Mitsumasa Kido (城戸光政, Kido Mitsumasa) is Foster grandfather of Saori, who adopted her and took her to Japan after finding a dying Sagittarius Aiolos in Sanctuary, and the head of the Graude Foundation.

Meeting with Sagittarius Aiolos

Mistumasa Kido was a Japanese tourist who was visiting the ruins of the temple of Athena in Greece. When he was exploring the ruins, he found a young man mortally wounded carriying a baby in his arms. This man was Aiolos, who explained Kido he was an Athena's Saint, an order of warriors with the mission to protect the world from evil, and that the baby was the reincarnation of Goddess Athena, who reincarnates in a human being every 100 years. He told Kido that Athena's Sanctuary has been dominated by evil forces who want to kill the child, and he must protect her at all costs. Before succumbing to his wounds, he gives the child and his Sagittarius Gold Cloth to Kido.

The Foundation Graude

Kido takes the baby and takes her to Japan. She is named Kido Saori and is declared Mitsumasa's granddaughter. Mitsumasa Kido starts at some point the Graad Foundation and uses it to find his large number of children, who have more or less the same age and one way or another are orphans of their mothers. The foundation also makes contact with different people, carrying out the training of future Seiya . For these 100 orphans, the foundation is simply an orphanage, although some are aware that their father is Kido. Unlike the orphans, Saori is raised with great opulence, acting like a spoiled child and continually abusing the orphans, who unaware of their own actions, openly follow along at the attitude of Saori: the reactions of young people is linked the divine influence Saori holds them.

During this time, Kido experiments with the armor of Sagittarius and feeling great potential, and doubles the altered repeatedly to avoid theft and possible appropriation by the wrong hands. It organizes a lottery among orphans to be sent to their training as future Saints. Mitsumasa dies once the orphans are sent off to their respective destination to become saints. He leaves everything to Saori.

During this time, at a gala dinner, Saori meets another young millionaire: Julian Solo, the manifestation of the Greek Sea God Poseidon, but both know their own origin and divine powers. Julian proposes to her, but Saori rejects him.

The Galactic Tournament

Repeatedly, Kido postmortem manifests to Saori to manifest the innate importance of these youth, and tells Saori that should reunite. Saori galactic organizes the tournament, which are called youth successfully completed their training and were able to earn their armor: the prize is the golden armor. Sola, Saori eventually fell of its youth abuse and expresses his doubts about his grandfather: obviously, young people will express sympathy with this cause and she did not want to make more damage than it already has caused them. Most young people involved, but Seiya does not give its approval. Seiya Saori challenges, but when this fails, convinces him to give Saori support Seika to find his lost sister with the help of the resources of the Foundation.

Because of the instructions issued by the same Athena, gentlemen should not use their powers for personal gain. The tournament is signaled by the new patriarch of the sanctuary, Arles after the theft of the golden armor by Phoenix Ikki , a Bronze Saints. Silver Saints, superior in rank to the Bronze Saints are sent to kill them and retrieve the gold cloth.

In the original version of manga, after Ikki was defeated by Seiya, Shiryu, etc in the Black Saints arc, Ikki told Seiya that Mitsumasa Kido was actually the father of the 100 orphans with some women around the world but only Ikki and Shun themselves are born from same mother.

In the manga: Saori alone noticed that she was the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, and tells the Bronze Saints, at first, did not pay much attention. Knowing the rules of the sanctuary, the Galactic Tournament organized to draw worldwide attention to uncover its position before the Pope and his Saints.

In the anime: It is Tatsumi who tells the truth to Saori and the Bronze Saints, and because of this they decide to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena.

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