Icarus Toma (イカロストーマ , Ikarosu Tōma ) is one of the Angels.



Tōma and Eagle Marin parents were killed by bandits when they were children while Touma and Eagle Marin received the blows of the bandits trying to protect each other. Since then Touma would be strong to protect his sister. Therefore, under unknown circumstances, ended in the pantheon as a servant of the gods and wish to become one and be strong

Tenkai-hen Overture

Until now in the 5th movie Tōma was chained in a prison of Olympus but is released by an unknown being, then it is called by Artemis to kill the Bronze Saints with Odysseus and Theseus warriors of Artemis.

They try to kill Seiya but Saori stands and stops with his cosmo Divine. Later Seiya face and twice in the movie at the beginning Seiya could not Tōma nothing against, but with the arrival of Marin Eagle who comes to talk to him and ask if he owned the same as her pendant directly, but seeing the twin hanging saint, recognizes her as his sister away to hug Tōma proceeds to attack her, denying her feelings and arguing that has no room for any, even to her older sister. the truth is revealed. Tōma still rejects his sentimentos and beat his sister. Seiya returns to face it again but now with his Cosmo freed from the curse of Hades, Tōma falls defeated by Pegasus ryusei ken, although the spot Marin appears to embrace his hurt. in fact is probably he appear in the next saint seiya soul of gold.


Next Dimension

TomaND face.jpg

Toma appears in Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension sequel of the original manga by Kurumada, he is an Angel and still wears a Glory, but he is Sleep.

Sleep Angel Toma as appeared in Next Dimension but not wearing the mask and with his Glory intact.

"Glory" (translated from Japanese) : "Vestiges of Heaven".

Angel Toma and appears as a prisoner on Mt. Olympus but he is freed by Callisto following the orders of Artemis with the mission of killing Seiya. He wears a mask and his Glory has various damages, with a wing totally missing and a big scar on his back, things that probably granted him the nickname of "Fallen Angel". He has a brief fight with Hyoga but their battle has been postponed. He seemed to have many traits in common with his movie counterpart, like being hinted as Marin's brother and being Artemis' follower. But while in the movie he appears more faithful to the Moon Goddess, in the manga he seems to be kept subjugated by the mask and thus forced to follows Artemis' orders.

Arrives at the Goro-ho where clashes briefly with Dragon Shiryu, throwing it in the great waterfall, then going away for dead. Returned to Olympus, clashes (again) briefly Hyoga came to the place, but is then blocked by the technique "Koliso" of the saint, it is not possible in this way after him, while with Hyoga Shiryu reach the eighteenth century through the passage time of Chronos.

Icarus Glory.