Hound Asterion (猟犬星座のアステリオン, Haundo no Asuterion) is one of Silver Saints.

Chronology (86)


On the manga, Asterion was sent to Japan in a group consisting of Eagle Marin, Whale Moses, Centaurus Babel and Lizard Misty, to execute the Bronze Saints. After Misty tried to bury the Bronze Saints in an avalanche on Mount Fuji, they each chased after a Saint. but due to the intervention of Aries Mu they chased after and killed the Black Saints instead. Believing they were the Bronze Saints, they were buried and the Silver Saints left for Sanctuary. But as both Misty and later Babel didn't come after them, they suspected something had happened and returned to Japan. There they found their comrades lying dead on the same beach they thought they had buried the Bronze Saints.


Asterion immediately turned to Marin, since she was the one who supposedly killed Pegasus Seiya. The Eagle Saint didn't say anything, so Asterion used his Telepathic powers and read her mind, thus he found out the whole story. While Moses started attacking her, Asterion read her mind and directed his moves. In a short while they had outnumbered her, and tied her upside down to a pole out in the sea. They were hoping to attract the Pegasus Saint this way, which it did. They started their battle with the same combination as with Marin, and when it seemed like they were winning the tides changed. Asterion, having claimed that Marin might be Seiya's sister, had now ignited Seiya's cosmo. The Pegasus Saint sprouted what seemed like wings, and defeated Moses. Yet it was not to last,

Asterion death

Asterion used his "Million Ghost Attack" and knocked Seiya out. As he was to finish him off, Marin had broken loose and were heading for him. Asterion started reading her mind but Marin had emptied her thoughts so he couldn't read anything. He tried using his Million Ghost Attack again, but Marin saw through his attack and counterattacked with her "Eagle Toe Flash", defeating him. Marin wanted Asterion to go back to Sanctuary and tell the Pope of what had happened, thus declaring a war which they were fully ready for. While on the Manga Asterion returns to Sanctuary, on the anime he dies after Marin talks to him.


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Satori no hō : Asterion mastered the Satori technique, which allows him to read minds. Although not an attack per se, with it he can anticipate his enemies' movements, allowing him to easily counter their attacks. He used his ability against Marin, anticipating his moves and directing Moses' attacks, and later againts Seiya. The skill is useless if the enemy can create a vacuum in the mind, which Marin did to defeat him.

Million Ghost Attack : Asterion has the ability to multiplicate himself, and all of his replicas attack at once with a single energy blast.


  • Asterion was left alive to return to the Sanctuary in the original manga. Later, in the Kazenban edition of the manga, Masami Kurumada revealed his tomb, so it can be assumed he was killed because of his failure or his wounds.
  • On the anime, he dies after his battle against Marin.
  • Asterion and his counterpart Black Hounds Judo are so far the only characters in the Saint Seiya universe to be able to read minds.

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