Lynx Mirapolos 山猫座(リンクス)のミラポロス, Rinkusu no Miraporosu is the Lynx Bronze Saint in the age of Omega. Mirapolos can use the element of Wind.


Mirapolos is a quiet person, kind usually tell when others are wrong and gives them words of encouragement. He wanted to become a Gold Saint because of a promise he made ​​to his people to save them and to abolish the poverty in the world. Mirapolos also demonstrated with a relentless determination, although it was turned to jealously when someone was considered stronger than him.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)

Training At Palaestra

Arriving together at Palestra.

Mirapolos and Dragon Ryūhō arrived the same day at Palestra , where they were received by the Acting Principal on behalf of Principle Ionia who was absent. After he received the two young men they turn to see the statue of Athena, where saints become respectable and swear their guardians constellations. After Mirapolos swears he realizes that Ryuho was scared and gives some words of encouragement to the young dragon. In training Ryuho and Mirapolos were training melee, on the third day he give back words of encouragement to Dragon Ryūhō in the cafeteria. Then, after 3 months of being at Palestra, they are

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seen in their elemental training where the objective is to strike pillars before them.

Mirapolos vs Ryuho

Mirapolos deals his pillar damage but Ryuho deals much greater damage than he did, causing Mirapolos to start being jealous of Ryuho's power. On the day they were to battle fully clothed Mirapolos and Ryuho were paired to fight one another. He came at Ryuho with vicious attacks but Ryuho held him off well but as he released his Lynx Arrow Ryuho didn't dodge it and lost the match. Mirapolos realized this and was insulted by Ryuho's pity. It was then revealed by the real Ryuho that he left to go on a journey to get stronger but he died. This led to a heavy guilt in Ryuho's heart.

During the War

"Mirapolos" faces Ryuho

When Haruto, Yuna and Ryuho fall into the power of the darkness ruins they are each faced with the darkness in their own hearts. Ryuho faces the past with Mirapolos and their time together at Palestra. Suddenly a shadow version of Lynx attacks him but Ryuho doesn't have the heart to attack him back. Ryuuho regrets that he damaged his old friend's pride. He realizes that all Mirapolos wanted was a honest fight between saints and learning from his mistake finally, the two fight. As Ryuho deals the finishing blow the shadow disappears and Ryuho reunites with the others.


Mirapolos Technique (unnamed)

Mirapolos is as agile and elusive as the symbol of the constellation (the Lynx), being able to perform amazing acrobatic moves. During battle he summons power into his claws for his main attack though this technique was unammed.


Lynx is a constellation in the northern sky, introduced in the 17th century by Johannes Hevelius. It is named after the lynx, a genus of cat. It is a very faint constellation; its brightest stars form a zigzag line. Johannes Hevelius defined the constellation in the 17th century because he wanted to fill the open gap between the constellations Ursa Major and Auriga. He supposedly named it Lynx because of its faintness: only the lynx-eyed (or those of good sight) would have been able to recognise it.

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  • This saint never actually appears as himself in Saint Seiya Omega, first only in the memories of Dragon Ryūhō and again as a evil illusion of Ryuho's darkness.
  • In Saint Seiya Omega Card Crusade Mirapolos can use the element of lightning.
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