Legendary Saints (伝説の聖人 , Densetsu no sainto) are the Heroes of Athena, which protected her from difficult times, risking their lives during the intense battle between the Sanctuary and the previous Holy Wars against the gods(Poseidon, Hades and Mars). After the last battle against the God of War Mars, the Legendary Saints suddenly disappeared without a trace. In the Era of Omega, these heroes have became legends for the young Saints of Palestra, talking about their past achievements in battle,  that revives the young hearts of newly trained saints, remisnicing their past exploits during the previous holy wars.

21th Century (Omega)

20th Century

18th Century


  • In Saint Seiya, Lyra Orphée is considered a Legendary Silver Saint due to his cosmo, which is above that of the Gold Saints. Stating that, Lyra Orphée is cited as a mighty warrior whose power may also equal all of Hades' 3 Judges.
  • As for Pope Sage, and Hakurei (Lost Canvas), they're the last of the remaining saints of the past holy wars against Hades from within XVI to XVIII century.
  • In Saint Seiya OmegaSky Cloth Shō (Omega), Marine Cloth Ushio (Omega), and Land Cloth Daichi (Omega) are considered in Omega era as the Legendary Steel Saints.
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