Kelly (ケリー, Kerī) is one Steel Saints.who assists in the assault on Pallas Belda, protecting his partner Emma.


Kelly and Emma are part of a group of  Steel Saints following Lionet Sōma and Subaru during the invasion of Pallas Belda. Forced to retreat after a disastrous attempt to cross a bridge, they find themselves cornered by Pallasites and owe their salvation to Sōma, who turned back. Skin afterwards Loge made ​​its appearance.

Loge commits another fight immediately with Lionet Sōma. Incredulous audience at first, the three Steel Saints decide to help their companion when Loge uses its Parasite Bees. During the storm, Emma is thrown to the ground. This unexpected action disrupts Sōma who lets himself be surprised by the Bee Stinger Blast from his opponent. However, the Steel Saints manage to escape with Lionet Sōma injured by a thrown by Kelly smoke.

The group takes refuge in a house where Sōma is treated by Emma. When it loses his cool again, feeling considered unnecessary, Kelly interrupts him and orders - as well as Subaru - to keep watch outside. In private, then he says to Lionet Sōma  the past and motivations of Emma, ​​as well as his own.

Shortly after their retrenchment is surrounded by the troops of Loge, who found their mark. The Saints decided to set a trap to Pallasites, into believing that only Sōma will fight. Kelly emerges from the soil to immobilize Lodge and ordered Subaru and Emma to use Steel Hurricane for the same purpose. This gives the time required to trigger the Lionet Sōma. The victory, however, quickly gained bitter Kelly dies moments later, protecting Sōma from explosive bee remained active. Before making his last breath, Kelly says they are all idiots, they provided him.


  • Its name was based on asteroid


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