Libra Dohko (天秤座の童虎, Raibura no Dōko) is one of the Gold Saints. He is one of the oldest characters in the manga next to Aries Shion, as they both appear in the previous Holy War, and is most known as Dragon Shiryu's mentor. He is also referred to as the Old Master (老師, Rōshi) by all the Saints of Athena, as a sign of respect, even though his only true student is Shiryu.

Personality and background

After the XVII Century war, Dohko lives at the Five Peaks of Mount Lu in China, alone with Shunrei, an orphan girl he took on his care. Dohko is also the master of Dragon Shiryu and Ohko, who is an anime-only character. Dohko represents a father figure to Shiryu, who often recalls his wise teachings whenever facing difficulty in battle. He is often seen as an adviser of the main characters and a good friend of Aries Mu, Shion's disciple.

When Dohko was young, he was much more vivid and rather impulsive. After regaining his young form during the Hades chapter, he retains the behavior of his youth, albeit much more circumspect and mindful, as a result of his almost three centuries of experience as a Saint. Gemini Saga said that he is the strongest Saint (manga volume 7)


Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

Libra Doko in Next Dimension

In Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension (a sequel of Saint Seiya manga) Dokho is portrayed as a young Libra Saint.

Being a teenager Dohko trained to become a Bronze Saint along with his friends Aries Shion and Crateris Suikyo. Having achieved the status of a Bronze Saint, he is further promoted to a Gold Saint status and dons the Libra Cloth in the face of the upcoming Holy War against Hades.

When a Sanctuary soldier reports that Hades may be staying in the place called Elysium, Dohko wants to rush there immediately but is stopped by Shion, who reminds him that he should first get a clearance from the Pope. After a short argument, Shion decides to accompany Dohko. Once there they find a young man named Alone, sitting in a beautiful field of flowers. This leaves of the young cosmos paralyzed until he sees and speaks to them. Shion tries to behead Alone but is stopped by a young Japanese man called Tenma, who delivers an unsuccessful attack on both Gold Saints, using Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. Finally, Tenma and Alone flee with their horse without realizing that the horse drops a barrel containing the Pandora Box of Pegasus, Tenma returns moments later to find the box, saw the cloth and attacks Shion. The Gold Saints explain to Tenma the work of Saints and his duty to Athena, so all three are directed to find Alone, but are too late. Pandora had taken the boy to the castle of Hades. When they get near the castle Tenma is attacked by a group of Specters who Shion and Dohko easily overcome.

They are interrupted by Celestial Star of the Nobility, Gryphon Vermeer, who attacks the Saints which can do nothing due to his Cosmic Marionettion. The moment that Vermeer was about to use the final blow he is interrupted by the Judge of the Garuda, Dohko recognizes the voice of Suikyō, now a Judge of Hell. At the time the judge was about to kill them with Infernal, but is then Pandora with Vermeer, leaving it to the other Specters to deal with the Saints

Pegasus Tenma's horse comes and kills a skeleton spectrum, revealing that also brought the Crateris Cloth which is able to heal wounds. When Tenma wakes up, he is surprised because he saw reflected in the water a strange figure. Shion says that watching the water one is able to observe their own future. Dohko looks in the water and sees an old man which is his future self. He gets scared and doesn't want to believe that is him in the future. Subsequently, the three decide to return to the Sanctuary to the Pope to report on the situation, but on reaching the Temple of Taurus the three are stopped by Taurus Ox, who threatens to kill them for having acted without authorization from their superiors.

Then Capricorn Izo shows up saying that he should be the one to punish the three, by which he cuts off the floor with a blow of Excalibur making Shion, Tenma, and Dohko fall off a cliff. Upon awakening, Shion tells others to train hard to become true Gold Saints and thus leave a legacy for the future and to be in optimal conditions provided to restrain the army of Hades. Chased, while Dohko is in the seventh house of Libra, he sees something falling from the sky which turns out to be Dragon Shiryu (his future pupil in the twentieth century), who tells him of his “time travel” and his mission to help Athena. It turns out that the tattoo of the Tiger, which Dohko has on his back, is the symbol for which he was destined to become the gold saint of Libra, which among all the saints, is what it is perfectly capable of judging what is good and evil. Dohko allows his student to continue and entrusted him with the mission to protect Athena. Meanwhile, his old friend Garuda Suikyo reaches the seventh house and both begin a violent duel. Eventually the two fighters clash with their most powerful techniques, and in the end, it seems, Suikyo is dead. In honor of the death of his friend, Dohko recites a poem (Like the flowers bear rains and winds of Yu Wuling, poet Chinese sec.dc IX).

