Hui (灰(フウイ) Fūi?, pinyin: Huī) Also one of the Taonia and loyal to the young Hakutaku. Hui wears a type of armor known as Tattoo (墨衣(タトゥー) Tatū?), or Ink Mantles, more specifically, the Tattoo of the Nine-Tailed Fox (九尾の狐の墨衣(タトゥー) Kyūbi-no-Kitsune no Tatū?)


One of the followers of Hakutaku and an old acquaintance of Libra Dohko appears saying that Liu Xing was defeated by Libra Dokko in Five picos.Mudan says in fact he does not return, then Hui says Forget this stupid kid , Mudan.El tiger will not die as fácilmente.Mudan says the deal with that stupid kid is exaggerated, yet entiende.Mudan Hui tells Hakutaku that Hakutaku eyes can see everything. Then Hakutaku Hui tells "You were of the same generation and you do that? Can you kill an old friend?"

Hui says without question. Even then they are not exactly friends. The fangs into my itch only hear his nombre.y put my fangs in his back garganta.El fox can not wait! Hakutaku says "Very bien.Vete, because anger in you can not control'll see, Kyuubi-ko" Qusi Hui says "yes." During the reunion with Dohko, Hui recalls his training period and how they acquired their tattoo being Dohko the ferocious tiger and wild fox, then explains how it was going to evolve its wild tatto (kitsune) to magical (kitsune- bi) and below a heavenly (no kami kitsune) and finally the nine-tailed fox (kyubi no kitsune).


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