Ophiuchus Shaina (蛇遣い星座(オピュクス)のシャイナ, Opyukusu no Shaina) is one of Athena's 88 Saints. Kurumada introduced her in vol.1 of his manga as the master of Pegasus Seiya's rival, Cassios.


Saint Seiya Episode G

Some strange things happen in the world, Egypt has appeared in a vast forest in the desert, when a Tiger Sables tusk attack people but Lynx Retsu achieved comenzer try to stop people to desist from its Research momentarily accompanied Shaina who manages to defeat the Beast.

The Sanctuary arc


Shaina trained in the Sanctuary with other female trainees through her fiercely violent fighting style and nature, which earned her an infamous reputation. Shaina became a fearsome opponent due to the fact that she was perceived as the most powerful female Saint.

Shaina first met the Pegasus Saint when they were both very young. Few after Seiya's arrival, after training during one afternoon, Shaina saw a rabbit and took her mask off because the little animal was scared and she didn't want to terrorize it more. She heard the footsteps of the young Seiya, who was still a trainee; she took a defensive stance, but reeled back since she was wounded from her previous training. Upon seeing the wound, Seiya ripped a piece of his tunic and tended to it, which left Shaina flushing. When she protested, he lectured her for not taking care of herself and insisted into helping her. Though Seiya didn't seem aware of it, it had long been a law in Sanctuary that female Saints were to cover their feminine faces with masks; should a man see a female Saint's face, she would have two choices: love him, or kill him.

The law of the mask

The Sanctuary has a certain law for the few female saints. They must wear masks, and if a man sees her uncovered face, she would be given two choices: Love him or kill him. Shaina chose to kill Pegasus Seiya, since he saw her face during the beginning of the series. The Pegasus Saint proved to be too much even for her, meaning she had to love him, and this destiny would continue to frustrate her throughout the series.

After failing several times in killing him, Shaina slowly swayed more towards Seiya's side. After finding out that that Athena was really with them, she aided the Bronze Saints in their battle against Sanctuary; it's here that her turmoil over being unable to kill Seiya is revealed. When she's almost killed for helping him, in a plot twist that leaves Seiya very shaken, he learns Shaina was a girl he once helped in the past and whom he never forgot.

Galaxian War Arc


Shaina unmasked

The night Seiya left for Japan during the Sanctuary arc, Shaina attacked him. The Pegasus Saint shattered her mask, only to find that Shaina was more beautiful than what he imagined. Not recognizing her, Seiya praised her beauty and spared her, which only fueled Shaina's confusion and hatred and making her one of Seiya's biggest enemies.

Gold Saints introduction

Some time later during the same arc, after seeking a last duel with Seiya and being refused for the umpteenth time, Shaina's emotions overcame her and she hurled herself at the Lightning Plasma attack that Leo Aiolia unleashed in order to protect Seiya and tell him how she felt she had to love him. Seiya was very shocked at the revelation, and seeing Shaina injured for him gave him the courage to face Aiolia.

In the proper Sanctuary arc, Shaina was in recovery from her injuries, which upset Cassios big time. She later mourns the loss of Cassios and helps Seiya and Marin to break free from Pisces Aphrodite's poisonous roses.


In the Poseidon Arc, Seiya was wearing the Sagittarius Cloth and shot the golden arrow, but Poseidon reflected it back, thus injuring him. He tried again, but the same effect occurred, which resulted in Shaina protecting him.


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  • Shaina has been promoted to the position of captain of the guard of the sanctuary, and held in a large respect for all the Bronze Saints survive. Her relationship with Seiya is now one of camaraderie and respect. She takes the Bronze Saints, who went to the underworld, the protection of the Sanctuary. He found, first, the invasion route of the enemy.
  • During the fight between Seiya and Thanatos, Thanatos showed Seiya his sister was real, and as Thanantos was trying to kill Seika to mock the human weakness of Seiya, Shaina, along with Marin, Kiki and Bronze Saints, jumped into water and protected by his power Seika met.
  • In the OVA's, she leads the Bronze saints who did not go to Mekai, so they could protect the Sanctuary.

Saint Seiya Next Dimension


Shaina and Marin appears before Hyoga, offering to protect Seiya with Marín so he can join Athena and the other in the past. This leaves two silver saints to protect Seiya vs an angel. Her cloth appears to have been repaired of the damage it had in the Hades arc.

