Lynx Retsu was a Bronze Saint in the manga Episode G, and Silver Saint Triangle Noesis' apprentice.


Shortly after receiving his Bronze Lynx Cloth, he was sent with his master to explore a cave where a mysteryous, dangerous Cosmo lurked. They discover that the Cosmo belongs to Euryale, one of the three Gorgons, which has been revived when the Titans awoke.

His master sacrifices himself to save him, telling Retsu to alert the Sanctuary of the danger. Some time afterwards, Leo Aiolia arrives. Retsu pleads him to let him finish the creature off. To satisfy his wishes, Aiolia lies, and say that he is only a messenger sent by the Sanctuary to make sure Retsu, who is assigned the task of defeating the monster, accomplishes that mission.

Retsu, with help from his masters' spirit, manages to defeat the Gorgon, and avenges his master. Then, Aiolia reveals his true identity as a Gold Saint.

Later he is sent to Egypt to investigate the formation of a strange jungle in the desert. He defeats a saber-toothed cat attacking a group of explorers, and he is aided by Ophiuchus Shaina to fend off a second saber-tooth attack.

Then he is assigned the task of protecting an Egyptian city from the attack of a Mummy-God resurrected due to a deformation in time-space generated by the battle of Aioria against Cronos. Although he manages to hurt the enemy, the creature, since it is not a purely physical entity, regenerates itself and attacks Retsu. However, the Lynx Saint is protected by a defensive wall created by Misty, the Lizard Silver Saint, who uses his "Mavrou Trippa" attack and destroy the mummy, saving Retsu.

The he teams up with Misty and Miko (an investigator sent by the Sanctuary) to search for another entities resurrected by the time-space disruption.


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