Lionet Sōma(子獅子星座(ライオネット)の蒼摩, Raionetto-seiza no Sōma) is the Bronze Saint in the constellation Leo Minor in Saint Seiya Omega. Sōma can use the element of fire.


Sōma is the best friend of Koga and is a very lively pron with good communication skills . He is playful and has a good sense of humor gentle nature and cheerful even in the most difficult situations. Which along with Koga makes him the comedic relief of the group. However when becomes angry, he gets obsessed with defeating his opponents at all costs and cannot be controlled.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Childhood and training

Child Saints.jpg

Sōma became Saint after his father, Southern Cross Kazuma , was killed by Hornet Sonia , daughter of Mars , while trying to defend his wife, who was also killed in the attack. After that event, his father got a bad reputation for being weak.

Journey to Palestra

After the third battle between Athena and Mars , Sōma, the Bronze Saint of  the Lionet constellation is sent by Palestra to investigate the clashing of Cosmo that had taken place on the remote isle. Once arriving there he runs into Pegasus Kōga, who is looking for Saori, and they end up in a brief scuffle. After which Koga decides to follow Sōma due to him being a saint. While traveling together Sōma explains to his more inexperienced counterpart about the natures of cosmo and how to utilize the elemental properties that they posses, revealing that he can utilize the flame cosmo. Sōma is also shocked and in disbelief when Koga informs him that his element is the rare and extremely powerful Light element. While thew two young saints are resting the two get ambushed by a Martian.

The Martian reveals himself to be Mantis Ordykia. The martian utilizes his powerful  control over darkness cosmo to hide and ambush the two during the battle also weakening their cosmo due to the darkness' effects. During the battle Koga is able to activate his light element and dispel the darkness created by the powerful Martian. This allows Sōma to use one of his powerful techniques Flame Desparado and finally subdue the enemy soldier. After the ordeal the two young bronzes decide  to continue onwards towards the Palestra.

Once arriving at Palestra Koga is put to the test by one of Sōma's classmates, a female saint under the name of Aquila Yuna . After Koga is allowed entry by former bronze saint Geki , they give Koga a tour and allow him to travel the grounds before the new semester begins in a few days.

Sōma is next seen after Koga tries to leave the Palestra and is excited upon seeing his old friend Dragon Ryuho return to classes after trouble with his health. He is later seen commenting on the battle between Ryuho and Koga and is stunned to see him utilize his Light cosmo to activate the Pegasus Flash Fist. Sōma comforted his friend afer his loss and told him, that he just has to train more and is impressed with his new technique.

Sōma is next seen in the selection for the upcoming Saint Fight. He chooses Koga as her partner for the trials and he comes into conflict with Volans Argo, who mocks Sōma for the weakness of his father. This causes Sōma to come into conflict later during the trial with Argo. Due to Argo's interference he and Koga almost miss the deadline to become participants for the event, but Geki realizes that the Saint of Volans had tried to cheat and disqualified and barred him from entry. this allowed the two friends to become members of the tournament.

The Saint Fights

Sōma manages to qualify for the tournament after completely the challenge with the help of Kouga, despite having been ambushed by Volans Argo, and almost drowning. Before the first day of battle Sōma and the others discuss the prize for winning the saint fight, which is revealed to be a meeting with Athena and an advancement to the next rank of sainthood: Silver. This excites the group and they talk about who could win the tournament mentioning that Ryuho and the mysterious Wolf Saint would be in the forerunnings and the mention the powerful student Orion Eden, who they all agree would present any opponent a tremendous challenge due to his great control over his Thunder element.

Sōma is the first of his comrades to fight in the tournament and defeats a powerful Earth element user, he triumphs over the saint but not without receiving some severe injuries first. As his friends worry about his wounds he shrugs them off claiming them to be not too severe and that they should be concerned about their own battles. He cheers on his friends in each of their individual fights and also witnesses the powerful Eden easily best Aurora Borealis Dali, awed by his fellow classmate's sheer destructive power.