In Chapter 54, it was revealed by Virgo Shijima that there was a myth of a 13th Gold Saint. The Ophiuchus Gold Saint who will bring the end of Sanctuary. In the Present Shaina seems to get possessed by some means and journeys to the mid-point between the House of Scorpio and Saggitarius where she discovered ruins of a 13th House of the Zodiac. Marin, who had become worried about Shaina's bizarre behavior followed her and was astonsihed to see the legends of the cursed 13th house of the Zodiac were true. Shaina in her trance like states that not only the end of Sanctuary is coming but the end of Earth as well.


Shaina is tough, aggressive, passionate and imposing. After the defeat of her disciple to Pegasus Seiya, she becomes a more fierce enemy to the Bronze Saints, full of hatred and anger, especially after Seiya broke her mask and saw her face. The rule in such a situation is to kill the man who saw the face of an Amazon or fall in love with him.

She pursues Seiya a few times, determined to kill him, but Shaina really falls in love. Contrary to what her attitude suggests, her face is beautiful and soft, with big green eyes that express sweetness.


  • Differences between the original manga series and the anime version.
  • The anime is considered non canon and has it's own timeline.

In the sanctuary arc, before confessing her feelings, Shaina fights Seiya more times than she really does in the original story.

Asgard Arc

In the exclusive Asgard Saga, she fights against Hilda of Polaris and her warrior gods, but ends up defeated by Alcor, and yet receives a direct blow from Siegfried Of Dubhe, protecting Seiya.

Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter

She is responsible for supervising the sanctuary, having under her command to Jabu and Ichi. Her first mission is to kill Seiya, since now the Shrine belongs to Artemis. Because of this, has a small confrontation with the Pegasus, which seems to defeat with her claws, however, her secret intention was to help him regain his armor, which was at the bottom of a cliff.

Saint Seiya Omega

Shaina fought with Seiya and the other saints against the first onslaught of Mars.

Shaina is Kouga's teacher and wants to make him able to protect Athena in Seiya's place. They train hard for several days.

In the Games

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Shaina in Video Game

Shaina appeared in several games. Many, as a playable character, and in others, only serves as a character secondary. The most important are: Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary and Saint Seiya: The Hades for PlayStation 2.The Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary exists an extra chapter that appears after you clear the main game with 80% + of the same key, a new Temple appears between Scorpio and Sagittarius, with Shaina wearing a gold version of her armor.


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Relationship with Seiya

In each arc she demonstrates her feelings for Seiya:

In the santcuary arc, she confesses her love after receiving an attack from Seiya.

In the Asgard arc, she appears aiding Shun to fight Bado de Alcor. She soon finds herself shielding Seiya from Siegfried's Odin Sword attack (not seen, but declares her love giving his life as a shield for him).

In the Poseidon arc, she receives the Sagittarius Arrow in the back, which Poseidon returns to Seiya, saving his life, and she again says that she loves him and inspires him to continue.

In the Hades arc, she berates Seiya's sister, Seika for not being with Seiya when he was looking for her. Shaina then protects her from the God of Death, Thanatos, even at the cost of her life.

In Next Dimension, she takes care of Seiya while he's in the wheelchair


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Thunder Claw (サンダークロウ, Sandā Kurou): Shaina's only known technique. To perform it, she raises its claws, feigning a Cobra, which shows a powerful electric shock. The enemy ends up being damaged both by the electric shock and by the sharp claws.


  • In the Saint Seiya official encyclopedia, Shaina appears as Seiya's main love interest and it’s stated that Shaina has a 70% chance of being in a romantic relationship with Seiya.
  • Seiya and Shaina's voice actors, Tōru Furuya and Mami Koyama, were married, but have been divorced since 1983. Their seperation however was amicable, and the two still work together frequently.
  • She is the only Silver Saint who fought against a god without the intervention of the Bronze Saints. Although she was reasonably defeated. 
  • Along with Marin, Shaina is the first Silver Saint Masami Kurumada introduced in his manga, although neither Shaina nor Marin revealed their rank until after the introduction of Lizard Misty.



Saint Seiya manga vols.1, 7, 14 to 18, by Masami Kurumada