The Old Master (老師, Rōshi) is Libra Dohko's mentor, who taught him the ways of the Saints in Lushan.


Old Master that lived at the bottom of the waterfall at the mountain peak Gohro Mo, Dohko was the master of the scale. Originally it was a human being who was born 1000 years before the Holy War of the eighteenth century. His name is unknown, since Dohko only calls him "Master".

After the disappearance of the woman he loved, the man locks himself in the path of violence and fighting, until they lose their humanity and become a dragon. In the eighteenth century, Dohko train in China and then ascended into heaven, leaving his disciple and recommend that he not lose his humanity.

His appearance is that of a traditional Chinese dragon (or Long), conected to rain and water, rather than fire as western dragons.

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