Pavo Mayura (孔雀座(パーヴォ)のマユラ Pavo no Mayura) Mayura is the Pavo Silver Saint. Gifted with powerful psionic powers, like telekinesis and telportation, she is considered one of the strongest still in Sanctuary.


Mayura first appears when Equuleus Shōko is sent to her for training. Despite the young Santia's eagerness, Mayura senses the influence of Eris and refuses to train Shōko. Driven by Eris's darkness Shōko argues and Mayura blasts the girl away telekinetically. Shōko returns and angrily attacks back. Mayura locks Shōko in a stasis field, sealing her away. While sealed inside the stasis field, Shōko manages to awaken the purity of her own Cosmo and shatters the field, impressing Mayura. When Shōko senses that Saori is in danger, Mayura teleports the girl onto the battlefield.

When Northern Crown Katya attacks Saori and the Santias, Mayura stops her and takes her away to be retrained.

After Eris fully awakens, Mayura fights the goddess with all her powers. She is no match for Eris and manages to teleport to another dimension before being killed. Even while floating in void of the other dimension, she is able to reach out and telepathically teach the Saintias how to combine their full cosmos into one, helping them defeat the goddess.


  • Brilliant Wings Heaven Dance: Mayura summons all of her psychic energy and manifests a massive glowing peacock that blows her enemies away.


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