The First Pegasus Saint named Seiya
Seiya tenma and koga by 3d4d-d6vmmq7

Pegasus Saints (ペガサス セインツ Pegasasu Seintsu ) are the Saints that have the Pegasus Cloth and,their skill is Pegasus Meteor,Pegasus Rolling Crash,Pegasus Meteor Punch.In the Spanish language they are called "Pegaso Santos".All Pegasus Saints come with the Pegasus Cloth.And,they are most main Saints, the cosmo color of the Pegasus Saints are blue (only Black Pegasus doesn't), in sometimes their cosmo turn gold.

Pegasus Saints in every fight they fight they use Pegasus Meteor.They use Pegasus Rolling Crush to sneak against their enemies and grab them then, fly up and crash them falling down as holding them.Using Pegasus Meteor Punch Seiya punchs his enemy with his cosmo fist.To use skills,they should burn their Cosmos and,attack their opponents.    
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Seiya uses Pegasus Rolling Crash against Misty.


Pegasus Meteor.

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