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Libra Doko in the Lost Canvas


Dohko and Hui in his youth training in Senkyo.

Dohko was a former member of the Taonia, a legendary order of warriors originating in the fabled land of Lushan, whose center was Senkyo. They were renowned protectors of peace through the use of the power of the forces of nature. They are only to protect and never to attack. The members of this sect have tattooed on their back one of the beasts that China refers to the sacred. Dohko (As the Taonia Tiger) was a young boy when he trained with his master, who proved to be a huge dragon, who was once a human who became a monster with time after losing a loved one and not being able to stand, filled with hatred and losing his human side. When thought fit, his teacher rose to space disappearing in the stars (hence Dohko learned the Rozan Kōryūha trained alongside Hui, who sought revenge later). Dohko then fulfilled his destiny to go to Greece and become a Saint of Athena.

The First Mission to Italy

Dohko traveled to Italy and found there Tenma.

With reports of Spectres showing up in Italy, Dohko heads to Italy to investigate and eradicate any existing Spectres. There he first meets Cyclops Gigant and two others. Dohko has no problems eliminating the three with one move. After the fight, he continues to search for more Spectres. Throughout his search, rain becomes to fall heavily, flooding a nearby river. He then senses a cosmo nearby and investigates. There he sees a young Tenma attempting to break a rock barrier in order to redirect water flow. Dohko saves Tenma from being swept away by the current of the river. The next day, he convinces Tenma to go back with him to Sanctuary to train and become a Saint of Athena. Thus, Tenma becomes Dohko's first student (in theory).

The Second Mission to Italy

When Silver Saints Cerberus Saint, Auriga Saint, and Sagitta Saint return from Italy to report of Spectres, Dohko and Aries Shion are also present in Athena's chamber. As the three begin to report their findings, they reveal that everyone was killed after finding a castle in the forest. This draws immediate suspicion of the three Saints. At that moment, all three Silver Saints attempt to attack Athena but only to be stopped by Dohko and Shion. Dohko and Aries Shion kill the three in the process. However, before the Cerebus dies, he reveals that the three of them only accepted Hades's resurrection in order to see Athena one last time. Shion and Dohko are both saddened and angered by this and request to the Pope to form a small contingent of Saints to head back to Italy to investigate the castle and eliminate all Spectres. Dohko and Shion choose a few Silver Saints and two Bronze Saints, specifically Pegasus Tenma and Unicorn Yato to accompany them.

When the group arrives in Italy, Tenma's hometown is completely destroyed. Moments later, the now possessed Alone reveals himself as the new Hades. The Saints attempt to fight back but are defeated, only leaving Shion, Dohko, and Yato alive. However, to Shion's and Dohko's knowledge, only the two of them survived whereas Yato was buried in the rubble.

Invasion of Sanctuary

Dohko and Asmita.

After the fight enters Virgo Asmita and Tenma in the Underworld, the Saint returns to Sanctuary. Virgo talks with Dohko and says “You know, your younger brother is too energetic but never loses value” and has a strong reaction from Dohko asking “How do you know Tenma?” Later, he witnesses the fight between Bennu Kagaho and Taurus Rasgado. Kagaho had come looking to avenge the fight they had in Italy because the shock waves of the Rozan Hyakuryū Ha had slightly wounded Alone (TLC). However, the Taurus was Saint who received Kagaho and finished beating him, not without being seriously injured himself.

When Alone invaded the sanctuary, Sasha first met Dohko and Shion, who is stopped by Alone.

