Hound Miguel (猟犬座(ハウンド)のミゲル, Haundo no Migeru) is the Silver Saint of the Hound constellation, loyal to Mars. Miguel can use the element of Earth.

Plot (Mars-Hen)

When Pegasus Kōga and his fellow Bronze Saints rescue Aria from Babel Tower , Mars decides to send his daughter Hornet Sonia together with Hound Miguel and Crow Johann, to recover Aria. After locating Aria in a small town, Miguel and Johan face the Bronze Saints , but Miguel decides to take charge himself after Johann falls in battle with Aquila Yuna.

When Miguel is about to attack, the Bronze Saints create a distraction and run away, so Miguel has no choice but to track them to an arid desert. But when Miguel decides to attack, their battle is interrupted by the legendary Shun, who defeats Miguel. But Miguel didnt leave after the battle, he merely hid, and after hearing that Shun can no longer burn his cosmos at the risk of life, Miguel strikes again. Shun attacks him with his technique Nebula Chain , while Dragon Ryūhō uses his Rozan Shō Ryū Ha, but Miguel avoids both attacks. However, Miguel was unable to dodge the Pegasus Ryūsei Ken of Koga , which shatters his armor and throws him into a ravine.

Plot (New Cloth-Hen)

Miguel supervise the Palestra

During the war against Pallas, he returns to the Sanctuary as one of Athena's Silver Saints. Later, Miguel is seen as part of Palestra's defense forces, alongside Perseus Mirfak, when the Saints prepared to protect refugees from villages attacked by the Pallasite.


Canes Venatici (hunting dogs or hounds) is a small northern constellation introduced by Johannes Hevelius in the seventeenth century. The brightest star in the constellation (α CVn) is a binary star, where one component is a chemically peculiar-star shows an anomalous abundance of metal-prototype of a tag group that bears his name. Another star to note is Y CVn known as La Superba, a carbon star of a spectacular red. Also in Canes Venatici is RS CVn, variable eruptive archetype of a class of close binaries whose components show strong chromospheric activity. AM Canum Venaticorum variables, consisting of a binary system of two white dwarfs with an orbital period very short, are named for AM CVn, faint star of the fourteenth magnitude. Several galaxies can be observed in this constellation, M51 and M63, respectively called Whirlpool Galaxy and Galaxy Sunflower are two notable examples. Furthermore, M3 is an interesting globular cluster composed of about 500,000 stars.


  • Ground Fang (グランドファング, Gurando Fangu): Attack based on control of the Earth element.Hound Miguel , gives a strong stomp on the battlefield, then quickly emerges soil impacts oval rock hard against his opponent's stomach to this by raising the air at high altitude. Finally the body of the opponent falls and hits the ground.
  • Ground Fang Grand Finale (グランドファング・グランドフィナーレ, Gurando Fangu Gurando Fināre): Attack based on control of the Earth element. Hound Miguel is propelled into the air by a giant leap gathers her legs and hits with both hard against the floor. Of this, emerging simultaneously a series of gigantic rocks which like sharp spears violecia spear against his opponent.
  • Ground Wave (グランドウェーブ, Gurando Uēbu): Powerful and ridiculous turn elemental attack (Earth) used by Hound Miguel . This creates a large wave of sand just after materialize out of nowhere a flat rock used as a surfboard. With this rock, Miguel rides this wave and leads destroying everything in their path towards their adversaries who eventually end up buried under a thick layer of sand.
  • Hound Hollow (ハウンドホロウ, Haundo Horō): Miguel was driving with his legs and rises into the air by a big jump, then turns on itself, extends his left leg, she concentrates on her cosmos and finally beat his opponent.