Daichi (大地 ) is one of Steel Saints. His armor is in shape of a small race car or skate board in mainly yellow color. He is capable of generating earthquakes and combine attack with Ushio.


His first appearance with the other Steel Saints is at the confrontation with Centaurus Babel at the Colosseum of the Graude Foundation. There, Ushio and Daichi performed their only secret technique called Steel Hurricane.

Daichi made his second appearance with the other Steel Saints during Dragon Shiryu's battle with the Silver Saint Perseus Algol, and witness Shiryu sacrifice his eyesight to defeat Algol. Then, when attacked by Spartan, Daichi nullifies his powers using a special mechanism and demonstrating his armor and his main weapon


The Land of Steel Armor is one of 3 steel armor carried by the saints of range . This armor is not part of the armor created by Athena, but was created by Dr. Masamori order of Mitsumasa Kido , to provide extra warriors to his adoptive granddaughter when she was revealed as the reincarnation of the goddess Athena. Rebar unlike authentic terrestrial Armor is not alive, or is composed of the same materials, but it is a mechanical reinforcement. Only appears in the anime.

This armor, in its state of rest or "object" can be used as a vehicle, motorized skateboard mode, although its appearance is more reminiscent of a racing car. Unlike the other two steel armor does not seem to have any quality or particular weapon.

Version 1

The Earth Armour is quite comprehensive in terms of the amount of body that protects, leaving unprotected only the upper legs and hips as well as the forearms. Like the rest of Reinforcement Steel, is different when moving from its resting state to dress the gentleman, instead of just "removed" in parts that are the protectors, this armor experiences a great transformation in which mechanisms hide or show parts such as wheels, one appropriate for a transformation mechanism of a robotic armor. As noted above, the wheels are hidden, the front of the vehicle as a helmet, the guards of the front wheels are shoulder pads, the vehicle body is the chest protector and the back of the knee, leg and belt, while the arm guards emerge from the bottom of the vehicle.

Other Media

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  • This armor is unique to the anime, not existing in any other work related to Saint Seya
  • The Earth is the only Armor Steel Armor showing no special skills other than use as a vehicle. Many fans attributed the ability to create earthquakes, but never shown or spoken of that ability.
  • This armor is mechanical and not created by the goddess Athena, so you do not officially represent any constellation. Still, the image of a fox appears after Daichi to put on the armor, identified with the constellation of the fox.