His next battle is revealed to be against his good friend Pegasus Koga and the two promise to have a good fight and not to hold back on each other. Once the battle begins the two Bronze saints exchange powerful blows and it is believed that the fight will be equal until Sōma reveals his new technique Lionet Burning Fire which releases a powerful stream of fire that keeps Koga at bay. Everyone then realizes that due to Sōma's superior knowledge of his cosmo the battle will eventually be his, however Koga comes from behind after gaining a boost in his cosmo after having an inner conversation with the former Pegasus Saint Seiya and thus unlocking the powerful Pegasus RyuSeiKen (Pegasus Meteor Punch), which proves to be more than a match for the Burning Fire and Sōma loses the fight. Sōma congratulates his friend and is eager to see him fight Eden in the next round.

The following day however the Martians make their move and cover the Palestra in darkness subsequently preventing most of the Bronzes from igniting their cosmo. However Sōma, Yuna and Ryuho escape and reunite with with Koga and the thought to be renegade Wolf Haruto. The Bronze saints don their cloths and escape the Martians deciding to go save the young girl that Koga encountered who is revealed to be at the Sanctuary.

Invested in the Babel Tower

The young Bronze Saints bravely invade Mars' Babel Tower, and succeed in rescuing the girl he claims to be Athena. She reveals to Koga that her name is Aria. Sensing a threat approaching, Koga dispatches Yuna along with Aria to avoid being recaptured, and together, the young Saints try desperately to buy time for their escape by facing the seemingly invincible Leo Mycenae. In their darkest hour, a memory of Seiya deep in Koga's heart brings them hope.

The Inherited Cosmo

Koga and friends continue their trek to take Aria to safety, when they're surprised by the attack of Hound Miguel. Yuna and Souma take Aria away to safety while Koga stays to fight. Overpowered by the merciless Silver Saint, Koga is saved by the timely arrival of Andromeda Shun, the Saint of legend. Shun takes the youngster to his village to rejoin Ryuhou, afterward they're once again attacked by Miguel, whom they manage to defeat after a fierce battle. Later, the young Saint leave a weaken Ryuhou in Shun's care then leaves the village to continue their mission.

SEarch Ruins

Wind Ruins

Souma,Koga,Yuna and Haruto continue their trek escorting Aria, until they come to a enormous whirlwind blocking their way.The young Saints decide to brave the whirlwind, managing to find a way inside it with the help of Yuna's command over wind. The traitorous Musca Fly tries to steal Koga and Yuna's Cloths, only to be defeated in a fierce battle. Weary and alone, the young Saints find a new light of hope in the Pegasus constellation, which reveals a message from the legendary Seiya: "To you, I entrust Athena!"


Souma,Koga,Yuna and Aria reach a snow-covered land, which causes Yuna to reminisce about her days as a Saint apprentice and her mentor, the kind Peacock Pavlin. Sensing her mentor near, Yuna rushes to her encounter, only to realize Pavlin's allegiance is to Mars. Disciple and master engage in a fierce duel, later Yuna realizes it was Pavlin testing her, as her mentor reveals she is truly loyal to Athena Saori, and informs Yuna she is still alive and being held hostage by Mars. As Yuna prepares to rejoin her fellow Bronze Saints, both female Saints are surrounded by traitorous Silver Saints. Pavlin stays behind to cover Yuna's escape, seemingly losing her life.

Earth Ruins

Souma,Koga,Yuna,Haruto and Aria manage to reach the Earth Ruins, however it is guarded by a Silver Saint and his Golems. Fortunately, the managed to come across Hydra Ichi who managed to escape. The Saints attack together but it is revealed to be a trap! Ichi has betrayed them for the right to bear a Silver Cloth, and has now become Hydrus Ichi. Lamenting that he could never be as good of a Saint as Seiya and the other legendary Bronzes, he attacks the team. However, Koga defeats him and opens his eyes as Haruto and Aria stop the Earth Ruins.

