Libra Genbu (天秤座(ライブラ)の玄武, Raibura no Genbu) was the Libra Gold Saint in the era of Omega, Genbu governing Balance and Harmony and can use the element of Water.


The young Genbu under Libra Doko's training.

Genbu is revealed to be Libra Dōko's final apprentice, taken under Dōko's care as a child between the years of Libra Shiryū's completion of training and Dōko's death in The Hades Arc. Genbu was a late bloomer in terms of controlling his cosmos and the martial arts training, therefore Genbu showed a more lack of interest in Sainthood compared to Libra Shiryu. Yet Libra Dōko knows his potential as a successful Saint and hasn't gave up on Genbu, therefore Dōko continues to enlighten Genbu with the cosmos training, the Lushan Martial Arts skills, the words of wisdom, and have Genbu inherit his ideal of righteousness. But due to the lack of confidence, Genbu eventually left Dōko's training and the path of Sainthood all together and lived a low-profile normal human life, for which Libra Shiryu distastes. Until the breakout of the war between the Martians and Athena's Saints affecting the life and death of the Earth that made Genbu recollecting Libra Dōko's words, remembering it shall be his duty to rise up as a Saint when it's deemed absolutely necessary. Now powerful, confident and determinded, judging the majority of the Golden Cloths and Saints are affiliated with the Martians, along with Libra Shiryu's inability to serve as a Gold Saint, Genbu privately set out the search for the Libra Cloth to inherit before the enemies obtain it. It's is found that Libra Shiryū has been hiding it, but with the scar between them, it is impossible for Genbu to locate and inherit the Cloth unless Libra Shiryu voluntarily releases it. And it was not until Shiryū's son, Dragon Ryuho needed the Libra Cloth to reach for the water element generator that Genbu was able to find it. When the Libra Cloth showed up, it turns out the Cloth indeed agrees with Genbu's values and his preparedness to be a Gold Saint and therefore let Genbu inherit it. In order to go undercover as a Martian-affiliated Gold Saint, Genbu reserved his true intentions from the Bronze Saints, leaving the impression that he was a powerful Saint who stole the Golden Cloth.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Obtaining the Libra Cloth

Genbu first appears on the outskirts of the Lushan waterfall shortly after Aria and Dragon Ryūhō destroy the water element generator and had a brief exchange with the young Saints (Aquila Yuna, Wolf Haruto, Pegasus Kōga, Dragon Ryūhō and Aria), where he intended to suppress them and retrieve the Libra Gold Cloth, at that moment Libra Shiryu had released for the young saints' mission. However, upon feeling the cosmos of Dragon Shiryu, he took the option to retreat, but not without taking with him the Gold Cloth. The Bronze Saints considered this as theft; but the Cloth Stone voluntarily came to his hand. Genbu then says that the armor has chosen him as its rightful owner and leaves. He was a Saint filled with mysteries, and was a potential suspect who might be serving Mars. His Cosmos during that encounter had an overwhelming aura and apparently has a dark, blueish energy that radiates. 

Battle Against the Martians -- The 12 Zodiac House

Versus Aquarius Tokisada

Genbu in Libra Temple.

The gold saints fighting.

Before Aquarius Tokisada can do anything more to the young bronze saints, Libra Genbu teleported all of them to his Libra Temple and directly challenges Tokidasa.  Genbu holds nothing back as Tokidasa prepares to slow down time. Even so, Genbu is still too fast for the Aquarius Saint and Tokidasa is punched. The bronze saints watch in awe as the gold saints raise their cosmos and fought so fast as if they were appearing and dissapearing. Tokidasa fought and fought but is still no match for the Libra saint. Tokidasa then proceeds to use his ultimate attack, the Chrono Execution. As Libra vanishes into the blast ,Tokidasa thought that he was triumph and aimed for the bronze saints. Suddenly, Genbu appeared from the blast and use his greatest move. It was revealed that Libra Genbu was the final apprentice to Libra Dōko, who was also Libra Shiryū master, and that he has sworn loyalty to the true Athena, and is upholding to the final commands of Libra Dōko to inherit the the Libra Golden Cloth of Balance and Harmony from the now disabled Libra Shiryu. Genbu also noted that his relationship with Libra Shiryu has been estranged, since Genbu did not continue with the path of Sainthood for a long period of time prior to him obtaining the Libra Cloth.  When Tokidasa was finally beaten, Libra Genbu provided the bronze saints the location of Athena, which he obtained from undercover and bids the bronze saints to move on as fast as they can. Medea, watching all of the actions from her crystals, took note of Libra Genbu's loyalty towards Athena and starts to break the Twelve Temples down, forcing Genbu to occupy all of his Cosmos to maintain the stability of the Temples and unable to aid the bronze saints further down the road.

Final Battle

While the process of destruction of the Earth is activated (after the expiration of twelve hours), Fudo goes in the seventh house of the zodiac guarded by Genbu . They are joined by Kiki and Harbinger . The four then unite their Gold Saints Cosmos to allow Sōma, Yuna, Ryuho and Haruto to go to Planet Mars.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

Fighting Aegir and Death

Genbu ready to fight

With the reincarnation of Goddess Pallas underway draining Athena's life, Libra Genbu has taken charge as the Commander of Saints, and was responsible for gathering all of the remaining Saints who were alive from the previous battle to uphold the Saint Meeting with Athena to declare war on Pallas.

