Lycaon Phlegyas (天罪星リュカオンのフレギアス, Tenzaisei Ryukaon no Furegiasu) is one of Hades 108 Spectre's and has his power lyes in the Divine Crime Star.

Plot overview


After awhile Phlegyas sensed that several of Athena's Saints had arrived so he decided to seek on out. He punched his way through a building wall to find Tenma who was in a state of grief and aggravation. He introduced himself to the Saint and said that he would sacrifice the boy to celebrate the return of Hades. Without further warning he unleashed his Howling Inferno attack at Tenma, but was surprised when the Saint withstood his attack and took a firm grip on his knuckles. Phlegyas could not believe that a mere Bronze Saint had withstood his technique, and suddenly noticed the size of the Saint's Cosmo. The Pegasus Saint replied that he was tired of stories about Hades and how great he was, and that if someone gave such a speech they would be better not born. With a flash the Pegasus Saint unleashed his Pegasus Ryusei Ken technique at Phlegyas, who had little time to react. He died in an instant as he was knocked out from the building.After Griffon Minos' failed attack on the Sanctuary, Hades decides to start reviving the Specters that die. Phlegyas is among them that gets revived. But is never seen or heard of again.

Hades Arc

Kurumada introduced Phlegyas in vol.24 of his manga. Phlegyas is the Spectre who guards the Dark Lake in the fourth prison. He usually freights people over, but he doesn't charge them as Acheron Charon did. Yet when the saints Gemini Kanon, Dragon Shiryu and Cygnus Hyoga arrived at the Dark Lake, he charged one thing, their dead bodies. The Saints sensed that he was more powerful than the previous Specters they had encountered. But as they were in a hurry the two Bronze saints attacked the Spectre, but Lycaon knocked them unconscious easily with his "Howling Inferno" technique. He explained to Kanon that he had been ordered to take their dead bodies to the prison for the most serious sinners. But the Gemini Saint pushed out Lycaon's raft were Hyoga and Shiryu lay on, the Specter did not understand why he would do such a pointless thing. Phlegyas did't realize Kanon doing this was actutated by a plan of using what Phlegyas' concerning to distract himself. Lycaon mocked him, but the Saint calmly said that he would get on the raft after the Spectre was dead. Lycaon charged towards Kanon with his "Howling Inferno", but Kanon did not retaliate and said that a technique does not work twice on a Saint. The Gemini Saint unleashed his "Galaxian explosion" technique, and killed Lycaon in an instant.

The Lost Canvas

Lycaon phgyas tlc

Lycaon Phlegyas in lost canvas

He is resurrected in the 18th century along all the 108 Demon Stars, and wreaks havoc in Tenma's birth village in Italy. He is engaged by Pegasus Tenma and finally killed after a bloody battle. Later he was resurrected by Hades.


  • Howling Inferno (ハウリングインフェルノ, Hauringu Inferuno)

Surplice, Star & Name


Lycaon Surplice

  • Lycaon Surplice

The Lycaon Surplice represents the mythical king Lycaon who was turned into a wolf by Zeus for trying to offer him to eat the human flesh of a child Nyctimus whom was Lycaon himself's own son. In Hades arc, it is described to reflect and haunt Kanon that the sin about Kanon and Saga who had attempted to kill the baby Athena. It also warns a dark omen that Ikki will be confronting Shun later but must choose to either kill his sibling Shun or not if Hades is being inside Shun's body.

In some tellings, due to Lycaon's actions, Zeus destroyed the men of the Bronze Age, noting their penchant for cannibalism, which Zeus personally hated.

It's anime appearance differs only from the original in small details and coloring.

  • The Celestial Crime Star

The star originally comes from Ruan Xiaowu in the Water Margin story.

  • Phlegyas

Masami Kurumada named him after Phlegyas, the second ferryman of the underworld that appears in Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. In Greek Mythology, Phlegyas was the father of Coronis, a princess and one of Apollo's lovers. When Coronis was caught cheating on Apollo with a human prince, Apollo executed her after learning about the affair from one of his pet crows. In a rage over his daughter's death, Phlegyas set Apollo's temple on fire. For this extreme act of rebellion against a god, Apollo flung Phlegyas into Hades forever. In the Divine Comedy, Phlegyas serves as the boatman of the river Styx in the Fifth Circle of Hell, reserved for those guilty of extreme anger or extreme despair (reflecting the mythic Phlegyas's crime, which was a product of grief and fury).


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