It is Stolen! The Gold Cloth (Ubawareta! Gōrudo Kurosu) is the seventh episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on November 29, 1986 on TV Asahi.


Ikki wreaks havoc upon the tournament. Barraging Shun, defeating Jabu and Nachi. He is a threat to every saint but himself.


Ikki knocks down his brother and Jabu without difficulty. Shiryu comments that Ikki's cosmo is overwhelming.

Ikki points to Saori, declaring her grandfather and her will pay for their sins. Tatsumi never predicted that Ikki would return from Death Queen Island alive.

As children, all the current saints picked from a box where they would go to train. Shun originally drew Death Queen island, but Ikki was quick to demand he goes there in his brother's stead.

Tatsumi brutally beat Ikki before sending him to Death Queen Island, disregarding the predisposition it placed Ikki in.

Wolf saint Nachi emerges to prevent Phoenix from killing the two saints at his feet. He points out that he is Phoenix's assigned opponent and there are rules to this tournament. Ikki attacks Nachi with an ability that impairs his psyche. Nachi is troubled by a montage of his death, looping in his head until it tore his soul to shreds.

Black Saints arrive in the same cloth as Ikki, claiming that Ikki is their master. Their cloth is black rather than red, gold and white. Dark Saints are known to use the cloth for personal gains rather than justice. Athena herself scorns them.

Ikki seizes the gold cloth and no one can resist. Seiya shouts that he will retrieve the gold cloth and make Ikki pay.



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