Lyumnades Caça
Lyumnades Caça
Japanese リュムナデスのカーサ
Romanization Ryumunadesu no Kāsa
Alias(es) Lyumnades Mariner
"Heart Hunter"
General Information
Classification Mariner General of Poseidon
Deity Poseidon
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Scale Lyumnades Scale
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Cosmoenergy Pink
Abilities shown Invisibility
Mind reading
Lightning manipulation
Named techniques Salamander Shock
Thunder Veil
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 21 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Portugal
Place of training
Place of death Pillar of the Antarctic Ocean, Atlantis
Blood type O
B (anime)
Zodiac sign Leo
Virgo (anime)
Birthday August 19
August 26 (anime)
Height 168 cm
Weight 49 kg
Debut SS: Chapter 55, Episode 107
Appearances Saint Seiya: Manga
Saint Seiya: Animation
SS: Brave Soldiers
SS: Soldier's Soul
Japanese voice Keaton Yamada
English voice
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Lyumnades Caça (リュムナデスのカーサ, Ryumunadesu no Kāsa) is one of Poseidon's Seven Marina Generals, and guards the Antarctic Ocean Mammoth Pillar. According to Masami Kurumada's canon, he is the most vicious Marina General as he manipulates his enemies feelings and strikes them at their most vulnerable moment.


Lyumnades Caça, the Hunter of Hearts

Lyumnades Caça appears in vol.17 of the manga and in the episode 107 of the anime. His duty was to guard the Mammoth Pillar of the Antarctic Ocean, which supported Poseidon's Undersea Temple.

After the defeats of Marina Generals Sea horse Baian and Scylla Io, the Bronze Saints Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus Hyouga and Andromeda Shun were on their way to demolish the next Mammoth Pillar, the Antarctic Ocean's. Upon reaching it, they were haunted by puzzling illusions.

They were the work of Lyumnades Caça, the Marina General of the Antarctic Ocean. He was known as vicious and terrible, since he had the power to look into the hearts of his opponents and torture them with their most precious memories or loved ones. That made him known as the Hunter of Hearts.

The first one to encounter Caça was Seiya. Caça fooled Seiya into thinking that his mentor Marin was indeed her long lost sister Seika. Seiya, overwhelmed by the sight of his long lost sister, hugs her not knowing that it was Caça in disguise. Caça quickly and violently stabs Seiya in the stomach and Seiya falls to the ground wounded.

Next, it was Cygnus Hyoga who would fall prey to Caça's horrible illusions, tricking him into thinking that his beloved master Aquarius Camus was still alive. After being emotionally shocked for the resurrection of his mentor, Caça took advantage of the moment, and stabbed Hyoga in the neck. Hyoga's fate was the same as Seiya's.

Andromeda Shun arrived at the scene finding his friends wounded, and suffered the same fate, when Caça made him think he had finally reunited with his beloved brother, Ikki, the Phoenix Saint. However Shun quickly realizes through Caça's evil deceptive nature and quickly defends himself. His chains, which are mythically known to sense danger became the reason he was able to evade the same cruel fate his friends had suffered. Angry at Caça for manipulating his friends, Shun quickly overpowers Caça and gains the upper hand. However, Caça transforms into the body of his older brother Ikki and at the last minute Shun stops his final fatal attack. Shun is emotionally weak at the last minute, even though he realizes its all an illusion by Caça, he refuses to attack him even if his enemy looks like his older brother, Ikki. Caça takes advantage of this and delivers a critical blow on Shun.


Caça in an illustration from the manga by the author Masami Kurumada

Caça soon rejoices, having taken out three Bronze Saints so easily he thinks of himself as the victor, but little did he know that he was in for a shocking discovery. As he nears the body of the badly wounded Shun to deliver the killing blow, his hand is pierced by Immortal Phoenix feathers. Phoenix Saint Ikki indeed arrived at the scene, and since he had figured out Caça's psychological attack methods, he easily avoided the illusion that Caça tried on him. The Phoenix Saint enraged against Caza quickly beats him down through a furious barrage of blows. Caça in a last desperate attempt transforms into Shun, trying to trick the Phoenix Saint into letting his guard down. However, although doubtful for a moment, Ikki quickly sees through his deception and punches Caça in the chest through his heart, fatally wounding the merciless Marina General. Ikki achieved total victory by attacking Caça mercilessly to avenge the cowardly attack that the Poseidon's Marina General had executed on his beloved friends and brother. Caça is left in horror as even with Shun body, Ikki didn't hesitate to attack his younger brother's form with a fatal attack. Caça is shocked to seeing how cruel and heartless Ikki could be.

Defeating Caça with his Houyoku Tenshou, Ikki decides to leave, but Caça begins to use his secret technique to quickly scan the heart of Ikki in a vain attempt to discover the Phoenix Saint's weakness. Caça soon realizes that deep inside Ikki's cold heart, his beloved late girlfriend Esmeralda was indeed his weakness. However, Caça laughs as he dies that even someone as inhuman as Ikki had weak emotional ties. Caça soon dies leaving the Phoenix Saint wondering what would the outcome of the battle be if Caça had taken the form of his lost love.


Caza guarding his pillar

After killing Caça, Kiki arrived at the scene carrying the mighty Libra Gold Cloth and handed Ikki the Spear of Libra. Demolishing the Antarctic Mammoth Pillar in a matter of minutes, Ikki leaves his brother and friends lying in the frozen plains of Caça's domain. However Kiki scolds the Phoenix Saint for leaving his friends behind. Ikki replies, that if they are worthy of the title of Saints, they would be able to get over their wounds and continue the battle against Poseidon, the Emperor of the Seas. Ikki leaves to confront Poseidon himself in order to end the battle once and for all, and quickly heads to Poseidon's main Sanctuary.



Lyumnades Scale

The Lyumnades Scales represent a Sea Demon, differently from how the Lyumnades were depicted in Greek mythology. The mythical beings of the same name were a type of Naiad, and were known as Limnades


  • Masami Kurumada derived Caça's name from the word Caça, which means Hunt in portuguese, because Caça's was known as "The hunter of hearts".
  • Kurumada depicted the Lyumnades myth differently from Greek Mythology. In it, the Lyumnades were spirits that lived in fresh water lakes and are a type of Naiad. Kurumada represented them as a terrible demon of the sea: Shun recognizes the name Lyumnades as that of a terrible sea demon in Greek mythology.
  • Kurumada also intervened in a new design used for Caça for the Myth Cloth series, as in this toy his helmet can be removed and we can notice that he is not bald but has short spiky hair.
  • Caça's intervention in the anime is identical to the events in the manga.
  • In truth, Caça is not able to copy or imitate attacks of other warriors, his method is different: he draws from the memories of his victim the images, sensations and feelings, making him/her think he/she is actually receiving an attack known to him, but Caça isn't capable of copying attacks at will.


  • Saint Seiya Vol. 16, by Masami Kurumada.
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