At the Star of Destiny's Side

Resuming their journey, Souma,Koga,Yuna,Haruto and Aria eventually are tracked down

by a small cadre of Martians. Running away from them to protect Aria, the teenagers reach a small but lively city, where Yuna fails to purchase a ship ticket as her purse fell during their escape. In order to rise money for ship fare, the Saints eventually find a job thanks to a kind old man who takes them to his wife's restaurant, where the youngsters prove they are not up to the challenge, much to the woman's chagrin. Later, the Martians are able to find the Saints and a fierce battle ensues. After achieving victory, the young Saints receive a resounding ovation from the crowd, and are given another chance at the restaurant.

The Cloth repairer and the legendary ore

Souma,Koga,Yuna and Aria arrive to a desert area, in which they meet a young girl from the people of Jamir, called Raki, who at first attacks them. After realizing they are Saints, by tradition connected to the people of Jamir, Raki takes them through a shortcut to avoid the desert areas, only to be greeted by the challenge of Kerberos Dorie, who seeks to capture Aria. Managing to defeat Dorie after a difficult battle, the Bronze Saints resume their journey, bidding farewell to their young benefactor, who later is joined by her mentor, Appendix Kiki, the former apprentice of the legendary Aries Mu, now a young man, who realizes the Bronze Saints are the new embodiment of hope in this era.

Fire Ruins

Souma, Koga, Yuna and Aria reach the Fire Ruins where Souma finally comes across the murderer of his father, Hornet Sonia. Souma engages in a giant battle with her but his anger continues making him lose his focus and is unable to hit her. The battle proves fruitless until Koga manages to convince him to control his emotions. This allows Souma to finally hurt Sonia for real and she escapes beaten. After stopping the ruins, Souma realizes that he cannot stay with the team until he has settled things with Sonia and departs on his own.

Invading the Enemy Camp

Souma joins the other bronze riders trying to rescue aria in the castle of Mars, where he defeats Scutum Enneade's attack with one of his new blows after having confronted Sonia, a fight much harder than the one that occurred in Ruinas del Fuego. Having evolved much, Souma demonstrates his capable fighting with his legs and his elusive speed, the result of training with Jabu was and still covers seo Lionet Bomber match Sonia's most powerful attack. The fight ended with Sonia attempting to leave the battlefield, however when leaving Sonia overthrew Clostone of Kazuma, after the battle Sōma decided to meet again with the group Kouga.

Thunder Ruins

Knowing of Aria's whereabouts, the Bronze Saints set off to invade the final ruins, followed by Ophiuchus Shaina, who joins them. Before parting, Shaina reveals to Koga the secret of his origin, as well as Aria's. Inside the ruins, the Bronze Saints face the threat of powerful Silver Saints, while Koga engages Orion Eden to free Aria. Shaina takes Aria and with her help, they are able to vanquish Mars' dominion over the area. As Mars' power vanishes, the ruins crumble, and the bronze Saints realize Mars' dark power is emerging from the debris of the structure.

Darkness Ruins

Souma and Sonia are entrapped on an illusion reminiscent of their past on the time Southern Cross Kazuma was alive. Sonia is revealed to been ordered by Medea to kill the Silver Saint for he was an open leader against the Martians. Hesitant on her mission she departs and faces Kazuma, as Souma also witnesses the past event. Sonia is first easily pushed away by Kazuma who tells her that her fists are made to protect those she care for, then when she thinks of her family Sonia bursts into a rage and stabs Kazuma from the back. It is revealed then that after the murder, she was mentally tormented by the atrocity. Sonia seeing her own hesitation then sees her own darkness as Mars appears and deems her unworthy of being at his side. Souma then appears and saves Sonia from the illusion as he wants to settle things himself.

