Hydra Ichi (海蛇座(ヒドラ)の市, Hidora no Ichi) is a long-time friend and comrade-in-arms to Sagittarius Seiya. Ichi is the oldest student in the Palestra in the era of Omega. In the first season of Omega, Ichi was still trying to discover the element of his Cosmo. In the games Saint Seiya Omega - Ultimate Cosmo and Saint Seiya Omega Card Crusade, Ichi has two different elements, Earth and Water.

Chronology (86)

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Chronology (Mars-Hen)

New Era

Years after the fighting against the ones who opposed Athena, Saga, Poseidon, Hades and Mars, Ichi remained a Bronze Saint. Unlike his old friend Geki, he does not leave his cloth and remains among pupils in the Palestra. Unable to discover his element, let alone master it, he's seen by his classmates with a strange mixture of deference due to his seniority and ridicule due to his apparent incompetence. As he himself points out, disillusioned, this new generation of Saints does not need to bother with someone who does not even know his element. It is in this context that meets Kōga , with whom he regularly squabbles.

Training At Palestra

The arrival of Kōga to Palestra marks the beginning of a series of events that greatly influence the fate of Ichi. Kōga as Pegasus Saint, is the heir of Seiya, former rival and companion of Ichi. The Hydra Saint, who for years has nourished the dream to shine in the eyes of his peers and be recognized as a hero as well as his brothers in arms, gradually notices the similarities between the two Pegasus Saints, fueling his frustration. He's amazed to see Kōga discover his element during his fight against Ryuho at a repeat of the battle of Galaxian Wars, where Seiya and Shiryu faced each other, while he has searched fruitlessly for his element during 13 years.

Saints Fight

Ichi disappointed to see Kōga Sōma and pass the first round of the Holy Fight.

During the qualifying event to participate in the Saint Fight , Palestra's internal tournament whose purpose is to select the best student of the institute to raise to the rank of Silver Saint, Ichi fails miserably, losing his way and failing to participate in the tournament. At the same time, Ryuho, the son of Shiryu, and Kōga, the heir of the Pegasus Cloth, are qualified. Hydra Ichi is left angry and disappointed. His enthusiasm, his physical superiority and resistance was of no use in the test.

Martians Invasion

Although Ichi isn't surprised to see Yuna and Ryuho winning, he's shocked by Kōga's and Sōma's succeeding. In the end, however, the tournament doesn't finish. With the support of Ionia , Mars' troops invade the Palestra. The Saints, led by Geki, attempt to resist against the Martians but eventually are captured while Kōga and his friends, accompanied by Haruto, managed to escape.


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Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Return To Palestra

ichi used hydra cloth

After his defeat by Koga, Ichi was forgiven and returned to his status as a Bronze Saint, although it's not known if he does it out of his own will or as a punishment. Returning to Palaestra, Ichi seeks once again to receive respect, and as a veteran, claims that Soma should let him do the welcome speech to new students of the institution, who now were saints in training, rather than new bronze Saints. He even boldly shows his Cloth to the new students. Provocative, Ichi seeks to assert his seniority but is quickly reprimanded by Geki, his old companion.

War against Pallas

Ichi meet the Sanctuary Soldiers

When the Pallasite Loge attacks the Palestra, some Steel Saints and the lowest level apprentices are stopped by the Chronotector's power. Ichi, who resists, alongside Soma, Koga, Subaru , Geki and some Steel Saints attempts to counter attack Lodge, claiming that his Bronze Cloth will protect from the enemy's attacks, however, he doesn't take long to realize that the Pallasite's Bees could not be stopped by a Bronze or Steel Cloth and collapses, unconscious. Later, Ichi is shown instructing Palestra's common soldiers, alongside Dorado Spear and Corona Borealis Dali, to prepare its defenses and protect the refugees hiding there from the Pallasites.

Battle Of Pallas Belda

After the battle was over, the saints counter attacked, invading Pallas Belda. Ichi advanced to help in the battles too. Alongside a group of Steel Saints, Ichi faces a group of Class 4 Pallasites when Claw Methone kills and absorbs the power of his sister. The resulting shockwave comically covers Ichi in ashes. Later, Ichi has his cloth repaired by Aries Kiki, and in turn helps stopping the Pallasite army from advancing towards him, to allow him to repair the clothes of Kouga and his friends.

Storming Pallas

Ichi and his comrades

While Athena and her saints progress through Castle Pallas, Ichi and his companions joined by Raki continue to struggle to stop the Pallasite army from entering into the castle. When Shiryu, Kiki,and Fudo are forced to use the Athena Exclamation against Hyperion, Ichi feels the immense cosmos release resulting from the clash between the forbidden technique and attack the Pallasite First Class

Final War Againts Saturn

Saturn uses the Chrono Eternal Conclusion that freezes the whole time the inhabitants of the Earth.When all seems lost, Athena gathers the Cosmo of all the other Saints to restore Kouga, who rises again as the ultimate Omega Saint, determined to stop the God of Time once and for all.


After Koga's clash against Saturn, peace is established as the humans begin to rebuild everything after the War.


  • Out of the 5 bronze saints outside of the main group from the original series, Ichi is the only one to maintain his role as a Saint. Unicorn Jabu retired to become a rancher, Bear Geki became a teacher at the Palestra, and both Lionet Ban and Wolf Nachi passed their cloths onto Lionet Sōma and Wolf Haruto to become the instructors of the Steel Saints. Ichi is also the only one to express jealousy and discontent towards his inability to stand on the same level as Seiya and the other bronze Saints.
  • When Ichi returned to being the Hydra Saint, following his betrayal and subsequent defeat, his clothstone had already reverted back to its original cloth form, although unlike Andromeda Shun's cloth, it returned to its original unaltered form instead of upgrading itself.