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Overview Cosmo
Pegasus Seiya
Pegasus Seiya.jpg
Character information
Gender Male
Age 13
Date of birth December 1
Height 165 cm
Weight 53 kg
Occupation Saint
Cloth Pegasus Cloth
Constellation Pegasus
Partner Eagle Marin (master)
Loyalty Athena
Family Seika (sister)
Cygnus Hyoga (half-brother)
Andromeda Shun (half-brother)
Dragon Shiryu (half brother)
Phoenix Ikki (half brother)
Unicorn Jabu (half-brother)
Mitsumasa Kido (father)
Voice actor
Japanese Tōru Furuya (1986-2004; 2012-present)

Hiroko Emori (as young Seiya) Masakazu Morita (2005-Present)

English Illich Guardiola

Cameron Bautsch (Young, English)
Bryson Baugus (English)

Chapter Chapter 1
Episode Episode 1 (original)
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Seiya (星矢, Seiya) also known as Pegasus Seiya (天馬星座ペガサスの星矢, Pegasasu no Seiya) is the title and main protagonist of the Saint Seiya manga and anime series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. Seiya is one of Athena's eighty-eight mythical warriors known as the Saints who are serving their goddess throughout the ages, protecting justice and peace on Earth.

Seiya is one of the forty-eight Bronze Saints and is protected by the Pegasus Constellation so he wears the Pegasus Cloth. He is also the reincarnation of the Bronze Saint Pegasus Tenma and the First Pegasus saint, the first man to harm the god Hades in mythological times.


Unrecognized son of Japanese billionaire Mitsumasa Kido, Seiya and his sister Seika were both orphans living at an orphanage. Seiya never had his father's love, having his sister Seika as his only known relative, until the old Kido recruited the two children, placing them in the care of the Graad Foundation, along with other orphans who were also his children, with the aim of making them Knights. Six years before the start of the series, Seiya was separated from his sister to train in Greece to participate in the Galaxian Wars. But at the time his sister disappeared looking after him, so finding Seika is his main goal that moves him through the entire series.

Origin of Name

The name Seiya means "star arrow"


Seiya is mainly characterized by never giving up fighting in any situation, however impossible or difficult it may seem. He is an impulsive, generous, ardent and sincere warrior. Being spontaneous and outspoken, Seiya is often seen as a cheeky and insolent person, but this is a wrong impression. In fact, Seiya is one of the kindest and fairest knights. His sense of fairness and love for his friends shows up during every battle. His mercy and concern extends even to his enemies. He also demonstrates his character and loyalty, bearing no grudge against any of the opponents he fought.

In battle, Seiya proves to be exceedingly cunning. When odds are against him, he musters up a way to pull through. He's confident, courageous and determined. As expected with these traits, he can come across as stubborn and naive at times, but he is only following what feels true to his heart.

He's all those things while also being merciful. His kindness is also what draws people to him, but he is far from mellow and very capable of expressing passion and anger.

Curiously, Seiya never liked fighting women, as evidenced in his fights with Shaina and later when Aiolia throws her deadly fist and Shaina tries to protect a helpless Seiya. Including when Ikki takes responsibility for Pandora Heinstein, he says that, unlike Pegasus, he doesn't mind hurting women if they're on the enemy's side. The only time he showed to be indifferent with this was in his fight with Geist, however, it's worth remembering that this is something exclusive to the anime, so Seiya's moral change is justifiable.


Seiya in casual outfit

Seiya is a young boy with light skin, brown eyes and hair. In Mangá, Seiya has a redder hair and eyes. When Seiya is not wearing his Pegasus Armor, he is usually seen wearing a red blouse, pale lilac pants, white shoes, armband and a left forearm band. When Seiya wore the armor for the first time, the red band on the left forearm would appear and then change color to yellow and then the band would not appear in the classic anime. In the manga, like most characters, he wears more varied outfits.

In the film Legend of the Sanctuary, Seiya has drastically changed his look, instead of wearing a shirt and having bands on his arm and forearm, he appears wearing a sweatshirt, a coat and also carrying a plaque symbolizing his guardian constellation and his armor, just like it used to be in the Omega series


  • Pegasus Meteor Fist: Seiya performs hundreds of light energy punches at the same time which makes it look like small meteors
  • Pegasus Comet Fist: Seiya charges up his cosmo in his right hand and creates a powerful blast of pure light.
  • Pegasus Rolling Crush: Seiya gets behind his opponent, grabs them, and then creates a tornado of energy around them both, launching them upward and then crashes the enemy into the ground.



As soon as Seiya arrives at the Sanctuary, the Pope places him in the care of the enigmatic Amazon Marin, since both were oriental. Under Marin's tutelage, Seiya learns all the necessary fighting techniques of a Knight, as well as the mysteries surrounding his source of power, called Cosmo. Several times during training, Seiya thought about giving up, as he was not Greek and suffered prejudice. However, he was encouraged by Aiolia, who told him that a Knight's nationality doesn't matter, and that what really mattered were his abilities. He particularly gets bullied by Cassios.

