Pallas (パラス Parasu) is a Goddess with a profound link to Athena that goes back to the ages of myth. She harbors a deep and mysterious love-hate bond towards Athena, and her influence causes Athena's power to wane. Leading an army comprised of Palladian warriors known as Pallasites, she aims to destroy Athena's body and soul, as well as the Saints who would get in her way. Her Pallasites wear armors called Chronotectors which are similar to the cloths of the Saints of Athena. Pallas is believed to be the primary antagonist of the second season of Saint Seiya Omega. It's been revealed that Pallas is just pawn used by the first class pallasites so they could wait for their true master. In episode 85, it was revealed that Pallas knew that she's being used by the 4 kings who follow but never acted against them only to show her love for Athena. She knows how great the god the kings follow.


Pallas appears as a kind young girl who accepts her fate as someone who would bring about a holy war. Athena tells Seiya to kill her with his golden blade in order to cut the bond that ties her and Athena together thus preventing another holy war. However, Seiya is unable to bring himself into committing murder, much to the surprise of Pallas. She is shown to be loving to athena and it's proven because she knew she was being used but let it if it meant pallas will fufill her love.


Pallas first appears as a little girl with short, blond hair wearing a simple chiton, the traditional clothing of females in Ancient Greece. Her skin is a dark tan and her eyes are of a pink hue.


Holy War against Athena

Pallas descended to Earth in a ray of red light and is first seen holding a doll. Under the orders of Athena, Sagittarius Seiya meets Pallas at her arrival point on Earth and proceeds to tell her that he must kill her in order to prevent another Holy War from occurring. After hearing his words, Pallas agrees that Seiya must kill her with his golden blade to break the ancient bond between her and Athena thus preventing the start of the war, which surprise the Gold Saint. Unfortunately, Seiya cannot bring himself into killing a little girl and upon staving off his blade, the first-class Pallasite Titan appears and blasts Seiya back with a burst of cosmic energy. He begins to explain to Seiya that Pallas' bond with Athena goes back to that of ancient mythology and that upon her re-awakening begins the weakening of Athena; as shown when a dark Cosmo-like bracelet appears on Athena's wrist and she hinders with pain. He continues on to say that every moment that Athena weakens, Pallas becomes stronger, and that he is thankful that Seiya did not kill her.

Although placed on her throne within the Pallas Belda, Titan acts in Pallas' stead, ordering the numerous Pallasites under his command to attack Athena's saints. Pallas proves restless however, constantly demanding Titan bring Athena to her, a wish he cannot comply with. This leads to Pallas throwing multiple childish fits. Although she is seemingly pacified by talking to a doll modelled after Saori, as time goes by she becomes impatient and begins showing great contempt for first the doll, then her "sister".

Due to the bracelet that binds them, Pallas is constantly draining Saori's life force for her own, an act that causes the latter great agony. The more power Pallas absorbs, the greater her cosmo becomes; this accelerates her age as well.



  • Pallas is an epithet, or alternate name, for the goddess Athena. Athena was very often called by the full title "Pallas Athena" or simply "Pallas".
  • The character appears to be based on the daughter of Triton, who had been a companion of Athena in her childhood. Athena and Pallas were raised together and became close friends. However, during a quarrel, Pallas attacked Athena. Zeus, Athena's father, witnessed the fight and stunned Pallas, but Athena, who had raised her weapon in self-defense, not realizing Pallas's immobile state, accidentally kills the girl. Remorseful over the death of her friend, Athena takes on Pallas's name as her own to honor Pallas forever.
  • Pallas is also the name of a dwarf planet located in the Asteroid Belt.
  • In the Saint Seiya universe, there is another character called Pallas. However, this character is a reference to the alternate story of how Athena got her Pallas name. In that myth, Athena earned the epithet by fighting and killing a giant named Pallas who attempted to climb Mount Olympus.


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