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Pegasus Saints (ペガサス セインツ Pegasasu Seintsu ) are the Saints that have the Pegasus Cloth, their main attacks are the Pegasus Meteor, the Pegasus Rolling Crash and the Pegasus Meteor Punch. In the Spanish dub, they are called "Santos de Pegaso". All Pegasus Saints come with the Pegasus Cloth and they're the main Saints, the cosmo color of the Pegasus Saints are blue (sans Black Pegasus), although sometimes their cosmo turn gold.

The Pegasus Saints often fight with the Pegasus Meteor technique. They use Pegasus Rolling Crush as well to sneak against their enemies and grab them, they then fly up and crash the falling opponent while holding them. Using Pegasus Meteor Punch, Seiya punches his enemy with a barrage of punches. To use their attacks, they must burn their Cosmos

Seiya uses Pegasus Rolling Crash against Misty.

Pegasus Meteor.

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