Papillon Myu
Papillon Myu.png
Japanese パピヨンのミュー
Romanization Papiyon no Myū
Alias(es) Papillon Specter
"Underworld's Butterfly"
General Information
Classification Terrestrial Specter of Hades
Part of Wyvern's Division
Deity Hades
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Surplice Papillon Surplice
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star Terrestrial Bewitching Star[1]
Abilities shown Telekinesis
Named techniques Ugly Eruption
Silky Thread
Fairy Thronging
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 19 years
Gender Male
Place of birth Austria
Place of training
Place of death Athena's Sanctuary, Greece
Blood type B
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Birthday January 27
Height 178 cm
Weight 65 kg
Debut SS: Chapter 73, Episode 121
(Chapter Sanctuary OVA 7)
Appearances Saint Seiya: Manga
Hades: Chapter Sanctuary
Japanese voice Atsushi Kisaichi
English voice
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Papillon Myu (地妖星 パピヨンのミュー, Chiyōsei Papiyon no Myū) is a terrestrial specter. He controls the fairies and (as stated by Gigant) is feared by fellow specters.



When Hades was reborn in a new body the seal on the 108 Specters was released. The Papillon soul and surplice sought out Myu and transformed him into one of Hades' warriors. In preparation of Hades' awakening, he joined his fellow Specters in the Forest Chatedral in "Italy". When Hades had awakened inside the boy Alone , he called for an audience with all the Specters. Myu was among his brethren as they were introduce to their newly incarnated Lord. Hades showed them an image of the 88 constellations in the ceiling of the hall they were in. Each constellation represented a Saint and one had already been blanked which represented the Pegasus Saint, Pegasus Tenma. Griffon Minos was then ordered to take his subordinates and attack Sanctuary.

Hades Arc

Myu was one of the 17 specters sent to the Sanctuary to keep tabs on the revived Saints, and kill every saint they encountered. As they lost the trail of Saga, Shura and Camus, they did not know what to do. When Aries Mu appeared, Myu paralyzed him with his telekinetic powers. Yet as the other Specters started beating an answer out of Mu, the Papillon announced that he wanted to battle the Aries Saint. As Papillon revealed himself, he was nothing more than a pile of slime, which Mu noted. The Saint destroyed the mucus with ease, but something else erupted from it. Papillon was now some sort of larva, and immediately spun a web around Mu so that he could not move. The Aries Saint lost his consciousness, and Myu got time to pull through his third metamorphosis.

Myu knew Aries Mu would escape his Silky Thread, since he after all had wanted to battle with him. As he broke out of his cocoon, he had now evolved into his Specter form. As their battle started, Papillon tested Mu by using his Psychokinesis and throwing some pillars at him. The Saint deflected them with ease and started using his powers to paralyze the Specter and throwing him around the temple. He finally started making him spin very fast to make him die of the force. Yet Myu attacked with his Fairy Thronging and trapped Mu, but before he could finish him of, the Saint teleported.

Papillon Myu, in a panel from the manga, vol.20.

Myu's Fairies tracked down the Saint's position and attacked with full force, but Mu dodged by teleporting again. Myu didn't know why didn't Mu escape to further locations. As Papillon found him again he was about to unleash his full force on the Saint, but found himself trapped in Mu's Crystal Net. Mu talked with Myu. Mu said that if he did the attack, Myu was the one who would be dead. Myu then didn't hesitate and attacked with his fairies only to find them stuck to the Crystal net as well during the time of talking. Aries Mu used his Starlight Extinction and sent the Papillon to his death. Even so, after Myu's demise, a fairy had survived and kept tab on the Revived Saints.

Name, Surplice and Star

Papillon Surplice

  • Papillon Surplice

Myu's surplice is based on a butterfly; "papillon" is French for butterfly. In many world legends, butterflies are associated with the souls of the dead and with resurrection.

  • The Terrestrial Charmed Star

The Charmed star is originally derivered of the character Du Qian, from the Water Margin story. The Terrestrial Charm Star's kanji when pronounced in Japanese intentionally resembles the Japanese pronunciation of the word Butterfly.

Skills and abilities

  • Intuition: As an awakened specter, Myu can manipulate the sixth sense.
  • Transformation: Myu can change his appearance through timed stages.
  • Superhuman Strength: Like most cosmo users, Myu's physical strength surpasses that of average humans.
  • Superhuman Speed: Like most cosmo users, Myu's physical speed surpasses that of average humans.
  • Telekinesis: Myu can manipulate objects and immobilize opponents with the power of his mind.[citation needed]


  • Ugly Eruption (アグリィイラプション, Agurii Irapushon):
  • Silky Thread (シルキィスレード, Shirukii Surēdo):
  • Fairy Throngingフェアリースロンギング, Fearī Surongingu):


  • In the anime, Pegasus Seiya was with Mu as he first encountered Papillon Myu. But Seiya was allowed to go through leaving them for their battle.
  • In the anime, some of Myu's Psychokinetic power was heavily reduced for unknown reasons.
  • Myu was the one who revealed that the Specters were previously normal beings with the Spectral Souls sleeping inside of them, and that they have been chosen by Hades since the age of myth, and reborn every time he returns. When Athena's seal broke, they were awakened. This made Mu discover the weakness of Specters: fearing death. Mu asked how did the ghost from hell fear death? And Myu's answer mentioned that the Specters were normal beings not like the resurrected-coward Gold Saints as well as mentioned about the act of returning for the Gold Saints was caused by the fearing of death. Since in fact the Gold Saints had never feared the death itself, it was the Specters who had the power of immune to death, fearing death.
  • Myu is easily the Specter with the most powerful Psychokinesis, rivaling even those of Mu's the Saint with the strongest Psychokinesis.
  • The original script for that remaining fairy which surviving the Starlight Extinction attack is actually all about the describing of the resurrection of Myu and the other specters. They cannot be revived due to the termination from Shaka's beads.


  1. 地妖星 Chiyōsei. 妖 is Japanese for "attractive", "bewitching", "calamity" or "mystic". It is also Han for "strange", "weird" and "supernatural".
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