Peacock Shiva (孔雀座(パーヴォ)のシヴァ, Pāvo no Shiva) and his partner Lotus Aghora were disciples of Virgo Shaka, these two are Silver Saints that only appear in the anime.


Peacock vs Phoenix

Shiva, along with fellow saint Agora, are sent to the Kanon Island in search of Phoenix Ikki, who was there healing their wounds and repairing his Cloth. Upon finding Ikki, Shiva then theatens to kill Helene, the granddaughter of the elder Kanon Island who had led them to Ikki. To spare him the pain of having no one in the world, Shiva decides to end the Bronze Saint. Ikki uses his Houou Genma Ken to strike Shiva, showing an illusion of Shiva being attacked by snakes while meditating, and then calcined when these snakes become fire. Ikki believes to have won, but his technique has not affected Shiva, stating that his training with Shaka has made him overcome his fears.

Shiva then hits Ikki with his own technique, the Senju Kami Onken, but Ikki manages to survive knowing that Helene is still alive. Seeing that Ikki survived Shiva attacks, Agora decides to take over, but neither is able to end his life, so both Silver Saints start hitting Ikki together, who was now defenseless, until Athena blocks the cosmos of Shaka, freeing Ikki of his paralysis. Shiva then launches his technique again, but since it was not the first time he used it against Ikki, it does not affect him. In a last attempt, Shiva and Agora try to crash Ikki against the ground with their psychokinesis, but Ikki is released in time and kills the two with his technique Ho Yoku Ten Sho.


  • Senju Kami Onken (千手神音拳):While the user starts chanting a mantra the tail feathers rise up and with a build up of Cosmo the Pavo Saint unleashes forceful attack.



  • "Pavo (Real)" means "peacock" in spanish.
  • Shiva means "promising, auspicious, favorable," and is the name of the god Shiva , one of the main gods of the Hindu religion, multi-arm, destroying the world to be reborn as a better world.
  • The sign on the front which Shiva, Shaka and Agora bear symbolizes the ajna , the sixth chakra principal, and the "third eye" in the Hindu tradition.
  • Shiva is the only original anime saint with a real constellation.
  • Shiva is not identified at any time as real Silver Saint, but as part of the Silver Saints of the original anime arc only, along with Agora and Tarantula Arachne. Later Shiva and Agora are not recognized as Silver Saints.