Invasion of Hades Castle

Shion and Yuzuriha have fallen by the power of Hades. Tenma and Dohko come hastily to save them. Alone who had been ignoring, has moved his sword to the side to attack and just then, teacher and pupil have joined their powers. Pegasus Meteor and Rozan Hyakuryū Ha have combined efficiently. Alone has been unfazed, with only a flick of his sword to not only stop the attacks but to defeat the Saints. Dohko then sacrifices himself to give Aries Shion (TLC) and the others, a chance to escape.

The top of the pound has dropped armor, the golden aura Dohko body has begun to grow. Libra has made ​​the art Flying Dragon to Alone, a golden dragon appears and it brought the Trident Pound hidden Hades stopped a few inches away.

The plan worked, after all, they were hoping that brief moment to escape with teleportation. The Saints have teleported out of the castle leaving only Dohko. Hades Castle has begun to break down, Alone has dissolved the barrier and out of the place his cosmos. Inside, in the living room, lies the body of Dohko, pierced by the sword right in the heart.

Athena Cloth

Libra is pierced by the sword of Hades and is believed dead. Kagaho Dohko body leads to Kanon Island to recover. There, the Demon of Kanon Island, Gemini Deuteros helps awaken Dohko, who was unconscious on the island of Kanon, due to injury from Hades, the "Flame of soul wound." Deuteros fingers soaked with the blood of Athena and Dohko pierces the heart, then he wakes up. Deuteros informs Dohko is at Kanon Island where saints wounded heal their bodies and who was in it for a month after he was attacked by Hades.

Dohko Deuteros communicates to Athena's army goes to the Lost Canvas, to which Dohko decides to help, but Deuteros stops him and tells him that if you do not help anything. Deuteros owns a small jar with Athena's blood, where it took a bit to wake Libra. Gives it to Dohko and tells him to go through the 12 temples and deliver blood to the statue of Athena. Dohko asks for if he knew the importance of this secret did nothing, and this tells the time just waiting. The British part of the Shrine.

In their way, is intercepted by Minotauros Gordon, Alraune Queen, and Basilisk Sylphid after overcomes tough battles, but could not prevent Alraune break the vessel containing the blood of Athena. Then Dohko must face Bennu Kagaho, who knows the secret of Athena's armor. Kagaho uses his " Crucify Ankh, "which makes their blood Dohko release (which also has Blood of Athena) in the Statue of Goddess Athena, awakening the Divine Cloth.

Dohko manages to snatch the armor Kagaho hands, just then Gemini Deuteros comes to his aid. Deuteros alters memory Dohko, as the secret of the armor is known exclusively by the Pope.

Sun Temple

Pegasus Tenma, Sasha, and Leo Regulus have reached the third temple malignant and have encountered Bennu Kagaho. He attacked them head on. But thanks to the cosmos that guided Tenma, Dohko has moved out of Another Dimension and prepare for the rematch. Dohko has reached the third Evil Temple with the intention of confronting Kagaho, but before he has given the Athena Cloth to Sasha. And again we have created a means of

Dohko and Kagaho (image of their first meeting in Italy).

escape to his friends to stand and fight, but now their power has increased thanks to the blood of Athena wearing inside. The others have escaped while Dohko sealed the Corona Blast with his own power, but once again, demonstrated his power Kagaho using a new technique: Rising Darkness, leaving Dohko to death by the terrible dehydration caused by sun black.

When was dehydrated, Dohko reminded his former master, and with that memory, Libra cosmos formed a dragon as if from inside and crushed black sun. Kagaho is being consumed by hatred and is gradually ceasing to be human, but it feels Dohko ever felt Aldebaran and was determined to fight to bring back the human who still lives inside the enemy. Kagaho has finally expelled all the power. The beating of the saint has been terrible but its cosmos Treves, Dohko have seen the image of the enemy lost your brother so long. Now known to Kagaho not quite a monster and that his anger and resentment are due to the loss of a loved one. Raising his cosmos to the maximum, Dohko has dodged the last attack to take Kagaho behind and apply the technique deadliest repertoire: the Rozan Kōryūha.

