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Leo Kaiser (獅子座(レオ)のカイザー, Reo no Kaizā) was the 18th century Leo Saint during the Holy War against Hades in Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension. He posseses the Heart of the Lion.



While Aiolia and Kaiser are similar in appearance, the nuances in Kaiser's design are what distinguish the former from the latter. Kaiser's hair is shorter and sharper, and grows in indescriminate directions. Kaiser's eyebrows are denser than Aiolia's in addition to wearing sideburns. Kaiser's hair is blonde.


Kaiser is tough, is uncompromising, is incredulous, is stubborn, is loyal, has a strong sense of justice.



In his childhood, he had a confrontation against the Lion King , from whom he had learned that he was killing people who lived in the Village of Rodorio and that he possessed the so-called "Lionheart" thanks to Death Toll . In this confrontation he managed to defeat the Lion King, but he had managed to pierce the heart of the young Kaiser, that's when Odysseus arrives at the place and, at the request of the Lion King, operates from the heart of Kaiser by transplanting the heart of the Lion to Kaiser so that he can live and continue the legacy of the "Lionheart".

GB-ND Kaiser rescues two lions cubs

A long time later, Suikyō had to kill a lioness to save Dohko , and two cubs are orphaned. Kaiser, with the title of Gold Saint , appears before Suikyō , Shion and Dohko and decides to adopt them to raise them as two powerful guardians, and then call them as Goldie and Blondie .

Some time later, Kaiser and the rest of the candidates for Santos de Oro went to verify if Odysseus , Dohko and Shion were well, since the aspirants for Bronze Saints went to train a dangerous island. Kaiser witnessed how Odysseus's body suffered several burns due to the eruption of the volcano.

Kaiser was present at the funeral of Odysseus along with the other people helped by the Saint of Silver.

Plot (Next Dimension)

The Arrival of Shun

Kaiser appears when Shun arrives at the House of Leo, Kaiser is accompanied by Goldie a giant lion that he catalogs as a sacred lion. Kaiser tells Shun to retire, Shun tells him that the Patriarch is a traitor, Kaiser says that if that is true he will not hesitate to execute the Patriarch and tells Shun to leave, Shun says he will not leave, Kaiser He tells Goldie that now Shun will be his food.

Kaiser is surprised to see that Goldie has become fond of Shun, Shun tells Kaiser that he is coming from the Shrine of the future, Kaiser does not believe Shun and Kaiser tells Goldie to teach Shun what is wrong with him To the people who try to pass the House of Leo without permission, Goldie brings to Suikyō's body that he is very injured. Kaiser tells Shun that to pass he has to beat him.

Fight of Shun and Tenma

Shun attacks Kaiser with his attack but this attack does not reach the Saint of Leo. Shun attacks him again but this time the attack bounces and then Kaiser attacks Shun with his and warns him about his impending death but Shun refuses. Suddenly Goldie falls and the two knights are surprised, then Kaiser tells him very enraged that he does not get into combat and if he was determined to protect Shun. The Saint of Gold warns him that if he does not depart he will attack him; Shun quickly throws one of his chains at Kaiser and tells him that he slowed his attack and that is why he was able to catch him. Kaiser throws Shun through the air and prepares to attack him. Suddenly Tenma appears saying that he had heard things different from what he was seeing about Kaiser and that Goldie was better than him. Kaiser; Surprised he asks the reason for that comment, Tenma replies by saying that the lion was able to realize that Shun was not an enemy and yet he was not. Kaiser orders Goldie to attack the Pegasus Knight. Tenma manages to stop the attack with a fist, meanwhile Kaiser warns Shun that when Goldie finishes with Tenma his time would come. Before Goldie could attack again, Tenma bandages his injured leg and decides to continue the fight. Kaiser warns him that helping his enemy is stupid, when he realizes that Goldie is licking Tenma. Later, Kaiser realizes that Shijima's cosmos begins to disappear.

The Specter Invasion of the Leo House

Kaiser feels that the evil cosmos he has felt is approaching the House of Leo, Kaiser sees arriving at Death Toll of Cancer with a group of Wraiths, the Wraiths prepare to attack, but Goldie easily defeats them. Kaiser tells him that only he is left and that he chooses who he wants to fight with him or Goldie , Kaiser destroys Worm Specter's tentacles Kaiser destroys the tentacles of the Worm Specter .

Death Toll says that with none because he is not a traitor and says that there is still a Specter. Suddenly some Tentacles leave the ground and they catch Kaiser and Goldie, but Kaiser gets rid easily and Death Toll ends up defeating the Worm Specter . Kaiser sees that an Underworld Fairy was watching him, Death Toll tells him that the Fairy was watching Suikyō, Kaiser realizes that Suikyō has disappeared, Kaiser says he is sure that Suikyō is heading to Virgo's House.

The Emmissaries

Kaiser continues to watch Leo's house with Goldie at his side, when suddenly Ikki of Phoenix and Death Toll arrive , Goldie begins to retreat in the presence of the Phoenix, which surprises Kaiser since it is the first time it happens, Kaiser he asks Ikki who he is, the latter hearing this is presented as Ikki of Phoenix .

Kaiser VS Phoenix Ikki

Kaiser clashes with Ikki in the fifth house of the lion, and submits Ikki it to the "trial of the Lion" which Ikki manages to overcome. Kaiser proclaims Ikki as future Gold Saint of Leo.

The Leo

After this, Death Toll tells him that Ikki is not an enemy so he asks him to let him pass but Kaiser refuses and asks how he knows that Ikki is not an enemy to which the Saint of Cancer replies that he guarantees but not even Kaiser agrees to let him cross the House of Leo but tells him that if he manages to reach him he will believe him, then Kaiser quickly attacks his opponent with the Lightning Bolt and then with the Lightning Plasma , it is in that moment that Death Toll intervenes in the battle and reveals that Ikki is his successor, upon hearing this the Golden Sainthe asks him if he has a relationship with Shun to which Ikki replies that he is his brother, then Kaiser again tells him that he will believe him if he manages to reach him something that Ikki accepts and then the Golden Saint attacks him while Ikki rejected the attack of the Holy Gold with Hō Yoku Tenshō , Kaiser is surprised, since Ikki was not counterattacking, the latter responds that he could not hurt his predecessor and also the true enemy would come soon so Kaiser should not suffer any damage, Ikki continued up the stairs and the Holy Gold , however despite what one might think, Kaiser does not attack the Holy Bronze, instead he presses his chest and then prevents it from falling to the ground while congratulating him for getting to where he was.


Odysseus and Kaiser

Afterwards Kaiser confronts Odysseus, it is learned that a few years before, Odysseus made a heart transplant to Kaiser who had been seriously injured during a duel against the "Lion King", since then Kaiser has the "heart of the lion". Kaiser(who is a faithful Saints of Athena) attacks Odysseus with his techniques at the light speed but in the end he is asleep by the power of Odysseus that then continues towards the sixth house.

Goldie and Blondie

Goldie and Blondie are two huge lions that help Kaiser defend the fifth Lion Temple. They are very strong and inteligent and have telepathic powers, their saliva also has healing powers. Both wear a golden Armor. Kaiser states that their race is that of "sacred lions".


  • Lightning Bolt (ライトニングボルト, Raitoningu Boruto): Kaiser hits the opponent with powerful fist pitched at the light speed.
  • Lightning Plasma (ライトニングプラズマ, Raitoningu Purazuma): Kaiser hits the opponent with powerful fists pitched at the light speed.
  • Kaiser is a warrior specialized in throwing fists at the light speed, this system is called "fist of light".


  • Kaiser means "Emperor" in german.