Ban is an instructor at the Steel Saint training school and is the former wearer of the Lionet Cloth from when Pegasus Seiya was the wearer of the Pegasus Cloth.

Chronology (86)

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Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

New War

As fighting intensified between the Saints and Pallasites , Subaru and Pegasus Kōga go to get the help of the Steel Saints. They find that the headquarters are in ruins and are attacked by a group Pallasites led by Daggers Hati. They are saved by the arrival of several Steel Saints.

Having sensed the danger, the Steel Saints had evacuated to a camp prior to the attack. Once at camp, Subaru comes face to face with his two teachers. Ban and Nachi, and they tell him they are very proud of what he and his companions have done in ​​preventing Mars from achieving his goals. Ban and Nachi also offer to accompany accompany Subaru and Kōga to the Palestra. While Subaru reveals the true purpose of his visit (get a new Steel Cloth to replace the one damaged by the recent fighting), Ban accuses Subaru of not being a Saint worthy of the name. Subaru fled, leaving the two professors.

Later, Hati and a group of Pallasites attack the entrenched camp, Hati having to use the sounds of the Steel Saints voices to lead his army to them.

During the fighting, Ban and Nachi command the young Steel Saints while hey themselves take part in the action, easily sweeping Pallasites. However, Hati uses his Chrono Delayed technique to paralyze most of the warriors of Athena. Only Kōga, Subaru, Nachi, Ban and few Steel Saints are immune to the time freezing. Erna, Subaru's friend dies in the battle and Subaru unleashes his Cosmo to defeat Hati.

After the battle, Ban, Nachi and his troops are determined to get to the Palestra, after a last tribute to Erna, and Subaru donned Erna's Steel Cloth

Defense Of Palestra

Once at the Palestra, Ban quickly joins his old traveling companion Geki in fighting the Pallasites. Hundreds of refugees had flocked to the Palestra, brought there by Saints scattered throughout the world.

A large troop of Pallasites Soldiers encircles the Palestra, Ban and Nachi remain within the confines of the school to organize the defense with an army of Steel Saints. After the intervention of Seiya and rescue of the Palestra by Athena, Ban is among those who take advantage of this respite before resuming the war.

Battle Of Pallas Belda


Afterwards, the Saints counterattack and invade Pallasbelda to stop the Pallasites at once. During the battle, many clothes are damaged, and Aries Kiki arrives to repair them. The Pallasites decide to attack at that moment to destroy the fragile, damaged clothes, but Nachi returns, alongside Geki and Ban, all three donning custom Steel Cloths based on their old Bronze Cloths, and manage to hold back the Pallasite forces.

Battle Of Pallas Castle Gate

While Athena and his protectors progress through Castle Pallas, Nachi and his companions (joined by Raki) continue to struggle to get past the Pallasites. When Shiryu, Kiki, Virgo Fudō are forced to use the Athena Exclamation against Hyperion, Nachi feels the immense cosmos release resulting from the clash between the forbidden technique and attack the Pallasites.

When Kōga and his companions finally manage to reach Pallas Chamber, Subaru becomes the god Saturn. Like all Saints present, Nachi feels the enormous cosmos unfold.

Nevertheless, he continues his fight alongside Shaina and Emma . Amidst the fighting, they witness the flight of Seiya and Bronze Saints wearing their new Omega Cloths. But as they continue to protect access to the Pallas Castle, they are attacked by a regiment of elite warriors under the direct orders of the god of time. Alongside their students , Nachi and Ban find that Gauntlet Aegir easily overcomes their resistance . But they are saved by the arrival of Daichi, Ushio, Shō. When Aegir returns, Jabu arrives in a Unicorn Steel Cloth and finsihes him off. Once the threat is ruled out, the Steel Saints focus to defeat all remaining enemy soldiers on Earth.

Final Wars Againts Saturn

Saturn uses the Chrono Eternal Conclusion that freezes allinhabitants of the Earth. When all seems lost, Athena gathers the Cosmo of all the other Saints to restore Koga, who rises again as the ultimate Omega Saint, determined to stop the God of Time once and for all.


Lionet Bomber: Ban covers his whole body with flames and then uses his shoulder to tackled his opponent with tremendous force.


  • In the official website of TV Asahi, Ban is considered to a Steel Saint.
  • According to Dione a Pallasites Second Class, the power of Ban is worthy of the legendary generation, which would suggest that his power is much stronger than that a normal Bronze Saints.


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