Kagaho taken Dohko to the back, and together they have raised skyward. Through the flames of his enemy, saw the image of the brother he lost, and his eyes remind him of his teacher and therefore, will do everything to bring him back. If they can not live together on Earth, then both disappear. In those words, Kagaho has mocked him for that sacrifice in vain, but firs,t it has been questioned whether it would be good to be a human instead of a demon that burns everything. Both bodies have come out of the stratosphere and have begun to feel the effects on their bodies and in their armor. Finally, bathed in sunlight, Kagaho has changed his mind and therefore its flames as their wings have changed color, about to die, he sees the light that both were looking for.

Kagaho wings finally changed to the Phoenix original and heart has changed thanks to the sacrifice of his rival and the memory of his brother. The "Last Dragon" Dohko has propelled toward the heavens but, having regained humanity still lived in it, it has taken Kagaho by the neck and saved her life thanks to an explosion Corona Blast who has returned to Earth. It's the end for the Phoenix, and in his last moments have thought of Athena and her saints like Alone in his master whom he believed. Someday will return to this earth and protect him. Alone (TLC) has fired him and asked him to return to his true color.

Last battle

When Tenma and Shion are fighting Mephistopheles Yōma, Shion is pulled into the Marvelous Room of God/ Spectrum but appears Gemini Aspros him out of the place they sent Youma technique, Aspros Dohko also appears in his arms. When he finally wakes up, barely alive and with her ​​delicate heart, and is taking the battle between Tenma, Alone and Sasha, so with Shion decides to invoke the souls of the twelve Gold Saints to launch the attack Golden Light, which causes Hades to exit Alone's body. Athena decides to give a little of her blood to the heart of Dohko, giving the ability Real Marvelous. Athena decides to carry him, Shion and the other saints wounded back to Earth.

After the defeat of Hades, Shion is shocked to see that there are other survivors, plus Bronze Saints. Finally, the five peaks appear in the constellation Pegasus seeing, speaking of that Tenma has something to tell, noting that in the constellation are Athena, Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, and like a shadowed Ikki.

Lost Canvas Anecdotes: Libra Chapter

Return to Rozan

Dohko, twelve years after the Holy War .

It has been twelve years in the Holy War, a man named Hao Yin takes his daughter to bring food to Dohko who does not feel the passage of time in the five peaks. Dohko tells about his mission and the secret of his heart. Hao tells disaster in China for all the years that have passed (scores according Hao) and this may be celestial fury of the dragon, then attacking soldiers Dohko appear. Sees in them a few tattoos Senkyou (fairyland) and from that kingdom sent to assassinate former survivor holy war. These warriors are Taonia led by a masked warrior called Liu-Xing . These warriors get into trouble Dohko who still does not know how to manage their heart and interferes Yin not hurt him.

Dohko uses weapons of Libra and subsequently defeat his Flying Dragon . Dohko feel exhausted, still not used to fight with the heart and will demand an explanation-Xing Liu who is very similar to Tenma, by what they say in the world for 3 persons equal and whose age could not be Tenma because if this were alive was older. Dohko Liu wants to take senkyou path that changes every year between the two worlds: Dohko addresses his second home. Dohko has tied all of Liu Xing soldiers but he has escaped. Liu Xing flees swearing Dohko defeat next time and come back for his soldiers, but is very sore from the attack Dohko dragon and falls but is saved by Dohko. Liu Xing explains that all calamities falls in Senkyou have been because it was supposedly the star Dohko misfortune.

Doko see the Next Generation of Bronze Saints

Dohko want to help your second home, Liu Xing account that Mr. White Dragon, Hakuryu , died of an illness and a guy named Fei-Yan has taken over. Upon returning, Liu Xing soldiers have been burned by the power of Hui . Hui claimed to Dohko to leave senkyou years of training at the ground with his teacher and apparently has given back to the shrine. The nine-tailed fox with the tiger. The Taonia of Zorro, Hui shows his power, and his tattoo wearing fox-shaped armor. Hui Dohko attacks. Dohko Libra wears his armor and defeat your Hui Ascending Dragon . After seeing this abrirará Liu Xing Senkyou entry to your mirror and go with Dohko. But he remembers that he is not Tenma.