Genbu as Commander then went his way to oversee the Academy of Palestra, who was already sheltering refugees and has gathered a good number of the Bronze, Silver, and Steel Saints in preparation to defend the Pallasites. Genbu was weary of the Pallasites' constant escape from various mid-battles, and that having the majority of the Saint Army and refugees all in one place would be a huge disadvantage to the Saints, hence, he understands that this might be a trap that the Pallasites had planned for a period of time.

As Genbu had predicted, the Pallasites marched in with a multitude of armies surrounding all corners of Palestra. In order to maximize the survival and protection of the Saint Army along with the refugees in the academy, and understanding the fact that he is the only Golden Saint on the spot, he takes on Aegir, a Pallasites Second Class along with the invading Pallasites solely by himself.

Understanding that Pegasus Kōga's team of Bronze Saints, are still young and has lots to learn, and knowing that his chances of survival is slim, he did the best of his abilities to perform and pass down his teachings to them by rolemodeling on what kind of mentallity a Saint should be when in battle. Then Genbu has proven to Aegir that he is no match to the level of a Gold Saint, and crushes Aegir and his Pallasites with ease.

Observing with great shame, Pallasites First Class, Holy Sword Hyperion sends down his holy sword, Tenchihōmetsuzan down to Aegir to use against Libra Genbu. Using the sword's power, Holy Sword Tenchihōmetsuzan instantly freezes the time on all refugees and Saints with the exception of Libra Genbu. Pegasus Kōga's team of Bronze Saints somehow manages to gain back their eyesight despite being frozen and was able to witness Genbu's battle against Aegir with the Holy Sword.

Judging that the Holy Sword Tenchihōmetsuzan is a sword of extreme danger, Libra Genbu resolves to wield the Libra Sword to match up against the Holy Sword and went into a fierce battle.

With the Holy Sword's towering offense against the Libra Sword, the match took a grave toll on Genbu's cosmos usage and physical strength. Aegir made up his mind to give Libra Genbu the final blow and charge into the academy, but Genbu gives Aegir the taunt that he would not move an inch and vows to protect the next generations of Saints. Aegir then uses the Holy Sword and slices down to Genbu's right shoulder into the heart, but then couldn't pull the Holy Sword out of Genbu's body. Libra Genbu then reveals his intentions that he was planning to destroy the Holy Sword at the cost of his life, and didn't even set an eye on Aegir's abilities in the first place.

Genbu then raised up his cosmos and performed his Rozan Shō Ten Ha in attempt to destroy the Holy Sword, but then the damage was way too minor and was only resulted in a tiny chip-off of the sword. But this chip-off was good enough, for that it breaks the time spell on all the effected Saints and refugees within the academy, and Pegasus Kōga's group was able to move again.

Libra Genbu falls with a smile to his final breaths, and Pegasus Kōga went to get rid of the weary Aegir, who was fearful of his wrath of causing damage to his boss' Holy Sword.

After Pegasus Kōga took down Aegir, the rest of the Pallasite army backed out and retreated. Libra Genbu, with his final breaths, comforts the Bronze Saints not to be sad about his fate, for that his life was destined to be this way. He then bids his gratitude to Kōga for finishing Aegir off, and his regrets for not being able to keep his promise of spending more time to mentor Dragon Ryūhō. Ryūhō deeply appreciates Genbu as his Master Uncle, and said that both his father, Libra Shiryū, and Libra Genbu are forever his two greatest mentors in his life. Libra Genbu then takes his final breath in encouraging Pegasus Kōga and the rest of the Bronze group to keep believing in their own cosmos, to keep growing, and that one day they may achieve the " Omega " level of their powers.

Following his funeral, his clothstone was given to Ryūhō by Geki, to give to his father, the latter believing it to be what Genbu would want.


  • Rozan Shinbu Ken (廬山真武拳): Genbu charges his opponent with fists imbued with cosmo which creates a burst of energy on impact. The force from these punches is so potent that they can crack the armor of a Gold Saint. In the fight with Aquarius Tokisada, the "Aquarius" Gold Saint, the force of Genbu's Shinbuken created a deep crater in the ground with it's impact on Tokisada's face.
  • Rozan Shōtei Ha (廬山上帝覇) : Genbu postures himself like the stars of the libra constellation and concentrates his cosmo, freeing his hands a gigantic blast of energy at the enemy. He is also shown to be able to channel the technique through the Libra Weapons (like the Libra Sword) in the form of a Rozan Dragon. The energy from this attack is strong enough to damage Hyperion's Cataclysm Slash Sword, which was stated to have a cosmo that exceeded Abzu's. Although the damage to the blade was not great, this was a signifigant achievement towards the goal of defeating the "great evil" that Genbu mentions shortly before his attempt at destroying the sword.
  • Rozan Shōten Ha (廬山昇天覇)

Cloth and weapons


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Libra Constellation

Libra (the scales, symbol Unicode ♎) is the seventh zodiac constellation in the sky.Pretty quiet, no first magnitude stars, lying between Virgo and Scorpio west east, notably more striking. As evidenced by the names of its brightest stars, was once part of the pincers of the scorpion: well, Zubenelgenubi (α Librae) means "southern claw" and Zubeneschamali (β Librae) "northern claw". Α and β are visually studs equilibrium in the balance, while γ and σ are the cymbals.

Predecessors and successors


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  • Before chapter 39, there was a speculation of a possible relation of Genbu being a descendant of Dohko because Genbu resembles his master Dohko, although this turned out not to be the case.
  • Genbu is a mythological Chinese animal half-turtle half-snake suggesting a duality of equilibrium as the sign of Libra represents, same as the balance that Dohko and Shiryu represented as tiger and dragon.


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