The Pegasus Cloth is one of Bronze Cloths.


The Pegasus Cloth is based on the famous winged horse, Pegasus, a child of the sea god Poseidon and the monster Medusa. Originally a beautiful mortal priestess of Athena, Medusa rejected Poseidon's advances; the jilted god then proceeded to rape the girl on the floor of Athena's temple. For this defilement, since Athena could not punish Poseidon, she instead punished Medusa and her sisters, turning them into the monstrous Gorgons. Medusa herself was able to petrify people with a glance. She was sought and killed by the hero Perseus, who decapitated her with a sword. As she died, having been pregnant, she gave birth to Pegasus and his brother, the golden warrior Chrysaor.

Pegasus roamed free until the hero Bellerophon is sent on a quest by a neighboring king to kill the Chimera, another monster with the body parts of lions, snakes and goats, that breathed fire. However, the Chimera could only be successfully assaulted by air. Worried, Bellerophon goes to sleep in Athena's temple, hoping she would pity him; the goddess indeed advises the young man in a dream and provides him with a magical bridle, telling him to seek out Pegasus. After awakening the next morning and obtaining the item, Bellerophon successfully slips the bridle onto Pegasus, taming the winged steed. He rides Pegasus through the air, killing the Chimera with a hail of arrows. Despite being rewarded by the king for this heroic deed, Bellerophon feels he deserves the glory of a god and, in an act of hubris, attempts to ride Pegasus up Mount Olympus. Seeing this, Zeus became angry and threw a thunderbolt at Bellerophon, knocking him off his horse and crippling him for life. Pegasus flew on, and was placed among the constellations by Zeus.

Although mythologically connected more to Bellerophon, in popular culture Pegasus is depicted as the steed of Perseus (who was originally responsible for his birth and the death of the horse's mother).


Original Series (1986)

  • Early/Kyū Cloth: The Early Cloth is the first version of Pegasus Cloth.
  • New Cloth: The New Cloth is the second version of Pegasus Cloth, repaired with the blood of Gold Saints after the Sanctuary Arc.
  • Final Cloth: The Final Cloth is the third version of Pegasus Cloth, repaired with the Athena' blood before going to Hell.


  • Kyū Cloth: The Kyū Cloth is the first version or Pegasus Cloth in Omega.
  • Shin Cloth: The Shin Cloth is the second version of Pegasus Cloth, it has been repaired by Aries Kiki at the beginning of Sanctuary Arc in Omega. The only change from the cloth's earlier form is the addition of a new armored sleeve that fully covers the wearer's right arm.
  • New Cloth: The New Cloth is the third version of Pegasus Cloth, it has been repaired by the many divine blood, defeated by the Pegasus Saints, in the beginning of the arc entitled "New Cloth-Hen".
  • Omega Cloth: Its the new cloth that awake with the Macro-Cosmos
  • Omega Gold Cloth: This is the Omega cloth repaired with the cosmos of all saint and the allies of saint... Athena use is own cosmos and the cosmos of Pallas to join the cosmo of all humankind in the universe to Koga.

Pegasus Cloth (TLC)

Pegasus Cloth (Classic)

Pegasus Cloth (Omega Era)

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