Liu Xing keeps his promise and come to Senkyou. Taonias appear before them. They will talk about how things have changed now that Hakutaku is in power and rush to be finished by Dohko easily by the Holy Libra. Liu Xing and Dohko enter the temple, but some Sparrows around him and listening to how they plan Dohko kill Liu Xing. These sparrows are actually warriors Sparrow Mǔdān . Mudan Dohko immediately attacks with its destruction of sparrow that several high-power sound waves directly to the body. Libra does manage to decipher as many sparrows Mudan their favor thanks to some bells.

The Holy Mudan not want to hurt but you have to overcome it and will do with their tiger dance Hermit. Cutting the bells each. Dohko tries to talk sense to not to hurt her but Mudan before them appears the gigantic cosmos Dohko Hakutaku who apparently had seen before. Mudan approaches him and calls him brother. He is Feyan who got that great power of nature and watch the shadows on the paper where Hakutaku Dohko called useless Holy War orchestrated by the gods and how he will correct all such failures.

XX Century

Dohko elder in The Lost Canvas.

In the twentieth century, 243 years after the Holy War,Aries Mu and his pupil Kiki , visit Dohko in the Five Peaks .

Mu tells Dohko on suspicions that Kido Saori is the Athens of today. Saints talk about how for 13 years the attitude of the Pope has changed and has become malignant, something that could not apply to Shion and Dohko know the current Pope is Aries Shion and evil that has been hidden for 13 years the sanctuary.Dohko be confident Sori that Athena will to light evil and reminds holy war where fought, and Mu tells his students this galaxy in that tournament. Finally says Saori Kido has either already at current Pegasus,Seiya .

Saint Seiya: Episode G

EpisodeG Dohko.jpg

Apart from being mentioned by Taurus Aldebaran in the meeting golden Dohko so far has had a moderate participation. First appeared in a vision of the future where it shows next to Shunrei and Dragon Shiryu at Rozan. In Gaiden, stars alongside Aries Shion, one in which shows the end of the previous Holy War.

His biggest turnout was in a fight with Leo Aiolia against Pontos, God does not understand how Aioria exceeded the speed of light, as this can only be achieved if the divine power, but this makes Aioria effort reaches its limit, right time for Titans to end Saint Leo once and for all. When the Titan was going to end the holy Libra Shield protects you and the great master of Libra Dohko five peaks appeared with his young appearance. Aioria Dohko explains that he can not really move but if you send five peaks cosmos with an illusion of your body to fight against the Titan. The illusion could Aioria protected while and made him remember to trust the great strength of his companions, after that we see in Aries Mu Jamir who raises their cosmos and use his powers to teleport to other Leo Aioria.

Saint Seiya, part I: The Sanctuary

Doko as the Roshi

As he became one of the survivors of the ancient Hades War, after the war, Shion was assigned to be the pope of the Sanctuary while Dohko was assigned to guard the seal of Hades. (see Suspended animation) Dohko on the other hand, received a miraculous ability known as Misopetha-Menos, a way to preserve youth indefinitely (some animals are capable of doing this for a short time, in Dohko's case it was the Misopetha-Menos spell). As a normal person has about 100,000 heartbeats per day, Dohko has about 100,000 heartbeats per year with the help of the Misopetha-Menos. Relatively speaking, the 243 years was a mere 243 days for Dohko. This enabled Dohko to live a long life, shrunk from his normal average human size to the one of an old purple man. The condition was that Dohko must stay in the Mount Lu as a watchguard. As the time Hades will be unsealed, Dohko can be prepared to fight off Hades and his Spectres with his youthful body. This divine gift is a secret that even Shion, the former Pope, was unaware of. It is also for this reason that he is exempted from mandatory meetings in the Sanctuary.

It was revealed that Dohko is the Libra Gold Saint.