Souma,Koga,Yuna,Ryuhou and Haruto are easily defeated even after using their strongest attacks, but Aria resolves to fight and her Cosmo then resonates with the Elemental Cores merging together into a staff with which Aria can protect the Saints from Mars' Darkness as well as empower them. Mars is pushed back by Aria's light but then throws an energy lance and impales Aria. Mars then takes the staff along with Aria's light before departing with Sonia and a horrorized Eden. A dying Aria asks the Saints to stop Mars and save the world, before being transported out of the Ruins with Aria's body falling into the abyss.

New Battle 12 Zodiac House

Aries House

After briefly mourning the death of Aria,Sōma and the other the Bronze Saints prepare to enter the Twelve Zodiac Temples. They are greeted by Aries Kiki, who explains the situation and how they are to proceed. Taking him for an enemy, Koga attacks Kiki, to what he responds by restoring the Pegasus Cloth and also revealing to them the crucial secret of the Seventh Sense.

Taurus House

Aquila Yuna, Dragon Ryūhō,Lionet Sōma, and Wolf Haruto arrived at the Taurus Temple, Kouga stood back up and launched a Pegasus RyuSeiKen, surprising Harbinger for a moment. Aqulia Yuna and Lionet Sōma try to fight Harbinger together, but the Gold Saint evade and blocked all of their attacks with ease. Harbinger list all the bones he will be targeting in the Bronze Saints' body and proceeded to make true of his words, easily overpowering his opponents. When the Bronze Saints refused to let their broken bones stop them from fighting, Impressed with the Pegasus Saint's determination, Harbinger deemed the him as someone worthy of crushing. The two traded blows for a short while which culminated in an explosive clash between the Greatest Horn and the Pegasus RyuSeiKen. When the dust settled, Kouga realized at the other Bronze Saints had disappeared. He tells Kouga that the rewarded the other Bronze Saints for their bravery in the fight against him by sending them "flying" with the Greatest Horn

Leo House

Sōma with Haruto reach the fifth house, the Leo House , in which face Leo Mycenae at first the battle turns in favor of the four Mycenae easily defeat these but after having a little flashback of his past with Mars is at that moment that feels like the cosmos of Eden is no longer in doubt and the decision to oppose Mars is for this reason that Sōma and Haruto leave .

Virgo House

Upon arriving at the next temple, Haruto and Souma are confronted by Virgo Fudo, a gold saint whose cosmos surpasses that of all the Gold Saints in the earlier temples. Yuna, Kouga, and Ryuhou join the battle in time to save their friends from a crushing defeat. But even the combined powers of the five Bronze Saints is no match for Fudo. When all hope seems lost, Eden arrive at the last minute and protects them from one of Fudo's techniques.

Road To Libra House

At the same time, the other Bronze Saints attempt to use the opening he gave them to go to the Libra Temple. Unfortunately, they are confronted by Tokisada, the new Aquarias Gold Saint and the man who killed Haruto's brother. His apparent ability to control time makes him a powerful adversary and Kouga is defeated with little effort.

Scorpio House

Souma and Sonia, who has been given the Scorpio Gold Cloth by Medea, engage in their long awaited final battle at the Scorpio Temple.

Pisces House

Sōma and Companion finally arrive to the Temple of Pisces, guarded by the ruthless Pisces Amor. After separating Koga and Yuna from the others, Amor summons Mars' strongest warriors, the Four Heavenly Kings to fight the others.

Battle Of Planet Mars

Kiki, Harbinger, Fudo, and Genbu use their Cosmo to send Souma, Yuna, Ryuhou and Haruto to Mars. As he finally reunites with Saori, Koga is overcome by the darkness Cosmo and possessed by the God of Darkness, Abzu, and kills Amor in one single blow. As the possessed Koga proceeds to kill Athena with his own hands, Souma, Yuna, Ryuhou and Haruto try to have him return to his senses without success, until Eden stands in his way.

