Lotus Aghora (蓮座(ロータス)のアゴラ, Rōtasu no Agora) and his partner Peacock Shiva were disciples of Virgo Shaka, who sent them to kill Phoenix Ikki as he was healing himself in a volcano before joining the Bronze Saints on the Sanctuary. These two are Silver Saints that only appear in the anime.


Aghora is sent, along with Shiva, to Kanon Island in search of Ikki, found there repairing his Cloth and healing their wounds, to help his teammates in the battles of the Sanctuary. Upon finding Ikki, Shiva decides they must end with the Bronze Saint, so Aghora gets to pray to be a painless death. When he sees Ikki survives Shiva's techniques, he understands that there is a common enemy, and that they should end it as soon as possible, so he stops meditating and attacks him with his technique, but Ikki survives thanks to the hope placed in him by Helene, a girl from the island who just lost Grandfather at the hands of the Sanctuary Soldiers.

Ikki accused Aghora of being a murderer, but he does not deny it, so he says he will do what he has to do even if it means rebelling against the gods, something that doesn't please Aghora, who decides it is too dangerous to let Ikki live. Thanks to the cosmos of Virgo Shaka, Ikki can not move, so Shiva and Aghora attack him without any problems, giving a beating, but Athena block Shaka's cosmo, making Ikki regain his body mobility. Aghora and Shiva try to use their dual technique to make Ikki crash to the ground from a great height, head, but Ikki is released from their control and attacks them with Ho Yuko Ten Sho, ending the life of the two at the same time.


  • Renge Bakusai Ken (蓮華爆砕拳): Aghora creates a giant lotus blossom from the power of his Cosmo, then punches through the flower, releasing a blast of purple energy.



  • Agora is the name of the "square assemblies" in the Greek city-states of antiquity. Previously, only free-born men and landowners could meet in the agora. The word agoraphobia, fear of open spaces and public derives from this word, in its meaning of "gathering place".
  • The sign in the front bearing Agora, Shaka  and Shiva symbolizes the ajna, the sixth chakra principal, and the "third eye" in the Hindu tradition.
  • Agora is not identified at any time as Silver Saint, but with Shiva and Tarantula Arachne as part of the Silver Saints of the original anime. Later Agora and Shiva are not recognized are Silver Saints.