Galaxian Wars Arc

Main article: Galaxian Wars Arc

Seiya defeated Cassios.

Seiya was escaping from the Sanctuary but was soon found by Marin. Marin asks him to come back to the Sanctuary to finish his training simulations. Seiya refuses it saying that he had enough of it, but Marin reminds him that he has to battle with Cassios tomorrow. Seiya then shouts to Marin saying that she must tell him something he doesn't know because he know that he can defeat him. Marin explains the lenght of Cassios strength which Seiya tells Marin that he can defeat him, thanks through the special training Marin gave him, but Seiya has to prove it to Marin which he is showing his center of his Cosmo which Marin is impressed by it.[1] The day of the battle between Seiya and Cassios has begun which Cassios started to attack Seiya without Seiya paying attention to him. Seiya defeated Cassios and earn the Pegasus Cloth. After that Seiya won the Pegasus Cloth, Seiya was trying to open the box, but Marin tells him not to because the myth have been linked to the Pandora's box. Later, Seiya asks Marin why they are running away from because Seiya wanted to leave the Sanctuary and go to Japan tomorrow, but Marin tells Seiya that he is already going to die by tomorrow.

Seiya defeating Shaina's henchmen.

Shaina appears in front of Seiya and Marin, which she started to attack Seiya out of anger that he won the Pegasus cloth. Seiya then battles with Shaina until Seiya opens the box of the Pegasus cloth, which the battle continues between Seiya and Shaina. The guards of Shaina appears apologizing to her that she got personally involved in the situation, while one guard is trying to beat up Seiya he feels that Seiya's armor starts to unleash heat. Seiya defeats the guards with his Pegasus Meteor Punch technique[2]. The air pressure of the technique was enough to break Shaina's mask in two, when Seiya tells Shaina that her face has been revealed thinking that she had the face of a monster, Shaina tells Seiya that the next time they meet again she will wear her cloth and challenge Seiya. Seiya then tells her that he hopes that the day will never come. After the battle, Marin show Seiya the way and asked him if he had some final words, Seiya asks if Marin can show her real face before he leaves.[3]

Back in Japan, Seiya meets Saori Kido, Mitsumasa Kido's official granddaughter, who congratulates him on his return, asking him to rest for the Galactic War. Seiya, however, refuses to participate and insists on talking to Mitsumasa, as he promised him that, if he became a Knight, he could see his sister again. To Seiya's surprise, Saori reveals that her grandfather has died. She proposes a deal: if Seiya won the Galactic War, she would use the resources of the Graad Foundation to locate Seika. Reluctant and out of patience, Seiya seeks answers from Miho, an old childhood friend. Advised by her, Seiya decides to participate in the Galactic War, hoping that Seika would see him on TV, wherever he was. childhood. Advised by her, Seiya decides to participate in the Galactic War, in hopes that Seika or will see him on TV, where he wants him to be.

The first opponent Seiya faces is Bear Geki. Feeling the overwhelming strength of the crushing arms, Seiya manages to turn the tables against the Bear Knight, achieving his first victory. In the second fight, Seiya faces Shiryu. After some difficulty, Seiya then wins the fight by hitting Shiryu in his weak point, causing his heart to stop beating, and resulting on Seiya getting seriously injured. . Even seriously injured, Seiya gets up and, with a blow on the opposite side of the first, revives Shiryu's heart.

During the second phase of the Galactic War, Phoenix Ikki appears, who, leading the Black Knights, steals the Armor of Sagittarius. Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun set off in pursuit of Ikki, managing to recover some parts. Shiryu decides to return to the Five Peaks of Rozan, taking the Pegasus and Dragon Armors to be restored.

Black Saints Arc

Ikki challenges the Bronze Knights through the parts of the Sagittarius Armor, choosing Mount Fuji as a battle scenario. Seiya, Hyoga and Shun are reunited when they see the illusion of Shiryu - Kiki's work - bringing the new Pegasus Armor. Kiki explains the situation to Seiya, who is moved by Shiryu's sacrifice. Soon after, Shun gives everyone bells so that one doesn't attack the other. Before leaving, Seiya gives one of the bells to Kiki, asking her to hand it over to Shiryu when he returns.

Seiya finds its counterpart, the Black Pegasus. With his armor revitalized, the Knight of Pegasus demonstrates superiority, applying sequences of kicks and punches practically indefensible. Black Pegasus is defeated, but manages to hit Seiya with his Black Meteor. Later, Seiya begins to feel the effects of the blow, and black spots appear, which spread and darken his skin. Accidentally, Seiya ends up falling off a cliff, knocking him out. He is saved by Shun and Shiryu, who reach his friend's cosmic points and let the black blood out.

