Muvians (erroneously known as "lemurians" by fans of the series) are an ancient, largely extinct mortal race of unknown origins, that inhabited in the lost continent of Mu in mythic times. A sect of muvians composed the original generation of the alchemist clan, and were known as the forgers of the cloths worn by saints.

The clan (which is one of the few relatively well-known things about muvians) primarily served Athena, and is known even today for the natural talent of its members in cognitive powers (such as telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and related abilities). Since the destruction of Mu, the technique used to create the cloths was reduced to a mere repairing technique, and survivors were reallocated to Jamir, on the border of India and China. The latest generations of the clan are composed only of supposed descendants of muvians, who are primarily human, and the eyebrows shaved as orbs are a well-known mark of its members.[1]

Supposed muvian descendants (members of the alchemist clan)


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