Dohko is Dragon Shiryu's Teacher, but Shiryu didn't know about Dohko's past, until Cancer Deathmask came to Mount Lu in an attempt to take the Libra Gold Cloth from him, revealing that he is one of the 12 Gold Saints of Sanctuary. It was implied that Dohko distanced himself from Sanctuary due to his suspicion that his old friend Aries Shion, the Pope of the Sanctuary, has been replaced. During the incoming fight, Dohko wasn't able to help directly the Bronze Saints, but sent his Gold Cloth to Shiryu so he could free Cygnus Hyoga from Aquarius Camus' Freezing Coffin. He also saved Shunrei from drowning when Cancer Deathmask struck her with a telekinetic attack as a gesture to taunt Shiryu.

Saint Seiya, part II: Poseidon

During Athena's departure from Sanctuary, Dohko, acting as the highest command aside from Athena and the Pope, ordered all of the Gold Saints to remain in Sanctuary to prepare for a greater battle that is ahead. However, his spiritual guidance has helped Shiryu overcome many enemies, especially against Megrez Delta Alberich, in the anime-only Asgard saga. To aid the Bronze Saints in the battle against Poseidon, he also ordered Kiki to deliver the Libra Gold Cloth to them, which helped them destroy the Pillars of the Seven Oceans.

Saint Seiya, part III: Hades arc

Dohko as a "fake" elderly man (above) and as his actual, young appearance during the 18th century and after Hades' return during Seiya's era (below)

His most prominent appearance is in the Hades chapter, when he felt that the Hades seal finally broke, so he goes to the Sanctuary to fight against Hades, and then turns on the fire clock. Hades revives some dead Saints, including Aries Shion, the former pope. Shion and Dokho meet again, and eventually the two fight. During the fight Dohko attempts to use his supreme attack, the Mount Lu One Hundred Dragons Wave to defeat Shion, but it failed to defeat him. Shion stated that Dohko, being 243 years older, could not possibly stand a chance against him, having his youth restored by Hades. He proceeds to defeat Dohko, but just the moment Dohko want to die with Shiryu together, the Libra Cloth appears before Dohko and defends him. Unlocking the memories of wearing the Libra Cloth, he then breaks the power of longevity and turns back to his original young form to be able to fight properly. His purple skin has gone. The tiger image reappears on Dohko's back and is now evenly matched with his former friend. Dohko wants Shiryu to go to join the Gold Saints and apologizes to Athena for the coming because she had not allowed Bronze Saints to come to Sanctuary. Dohko's Mount Lu One Hundred Dragons Force collides with Shion's Stardust Revolution. Both are vanished. Later on, it would be Dohko who tells the Bronze Saints (except for Seiya and Ikki) before they entered Hell, that they had to acquire the Eighth Sense in order to advance in this realm without losing their lives.

Athough it had not mentioned, Dohko killed many Specters along the way from the entrance of Hell to the Wailing Wall and he was familiar with them since he had fought against them 243 years ago (see Lost Canvas and Next Dimension). His final appearance was along with his fellow Gold Saints to break the Wailing Wall, as only the combined powers of the Twelve Gold Saints can break the wall because the Gold Cloths were being bathed in the sunlight for a long time. He told the Bronze Saints that Hades' true body was hiding in the Elysion. Upon the gathering of the combined powers of the 12 Gold Saints, the Wall of Lament was destroyed and opened the gateway to Elysion Field, but doing so cost the lives of all of the Gold Saints.

Heaven Chapter: Overture

In the Heaven Chapter: Overture his soul is sealed with the other Gold Saints when they talk to the gods and say they always be loyal to Athena. Although being sealed he would encourage Phoenix Ikki and Andromeda Shun to fight against the angel of Artemis.

Saint Seiya Omega

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Power and abilities

Weapons of Libra

As a Gold Saint, Dohko has mastered the 7th sense, giving him great strength and the ability to move at the speed of light. He also achieved the 8th sense so he could go to the Tartarus.

Dohko has shown some telekinetic/psychokinesis abilities as well as telepathy. Although he only showed a few techniques during the story, it is implied that he can use all the techniques that Dragon Shiryu can (except Excalibur), since he taught him those techniques.

