Leo Mycenae
Leo Mycenae.png
Japanese 獅子座(レオ)のミケーネ
Romanization Reo no Mikēne
Greek Μυκήνες (Mykí̱nai)
Alias(es) Leo Saint
General Information
Classification Gold Saint of Athena
Deity Mars
Cloth Leo Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Leo
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Golden
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Energy projection
Sonic manipulation
Pressure manipulation
Thunder element
Named techniques King's Roar
King's Emblem
Lighting Plasma
Beast Fall
Regulus Blast
Items used
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Turkey
Place of training
Place of death [?], Sanctuary
Blood type
Zodiac sign Leo
Apprentice Orion Eden
Debut Omega: Episode 10
Appearances Saint Seiya Omega
Omega: Ultimate Cosmo
Japanese voice Yutaka Nakano
English voice
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Leo Mycenae (獅子座(レオ)のミケーネ, Reo no Mikēne) is the Gold Saint of the Leo constellation in Saint Seiya Omega. He is the guardian of the Fifth Temple. Mycenae is the King of Beasts and the Most Noble among the Gold Saints. Mycenae can use the element of Lightning.


Mycenae proves to be a splendid soldier, before attacking he analyzes the situation and the possible consequences of his decisions. He knows when to fold in a critical situation and when to give up when his opponent is stronger. He is the master of Orion Eden.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

In The Past

Young Mycenae

While the first war between Mars and Athena, and Mars goes on his usual monologue about how he will create a new, better world where the strong rule the weak and there will be no conflict. Mycenae offers to fight by his side, but is stunned when Mars tells him to stay here and use his strength to fight for his new world and protect his children.

Confrontation with the Bronze Saints

Mycenae attack the Bronze Saints

During the first assault of the Bronze Saints on the tower of Babel, he very easily defeats Soma, Haruto and Ryuho, demanding the location of Aria, whom he believes is Athena. Kōga plans to confront him, but the battle is interrupted by Mars, who orders him to relinquish his place in the fight.Sagittarius Seiya the arrival of the battlefield, and offered to go in search of Aria, however Mars gives the order to remain in Babel.

Eden Training

Mycene in forest

Mycene train Orion Eden in a forest outside of Babel Tower. Mycenae is very impressed with Eden's ability to withstand one hundred of his blows without faltering. He soon tells Eden that he is different from the other Bronze Saints and that he shouldn't be concerned over them. Mycenae then witnesses Eden use his cosmo to set the forest they trained in ablaze, once again being impressed that the young saint could use his power in a forest filled with darkness cosmo. He is seen on top of the Leo Temple wondering how far the young bronze saints will make it on their crusade against Mars. Mycenae appears stopping Sonia from beating Eden, telling her that he will remove the doubt in the young boys heart. Mycenae takes Eden to a deserted arena and forces him into battle. The Gold Saint aiming to fight Eden until he reconstitutes his loyalty to their leader Mars. After battering Eden with his cosmo, Eden finally strikes back inflicting little to no damage to the golden lion, which leaves Mycenae very disappointed. He then hears Eden speak against Mars and he decides to finally put a rest to the prince's indecision with a final blow, however a remnant of Aria's light cosmo intervenes teleporting Eden away. Soon after Mycenae reports back to Medea who upon seeing him questions his knowledge of Kouga's Darkness Cosmo. Mycenae seems indifferent to it thinking that Eden is still more suitable as he is Mars' son, however he is shocked to learn of Medea's uncaring attitude toward her own child.

New Battle Twelve Zodiac House

Mycenae engages the two young bronzes Wolf Haruto and Lionet Souma. After the formalities and the two bronzes initial attacks failing, Haruto asks why Mycenae is

knowingly helping Mars to destroy the entire planet. Mycenae simply answers it is his duty as a loyal servant of Mars. Mycenae then reminisces of his younger days - before the initial war between Athena and Mars - in which his leader forbade him to battle as he needed the unflinching lion to help raise his children

Mars in his absence. Mycenae is then seen training a young Eden. After the flashback Mycenae and the bronzes continue their bout with the Golden Lion overwhelming the two Bronze Saints with his King's Roar. However the Bronze Saints are able to dispel the attack, which slightly impress Mycenae. He then uses his strongest technique, the King's Emblem, against the two. Haruto counters the attack to protect Souma. Mycenae questions the Bronze Saint's recklessness, with Haruto stating that he and the other bronzes have a mission to accomplish and that even if he falls his comrades behind him will continue the fight and that is enough to keep him going. Moved by Haruto and Souma's display of power, Mycenae decides to allow the bronze saints to leave his temple and move forward. As the two youths leave his temple Mycenae contemplates the power that having comrades can give and wonders if that can strengthen Eden.

Versus Pisces Amor

During the eighth hour of battle, Mycenae went into the apartments of Medea, determined to kill the one he now considers as the real instigator of the battle and the source of evil. He hardly has time to do its job as Pisces Amor  makes his entrance. Leo Mycenae learns with surprise that there is a Gold Saint under this constellation in this era, he briefly tries to explain his motives and to convince he is well-founded, but when the newcomer reveals that he is also the younger brother of Medea, he understands that confrontation is inevitable. Amor, however, reveals that he is much stronger than Mycenae. Mycenae, shocked at the man's Darkness Cosmo, and is killed by him, with an unknown technique.


  • King's Roar (キングスロアー, Kingusu Roā): This is a two-step attack which Mycenae first uses against the Bronze Saints Wolf Haruto and Lionet Souma. The attack begins with Mycenae sending a wave of cosmo into the air which streams down on the opponent at light speed paralyzing them. The next phase is the physical strike. After the first wave a lion of golden energy rains down on the opponent causing serious damage.This attack can be nullified as proven by both Souma and Haruto by them stopping both the individual phases of the attack.
  • King's Emblem  (キングスエンブレム, Kingusu Enburemu): Mycenae's greatest technique. The Gold Saint charges Thunder cosmo through his fist then sends multiple streams of electricity at the opponent, which them converge on them causing severe damage. The full extent of this attack wasn't seen as Wolf Haruto blocked the attack before it could be fully executed.
  • Lightning Bolt (ライトニングボルト): Only Saint Seiya - Ultimate Cosmo.
  • Lightning Plasma (ライトニングプラズマ): Only in Saint Seiya - Ultimate Cosmo.


Leo is one of the constellations of the twelve Zodiacs, lying between Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. Its name is Latin for lion. Its symbol is Leo.svg ( ♌). One of the 48 constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, Leo remains one of the 88 modern constellations today.

Predecessor and successor


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  • His name, Mycenae, is also the name of the city founded by the hero, Perseus.  It was known for where Hercules reported the success of each of his 12 labors to his cousin, King Eurystheis. It was also home of Menelaus, and his older brother, Agamemnon, who became the city's king and supreme commander during the Trojan War.  The city was unfortunately destroyed during the Dorian Invasions and was forgotten until the 19th century archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann unearthed it.  
  • Although concept art depicts Mycanae wearing the Leo cloth's helmet, he was never shown wearing it in the anime. It's lone appearance involved him carrying it in his arms.



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