Kiki (貴鬼, Kiki="noble ogre") is a disciple of the gold saint Aries Mu.

Personality and Background

He's an apprentice of Aries Mu . Like his master and his grandmaster, Kiki also bears the tilak dots on his forehead and is the youngest among the Lemurian race. In Poseidon Arc, he was given the duty to bring the Libra Cloth to all of the Bronze Saints. It was also revealed that he's also called: ' Appendix Kiki'. In Hades Arc, he was the only one who detected the direction of the incoming attacks from Thanatos. He, along with Sliver and Bronze Saints, defended Seika.


Kiki never fights, but has a strong telekinesis power which he can use on humans.

Other Media


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  • Kiki makes a cameo in Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas.
  • In the Italian dub Kiki is Aries Mu's younger brother.