Eden With Souma, Yuna, Ryuhou and Haruto trying to get him back to normal, Eden returns with the staff to the battle, just to find it destroyed by Abzu. Just as Eden is about to be killed by the God of Darkness, Medea stands to protect her son and is killed by him instead. Fragments of the staff combined with Souma, Yuna, Ryuhou and Haruto Cosmo awaken Seiya, who was trapped in the depths of the red planet waiting for a chance to stop Abzu's plans. The gold saint confronts Abzu and manages to drive him from Koga's body. The God of Darkness then flees away with Athena, and with Koga's Pegasus Cloth shattered, Seiya lends the Sagittarius Cloth to him and the young saint rushes after Abzu to rescue her.

Abzu tries to have Koga under his control once more with no success and his attempts to kill Saori are stopped by his desperate efforts. Once feeling the radiance of his Cosmo, Souma, Yuna, Ryuhou, Haruto and Eden send the last of their energies to assist him. Infused with the power of his companions and protected by Aria's light, Koga manages to rescue Saori and destroy Abzu for good. As Earth regains the Cosmo that was siphoned from it, the planet returns to normal and the corruption that has spread into the Saints' bodies is washed away. After a brief encounter with Aria's spirit, Koga returns to reunite with the others.

Chronology (Pallas-Hen)

New War

souma used new cloth

Souma is working as a substitute teacher. However, when the Pallasite Third Class Loge, a master of spear combat appears at the Palaestra, Koga, Souma, and Subaru must work together to protect the students. Souma, Koga, and Subaru travel to meet Kiki and Raki in order to have Souma's cloth fixed. Yuna arrives there first, but upon having her cloth restored, she finds herself unable to use it and Kiki claims that it is due to her indecision that is wavering her Cosmo. However, when Raki is attacked by two Tertiary Pallasites, Yuna finally gains the resolve to awaken her new Aquila Cloth and fight once more as the Aquila Saint with the help of Souma in his new Lionet Cloth.

Souma,Ryuhou, and Yuna arrive to a village whose survivors of the Pallasite Halimede's attack are under Shun's protection. Among them is Ray, a child whose brother was also frozen by Halimede and blames Shun for it. Halimede instructs Ray to steal the Andromeda Cloth Stone from Shun with the promise of having his brother return to normal, but when the enemy instends to kill both, Shun brings the power of his cloth to the next level.

Defend Palestra

Souma,Yuna and Ryuhou return to the Palaestra which is full of refugees from the villages attacked by the Pallasites and rendezvous with their friends. Genbu approaches the Bronze Saints and, noticing how much their cloths are damaged, reprimands them for relying too much on them instead of their own abilities. When a large enemy force led by the secondary Pallasite Aegir surrounds the Palaestra, Genbu decides to face it head on by himself, while taking the opportunity to share with Koga and the others what he has learned from his teacher, the previous Libra Saint.

Battle Of Pallas Belda

As the battle intensifies, Souma and Subaru fall back to assist the other Steel Saints in time to rescue only two of them, Kerry and Emma. Soon after, they are attacked by Loge and forced to retreat once Souma is injured. Surrounded by the enemy forces, Souma and the Steel Saints must work together to break Loge's siege and fight back.

To increase his power for his rematch against Yuna and Souma, Methone uses a dreadful item given to him by Europa to kill his sister Ymir and drain her Cosmo,Souma and Yuna must combine their strengths against the empowered Pallasite, as they reminisce upon the day they first met.

Souma,Koga,Yuna,Ryuhou,Haruto and Eden keep traveling in order to find Kiki and fix their Cloths, as only Eden and Subaru can clear a path for the others.

As Souma,Koga,Yuna,Ryuhou,Haruto,Eden and Subaru approach Pallas' fortress, Mira appears before them again, but Ikki arrives in the nick of time to protect them. After the Pallasite flees, Ikki reveals to the other Bronze Saints that Pallas is not their greatest enemy, but an even greater foe who is manipulating the whole conflict from the shadows.

Pallas Castle Gate

Shortly after entering the castle of his enemy, the army apostrophée by Europe causes them (causing a reaction and martial disappointment Souma and several Bronze Saints) and also presents the four possible routes to Pallas.

