Miracle of Rebirth! Friendship of the Cosmos (Kiseri no fukkatsu! Yujo no Kosumo) is the fifth episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on November 15, 1986 on TV Asahi.


No longer protected by their cloths, Shiryu is sure that victory is his, but Seiya is more intuitive than that.


Shiryu's fist just grazes Seiya's face, onsetting them to throw a whirl of hits at one another, neither of them successfully landing an attack. They meet in a grappling hold, locked and fighting for the next advance point.

Seiya launches a kick upward, forcing Shiryu to break free from the grapple. Everything is a matter of precalculation and delivery of approximate timing without their cloth. One wrong move is fatal.

Shiryu points out a flaw in Pegasus Meteor Punch. Though Seiya can dish out a burst of 100 punches faster than the average eye can see, only some of them have an elevated velocity, making others sluggish in comparison. This holds true, but not to the extent Shiryu predicted. Even fewer of the punches obtain a speed that Seiya can even see, the aftershock taking place after the initial hit. Seiya uses this to his advantage, with this new added knowledge, his slew of punches become more refined. He's improving with every attack.

Seiya advises Shiryu to proceed with caution, that his ultimate attack has a weakness. The right hand of the dragon, it is placed over the heart, while Rising Dragon is in use, the left hand lowers and leaves the heart unprotected.

Seiya delivers a heart-stopping punch to Shiryu, and they plummet to the ground unconscious. Seiya only remained standing long enough for his victory to be announced. Shunrei rushes to Seiya's side, begging him to rescue Shiryu. A saint's blow on the opposite side will counter the force prior and revive the heart. As the dragon tattoo on Shiryu's back fades with his life, the audience chants for Seiya to save Shiryu. With sheer will, Seiya manages to throw one last punch and successfully revives Shiryu.

Thunder roars and lightning cracks, Shun's chain pulls taut in the direction of the gold cloth. Midst the flashes of lightning, a figure appears beside the gold cloth.



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