and allowing the host to rest on Hakurei's arms

At the time believing they had already defeated Hades, an evil energy appears causing the host caught up a mouthful of bloods , brutally killing all saints wounding were silver Athena then tells Sage and Hakurei that Hypnos and Thanatos is already here . Hypnos and Thanatos's sudden appearance forced Hakurei to put the host on the ground . Both Hypnos and Thanatos who came to collect the soul of Hades were angered on how Hades being expel from the host , attempted to launched an attack on Sage and Hakurei .

Athena then stops being wound attack then at that moment Hypnos told the survivors that now the host are died , they would be opening in the next war which will happen after the burial of the host . Twin gods are removed after going too badly injured , Athena walk to Sage and Hakurei careful not to step on the host's body , telling the two Saints to to keep the sword that had the blood of Athena retiring in case Hades move his target from this host to another one . In the aftermath of this battle , Sage and Hakurei buried the host presumably after Athena's absence , went on lived up to the next war for the host and other comrades' sacrifices before ordering as Pope Sage and Hakurei being for them a humiliating war that never ever forget.


  • Considering this host had blond hair and bears the same pure qualities just like Alone , its's hinted that this host and Alone are relative
  • This host seems to have a good relationship with Altair Hakurei , judging from the way Altair Hakurei volunteers to bridal catch this host and allow this host to rest in his arms
  • It's unknown whenever the host died right away from the strain of Hades's possession . If this host managed to survive , then it's mean that this host end up getting killed by the evil energy of Hypnos and Thanatos