Battle Of Pallas Castle

Souma,Koga and Yuna advance through the first path while Shun stays behind to deal with the enemy reinforcements. However, the Secondary Pallasite Surtr blocks their path enveloped in a defensive barrier that seems impenetrable, until Shun catches up with them and realizes the secret behind the enemy's trick. Koga, Souma, Yuna, and Shun encounter the Primary Pallasite Aegaeon who wants to test the Bronze Saints' powers himself. After telling the Saints about how Ikki put his life on the line to crack Aegaeon's sword, Shun has a hard time fighting him until Koga, Souma, and Yuna keep fighting the Pallasite, defending Shun. Burning his Cosmo to the maximum, Koga manages to give Aegaeon a crack to his sword, before Ikki arrives to save the Bronze Saints, taking over the battle. Ikki fights Aegaeon while Koga, Souma, Yuna, and Shun keep moving onward. During the battle, Ikki and Aegaeon sustain grievous wounds

Souma and Friend reach the battlefield Gold saints and Gallia after Integra and Paradox combine their Cosmo, and destroy Europa's trick with the Another Dimension.The young Bronze Saints face off against Gallia on their own, allowing the Gold Saints and Athena to move forward towards Pallas. Although Gallia's Photontector and Bushin Photon Sword seem impervious to harm Subaru once more calls on the mysterious powerful Cosmo to break through Gallia's offensive and actually damage the sword, convincing the others to call upon their own cosmo, transforming their New Cloths into the more powerful Omega Cloths, and together the six Bronze Saints defeat Gallia.

Souma,Koga,Yuna,Ryuhou,Haruto,Eden and Subaru investigate what they believe to be the final resting place of Shiryu, Kiki, and Fudou, who sacrificed themselves to defeat Hyperion, but they discover that while the Tenchi Destruction Slash has been destroyed, Hyperion has survived with barely a scratch. Koga and his friends must use their new Omega Cloths to take down Hyperion for good. During the battle, Subaru's great and powerful Cosmo once again surfaces to everyone's surprise, along with the proclamation that he is a god. However, after seemingly defeating Hyperion, a strange voice talks to him from within and he starts to lose it until Hyperion launches Subaru into a wall, stealing his time with the Chrono Destruction, horrifying Koga and the others.

As Subaru's time is taken away by the Chrono Destruction, Koga, Yuna, Souma, Ryuhou, Haruto, and Eden confront Hyperion while Subaru's mind awakens in an unknown place, greeted by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, his friends keep fighting to protect Subaru despite Hyperion attacks them with full power, until they finally attain the true power of Omega by elevating their Cosmo to the next level, the Macro Cosmo. Donning their new Omega Cloths, the Saints overpower Hyperion and guided by their light, Subaru returns to life. However, once the Pallasite is defeated for good, the shadow following Subaru warns him of the risks of mere humans attaining a power equal to the gods before leaving, and Subaru recognizes the mysterious figure as himself, much to his astonishment.

Battle Of Pallas Chamber

Souma, Koga, Yuna, Ryuho, Haruto, Eden and Subaru Finaly reach Pallas Chamber.Yuna and other see battle betwen seiya and Titan.A critically injured Harbinger warns the young saints not to interrupt Seiya's fight.Titan attacks with all his Cosmo, just to be wounded by Seiya's arrow. Pallas intervenes to protect Titan and Saori then reconciles with her, seeing how she has reformed after assuming her love for him. However, Europe appears and uses the curse laid on the goddesses to drain their Cosmo and pours it on Subaru, who is revealed to be the Pallasites' true master: Saturn. Europe also reveals his true chronotector cloth that is much superiour than Titan's and Seiya's cloth and cosmo that is able to deflect their punches from his body. Subaru awakens as Saturn, the God of Time, the one who bestowed the Pallasites their Chrono Tectors and Great Swords. Donning his own Chrono Tector, Saturn, accompained by Europa and Mira, reveals that he had descended to Earth and erased his past memories to live among mankind and determine their worthiness. Having regained his former self, he then declares that humanity no longer deserves to remain on the Earth and uses his powers to freeze all of its inhabitants, before retreating to his heavenly palace with Europe and Mira. Determined to make Saturn pay and have Subaru return to normal, Seiya and the young saints depart to confront him in the sky.

