Lizard Misty (蜥蜴星座リザドのミスティ, Rizado no Misuti) was a narcissist silver saint who considered himself inferior only to the goddess Athena herself. Misty made it clear when he was sent to Japan leading his fellow Silver Saints of the 1st. Squadron of Executors to deal with the "renegade" Bronze Saints.


Misty has a curly long blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears a white sleeveless suit in the manga graphic novel, and pink in the anime version. Another thing that calls attention is his lips colored as makeup only in the anime version as well similar to Pisces Aphrodite. He resembles to Lady Oscar of the Rose of Versailles anime TV series who Mrs. Michi Himeno and Mr. Shingo Araki were in charge of the character designs.

Chronology (Episode G)[]

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Lizard Misty in Episode G

While Gold Saints are fighting in Tartarus the Titans. Lince Retsu protects an Egyptian mummy City have revived thanks to the souls of deformation arising in time-space generated by the battle against Cronos Aioria, the bronze saint is surpassed by his enemy to see their attacks hurt the baby partially regenerated but since this is not a purely physical entity.

When the creature begins attacking Retsu Slowing your fist but you start to see passed by the force of the blow protecting it from attack, using their defensive wall next to Misty Miko accompanying researcher. Misty attacks the creature using his Trypa Mavrou not just glares at the mummies shows that his attack but can also disperse the souls of the dead and desvanecerlas.

Once the bout Misty asks for a river to confirm that there was one near it begins to undress to bathe and purify. Finished their ritual mentions that at the time was a fight happening between Santo Gold and Titan, while conversing mummies begin to wake up this is prepared to defeat them for the good of the land which will protect his comrades while fighting are absent Tartarus when they return to show a peaceful land. Misty appeared claiming concludes values ​​Saints protectors Athena.

Chronology (86)[]

Misty was sent by the Sanctuary to Japan, together with 4 other Silver Saints, to kill the Bronze Saints. He eventually faced Pegasus Seiya in battle. Convinced of his superiority, Misty had no doubt he would defeat Seiya without even being hit. The Lizard Saint believed he was the most beautiful Saint, and to be injured would be an ultimate insult to him. Using the barrier he created with his technique, he managed to block every single hit of Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. Annoyed that Seiya's blood dripped onto his Cloth, he decided to bath himself in the sea, believing Seiya was defeated.

Misty death

Misty death

However, Seiya got back up, and continued his battle against Misty. Misty still managed to easily block Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. But Seiya focused the power of all his Ryusei Ken into one, and unleashed his new technique: Pegasus Suisei Ken, which managed to strike through Misty's defense to hurt him. Seiya then used the Pegasus Rolling Crush to finally defeat the Silver Saint.

Misty's death makes the other Silver Saints comrades howls for revenge.

Both in the manga and the anime adaptation, Misty stated that he had never felt pain from a battle, a fact that Seiya commented would cause his demise since it is their battle worn and scarred bodies that allow Saints to grow stronger. 

Chronology (Hades Arc, OVAs only)[]


lizard mizty in hades ova

In the Anime adaptation of the Hades Arc from the manga, Misty had been resurrected by Hades and went with Babel and Moses to Siberia were Cygnus Hyoga was. They tried to defeat him but was easily overpowerd by Hyoga's chilly ice. Yet as they lay there dying among the ice, they entrusted Athena to his care.


Lizard Misty is a proud warrior who claims to have forgotten the meaning of pain in combat boasting he killed all his enemies without spilling one drop of his own blood in the process. Also he tends to be a narcissistic Saint because of his beauty.

-The creator Masami Kurumada gives a reference to Narcissus and Adonis while he's bathing in the sea pride of his almost divine beauty. "Gods! my beauty has no equal".

Techniques and abilities[]

  • Mavrou Trippa (マーブルトリパー, Māburu Toripā): Meaning "Black Hole" in Greek, an attack using two fingers to create a violent wind swirl
  • Air Shield: Misty vibrates his hand to create a barrier, which would be able to shield himself from attacks


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Lacerta is one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union. Its name is Latin for lizard. A small, faint constellation, it was created in 1687 by the astronomer Johannes Hevelius. Its brightest stars form a "W" shape similar to that of Cassiopeia, and it is thus sometimes referred to as 'Little Cassiopeia'. It is located between Cygnus, Cassiopeia and Andromeda on the northern celestial sphere. The northern part lies on the Milky Way.


  • Although the first Silver Saints that Kurumada introduced in his manga were Eagle Marin and Ophiuchus Shaina, in vol.1, he didn't reveal their rank then. He revealed it after he introduced Lizard Misty in vol. 5.
  • Masami Kurumada created Misty in the stereotypical manga/anime androgynous beautiful character (bishounen) model. This is due to the fact that japanese consider ideal beauty in males as androgynous beautiful noblemen, and that is the reason why beautiful androgynous characters like Misty are very common in manga and anime. Alongside Pisces Aphrodite, Virgo Shaka, Siren Sorrento and most notably Andromeda Shun, Misty is one of the most androgynous characters that appears in Saint Seiya.
  • Misty is the only known Silver Saint to wear a cape, a common practice among only Gold Saints.
  • When Seiya fought the Mariner General, Sea Horse Baian, he commented that Baian's defensive technique, which involved using rapid vibrations from hand movement to create a barrier, to be very similar to Lizard Misty's technique. Like with Misty, Seiya also destroyed Baian's barrier with the Pegasus Meteor Fist.


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