Palaestra Fist Apearance

Tucked away in a dense forest and protected by the barrier of Athena is Palaestra (パライストラ Paraisutora), a school where Bronze Saints learn combat techniques and mastery of their elements. Along with combat, Palestra hosts conferences and philosophical and intellectual discussions.

Protective Barrier of Athena and Campus Entrance

This barrier, which is invisible except when damaged, keeps enemies at bay and Palestra hidden from any, except those with control over their Cosmo. The barrier covers the entire island and the bridge linking it to the mainland.

Residence of Students

Palestra is a boarding school for Bronze Saints, where they study the various arts and sciences needed to learn control of both their Cosmo and elements. This school is divided into several sections.

Entrance to the House, Gardens and Statue of Athena

The residence is surrounded by gardens and fountains, and a statue of Athena stands majestically in the courtyard outside the main entrance. When students or teachers pass the statue, they stop and salute, right hand over heart, to show respect and tribute to the goddess.

Reception Hall

A large room full of windows, used occasionally for teacher-sanctioned battles.


A series of rooms in the residence halls, where students sleep. It appears that each room is designed for two occupants.

Dining room

A spacious hall full of long wooden tables and benches, where the students eat.

Medical Wing

When a student falls ill or is injured in training or combat, they are treated in a wide dormitory with several rows of beds, divided by curtains for privacy.

Hall of Heroes

The floors and walls of this room are adorned with statues of famous athletes, gods and heroes, to honor their epic battles of the past.

Office of the Interim

As the name suggests, this is the office of interim director of the school.


Storage space for the school's collection of books and documents, available for the students to borrow or consult.

Studies Classroom

Ordinary classrooms dedicated to study, lectures and discussions; the students sit in bleachers rising up and away from the teacher's podium.

Element Training Room

Place where students, under teacher supervision, train with their elements. Depending on the lesson, students can attempt to use their elements on blocks built from stardust, or against each other.


Location used for study of the stars and constellations. A few students blessed with the power of divination can predict the future by reading these stars.


The Palestra has its own large, rectangular arena, in which students battle each other. Along with the battlefield itself, there are bleachers for onlookers to observe, and underground chambers where the combatants wait for their turn to fight.

Estate of Athena

The tallest building in Palestra houses the apartments of the goddess Athena, where she resides while visiting the school.

Saints Prison

An underground prison below the school, used to confine renegade Saints and traitors.

Forest of Death

185px-Bosque de la muerte

Forest of Death

A thick, lush forest surrounding Palestra, this place hides thousands of dangers, such as steaming vents whose gases weaken Cosmo, rapid rivers and steep, rocky mountains. This site is the location of a training exercise known as "Camp Hell": in order to qualify for a series of battles in the Arena, students must reach the top of the mountain called Cosmo Delta before dawn. Many do not complete the journey.

Students & Staff

All Bronze Saints in training reside in Palestra where they study to master their abilities and serve Athena. Although there are a total of 52 Bronze Saints, only a few have been shown.

The school's staff have included Gold Saints put on assignment there by Athena to train the young.


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