Battle Of Saturn Palace

Seated on his throne, Saturn attends the arrival of Saints Athena. The Bronze Saints swoop down on him and unable to touch. Saturn wants to finish but Seiya intervenes but does not weight either. Saturn mocks the Omega. Koga then rises. Saturn is aware of the tenacity of the human and the fact that they always repeat the same mistakes. He wants to complete with his sacred sword. Seiya stops the offensive with his Cosmic Star Arrow.Seiya told Koga that Bronze Saints can't defeat Saturn because they still see Subaru. The Power of Omega is useless because it is born out of their desire to help Subaru.Seiya throws himself on Saturn. His Gold Cloth breaks against the attacks of Saturn. He then launches into a final assault and reaches near Saturn. Seiya with the dagger that is capable of killing gods. He then pierced Saturn with the dagger.

The Gold Cloth of Sagittarius points his arrow on Saturn but God destroyed. The Bronze Saints are determined to avenge Seiya . They pounce on Saturn launching powerful attacks but Saturn guess their actions and is protected by the stars .

Ryuho , Haruto , Yuna and Sōma attacks Saturn to protect Eden and Koga.Eden states that the memories Subaru still exist in Saturn and constitute a fault. Saturn wanted to live as a human and sought companions. He asks Pegasus again live the memories of Subaru friendship.Saturn uses the Chrono Eternal Conclusion that freezes the whole time the inhabitants of the Earth. Saints in the temple are defeated and their Cloths are destroyed. Saturn is sure of victory and thought disorder in his heart will disappear soon. By Athena on Earth, Koga receives the strength of all his friends. Crystallization of the Omega around Pegasus allows him to dress a new Cloth .


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Flame Desperado: Attack clearly prepared with English words, translated as "Bandido of Flames". "Desperado" can be confused with "Desperate" in Spanish, and although the root word is the same, "Desperado" in English is used to refer to the outlaws of the Wild West. Sōma charges his fist with his flame cosmo and hits the opponent with a devestating punch that scorches his adversary and sends them flying.

Lionet Burning Fire (Raionetto Baningu Faia): Gathering a large amount of flames into his fist, Souma unleashes a steady stream of fire at his opponent from a distance. Souma developed this technique during the Saint Fight and debuted it during his match with Kouga.

Lionet Bomber (Raionetto Bonba): Souma covers his whole body with flames and then uses his shoulder to tackled his opponent with tremendous force. Aside from the head-on impact, the fire that surrounds Souma is able to pass onto the opponent and consume their body and injure them with severe burns . Originally a technique of the previous Lionet Saint, Ban, it was taught to Souma by the former Unicorn Saint, Jabu, after he found and saved the young Lionet Saint in the desert. Souma has commented that this is his strongest technique.

Lionet Explosion: Souma creates a fireball in front of him, then starts turning on itself, dragging the field with it, it grows and grows to be higher than a person. After giving several twists and gain momentum, Souma sends the ball against its target, destroying it completely.

Lionet Flare Storm Bomber: Souma rises in the air, bursts into flames and dropped on the enemy like a projectile, creating a fiery explosion on contact with the target or with soil, incinerating everything around. It's a technique that combines his Lionet Bomber with Yuna's Tornado Storm.

Lionet Burst Flame Bomber: A more powerful version of Lionet Flare Storm Bomber. The development of this technique is very similar to the version of Souma's technique Lionet Bomber. Souma bursts into flames and loads its target with the right shoulder. This technique is also merged with Yuna's Aquila Fly Tornado, Ryuho's Rozan Sen Ryu Ha, and Haruto's Wolf's Rock Dead Howling.

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  • His name means ¨And I with Body Armor Body Of Leon would be."

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