  • Rozan Hyakuryu Ha : Mount Lu One Hundred Dragons Force (廬山百龍覇, Rozanhyakuryūha): Dohko's ultimate attack. It takes the form of one hundred dragons.
    • Note: in the Anime-only Asgard arc, he was shown using the Shoryuha in a flashback to his youth. As the Asgard arc doesn't exist in Kurumada's manga, Dohko's appearance in it differs from Kurumada's official design.
  • Rozan Shō Ryū Ha (Rising Dragon Punch): Dohko maximum intensifies his cosmos and gives a blow with his fist or kick, the upward energy is comparable to the image of a majestic dragon which rises in the sky.
  • Rozan Ryuu Hi Shou: Unlike the Shou Ryuu Ha, which summons dragon energy to uppercut an opponent vertically, the Ryuu Hi Shou dragon energy lunges at its target horizontally.
  • Rozan Kou Ryuu Ha: This is basically a suicidal attack, embodied in a dragon energy which sends Libra flying higher and higher through the planet's atmosphere and ultimately blasting through it into space. He can, however, drag someone else along for the ride to suffer the same fate.
  • Misopheta-menos: A gift from Athena herself. It slows down Dohko's metabolism in order to extend his life span for various generations.

Dohko's armor, the Gold Libra Cloth, contains 6 pairs of weapons to be used by the Gold Saints. Despite this, those weapons should not be used freely and it is up to the Libra Gold Saint to determine when they are needed. The weapons of Libra are 2 Swords, 2 Tonfas, 2 Lances, 2 Nunchuks, 2 Sansetsukons and 2 Shields. Each weapon is highly powerful, able to do things that even the combined power of several Gold Saints could not do.

Other media

In the games for PS2 Dohko is an available character and he can use the same techniques of his pupil Shiryu.

Cloth, constellation and Temple

Dohko's guardian constellation is Libra, and his Gold Cloth represents it and its associated myth: The scales held by the goddess of justice Astraea. The temple he once guarded was known both in manga and the anime adaptation as Ten Bin Kyuu (天秤宮), the "Temple of the Scales."

As Masami Kurumada revealed in his sidestory prequel Saint Seiya Next Dimension, Dohko was originally a Bronze Saint and was awarded the Gold Saint status and the Libra constellation later. Thus, the original guardian constellation Dohko bore is yet to be revealed. He is also one of the main characters in the Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas sidestory prequel. Since the two prequel exclude each other, which one is canon is unknown.

Unlike most of the Saints, none of the attacks he uses takes the form of his constellation, but instead take on the form of a dragon, similar to Shiryu. Even more unusual is that his symbolic creature, seen when his draws his full power, is neither the Libra nor a dragon, but a tiger.

Masami Kurumada used in his manga the Chinese concept of the duality of the tiger and dragon, in his characters Dohko and Shiryu. That's the reason for tiger and dragon images that appear on their backs when they burn their Cosmo.


  • Masami Kurumada took some creative liberty when designing the Libra Gold Cloth, as it includes weapons that did not exist in the time of the ancient Greeks. The swords, shields and the spears were commonplace in Greece. The tonfas, nunchaku and the setsukons originated in Asia, specifically Japan and China, a long time after Hellenic civilization had decayed, and thus were unknown to the ancient Greeks. As Kurumada has practiced martial arts since his youth, these Asian weapons mark an instance where the influence this has exerted in his various works is evident, as related elements and techniques can be found throughout them.
  • In some translations of Kurumada's manga, the Chinese reading of the kanji that form Dohko's name, Tóng-Hǔ, is used instead of the Japanese reading, to relate the character to his country of origin.
  • Also, Masami Kurumada added the tiger-dragon duality motif to the Libra Gold Cloth. The helmet of the Libra Gold Cloth closely resembles a tiger's head when the Cloth is not being worn (shaped in the style of Chinese and Japanese tigers found in old paintings).
  • In the anime adaptation, Dohko's black hair color was modified to auburn.
  • The experience of Dohko's rejuvenation can be concluded from Greek myth stories too which Heracles beat Geras(old age) and married Hebe(youth), if these deeds were assembled.
  • Dohko has been accurately depicted in the anime "Soul of Gold" as the shortest Gold Saint of the current generation (170cm).


Dohko's size compared to Taurus Aldebaran (210cm) and Aries Mu (183cm)

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