Megrez Delta Alberich (デルタ星メグレスのアルベリッヒ, Deruta-sei Meguresu no Aruberihhi) is one of seven Warriors Gods of Asgard in the series Saint Seiya of Masami Kurumada.


Alberich is the nineteenth descendant of the lineage of the Megrez, all divine Delta warriors. His intelligence has caused some tensions with peers and Hilda herself, who had asked him to work for the joy of others, and not for selfish desires. More than just fists or stroke attacks are needed when combating Alberich; cosmos, intelligence and strategy is required. A student of several issues, was known as "The brain of Asgard" for his intelligence and cunning. He was the only warrior god who harbored a secret ambition to dominate Asgard. He was present at the time Hilda was dominated by Poseidon through the Nibelung ring. Immediately noticed the change in Hilda and their origin, so that when it came to fight, his only goal was to collect the seven Odin sapphires to kill Hilda himself using the Balmung sword. Despite his apparent weakness, he defeated Marin, Seiya and Hyoga. Shiryū helped with the experience of his master (Who had fought with one of Alberich's ancestors) and was able to defeat him.


Harness Amethyst (アメジスト・シールド, Amejisuto Shīrudo, "Amethyst Sealed"): A technique that uses Megrez God Warrior to confine the enemy in the coffin of Amethyst. Alberich open his arms, and the upper part of his body starts emitting a purple glow, the color of amethyst. Several tiny pieces of Amethyst are thrown towards the opponent with a strong gale, and when they reach the target will be joining and fixing, quickly covering the whole body of the victim and forming the coffin of the beautiful Amethyst. Inside the coffin of Amethyst, your life energy would be sucked slowly, and after a while, the person dies. The more a person within the Amethyst burns his/her cosmos, the faster the energy will be sucked into it, and the faster the person will die. The only way the coffin would be destroy is if Alberich dies. Due to the ability to control the Amethyst Alberich, and the resistance offered by it, the Warrior God of Megrez can use it to defend himself from enemy attacks.

Unity of Nature (ネイチャー・ユーニティ, Neichā Yūniti, "Nature Unity"): This technique was created by Alberich XIII, an ancestor of Alberich. . It is considered one of the most powerful blows and appealing anime. With this scam, the Warrior God of Megrez can manipulate the spirits of nature as you wish and can use them to attack or to defend themselve. Any form of nature that Alberich is close to a radius of several meters is to be fully controlled. In the attack, branches and roots of trees, water, earth and rocks fiercely attack the opponent from all sides and all angles. The tips of the branches and roots become sharp as a spear, and are much more resistant. The floor opens to the command of Alberich, and several piles of wood or stone covered with a strange blue energy cosmic-attack the opponent. On defense, Alberich can form a resistant barrier in front of you is using the trunks, branches and roots, or using earth and rocks.


Sword of Fire (炎の剣, Honoo no Ken): Megrez of Alberich has a sword that comes together with his armor. This sword is not common, as well as being very strong and extremely sharp, it has a flame of it's own. Alberich can control these flames and can shred and burn all before them. Not even the powerful cold air Hyoga managed extinguish the flames of the Sword of Fire. Alberich's weapon, which can easily cut any material, for besides the fire itself is greatly focused on his cosmos.


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