Eventually, Seiya joins Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun to face Ikki. Filled with hatred, Ikki uses his Phoenix Bird attack, taking down the four Bronze Horsemen. Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun fall unconscious, but Seiya is protected by the Sagittarius Armor. It is at this moment that Ikki tells the truth about everyone being Mitsumasa Kido's children and they all being siblings. Earthquakes shake Mount Fuji. Ikki disappears, but Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun, as well as the Black Knights, are saved by Mu.

Anime - The anime suffered alterations on this arc. The fact that Mitsumasa is Seiya and the protagonist father is ommited. The battle against Ikki take pleace in Death Valley instead. The Pegasus Armor is restored but does not undergo any aesthetic change. Soon after Ikki's defeat, an enemy, Docrates appears, tasked with recovering the Armor of Sagittarius. Ikki sacrifices himself to give others a chance to flee, creating an avalanche of rocks. Docrates emerges unharmed, invading the Kido Mansion and kidnapping Saori. As a condition of freeing her, he orders them to take the helm of Sagittarius's Armor to the coliseum. There, after a hard battle, Docrates is defeated.

The next enemy exclusive to the anime is Geist, an exiled Amazon, and her lackeys. Battles are taking place until only the Amazon is left to face the Knight of Pegasus. Having to deal with powerful illusions, Seiya manages to focus his target, defeating Geist with his Pegasus Meteor.

Pope Ares Minions and the Silver Saints

Seiya wakes up on a deserted beach, in the company of Mu and Kiki, also seeing his master, Marin. While trying to talk to her, he is hindered by Lizard Misty, a silver knight fighting for the sanctuary, who gives Seiya the option of killing himself or being killed. Confused, Seiya tries to fight back, but his attacks are useless against Misty. Not wanting the pupil to be killed, Marin fakes a fake hit on Seiya, temporarily tricking Misty. Seiya suffers enormously during the fight, but manages to raise his Cosmo and, little by little, he reverses the situation, ending up defeating Misty with his Pegasus Maelstrom. Seiya leaves to rest, returning only when he feels Marin's cosmo-energy weakened.

Two other Silver Knights, Asterion and Moses, were waiting for Seiya. Moses stirs Seiya's feelings and lies that Marin is his sister. Altered, Seiya renews his forces and defeats the Whale Knight. Seiya tries to fight Asterion, but, given his mind-reading ability, Seiya ends up defeated and is saved by Marin.

In the colliseum, Saori reveals to Seiya and the other bronze knights that she is in truth Athena. Seiya and the others are sceptical and refuse to fight for her, abandoning her in the colliseum. They are forced to rescue Saori though, when she is kidnapped by Jamian who had orders from the sanctuary to take her. Seiya is tasked to rescue Saori, and he confronts the crow tamer, managing to rescue Saori at the expense of a broken arm. Eventually Shaina s appears, willing to exact her revenge. Seiya chooses to run away, throwing himself with Saori from a precipice. Seriously wounded, he is saved by Ikki, Hyoga and Shun.

Hospitalized, Seiya is attacked by Shaina and subsequently Leo Aiolia, who had orders to eliminate the Bronze Knights and retrieve the Sagittarius Armor. Shaina throws herself in front of Seiya to protect him from an attack, revealing her feelings for him. Out of respect for the Shaina's feelings, Aiolia decides to leave.While that, arise Sirius, Algethi and Dios, Silver Knights charged with guarding Aiolia. At a disadvantage, Seiya dons the Sagittarius Armor and defeats the three. Aiolia decides to face Seiya and, about to deliver the final blow, is interrupted by Saori. Doubting that young was Athena, Aiolia imposes a test and launches an attack. Seiya throws himself to protect Saori, repelling Aiolia's attack, who becomes convinced that Saori was Athena.

Anime - In order to monitor the situation in the Sanctuary, the group - Seiya, Shiryu and Shun - in a Graad Foundation plane, tries to make a reconnaissance flight. However, the plane crashes and is forced to land on an island. There, Shaina of Ophiuchus, Algol of Perseus and Spartan awaited the Knights. Soon after rescuing Saori from Jamian, Seiya leaves with Hyoga and Shun to the Island of the Queen of Death, in order to help Ikki against the Black Knights. Shortly thereafter, motivated to find a cure for Shiryu's blindness, Seiya climbs Mount Jandara in order to collect spring water said to have healing properties. The mission culminates in Seiya facing and defeating Tarantula Arachne.

12 Zodiac Temples Arc

After all, the Knights decide to go with Saori to the Sanctuary and dethrone the false Pope. Once there, the group is attacked by the knight Ptolemy, who shoots Saori with a golden arrow, stating that only the Grand Master could extract it and that the Knights had only twelve hours to reach him, otherwise the arrow it would pierce Saori's chest and kill her. Frightened, the Bronze Knights decide to cross the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac.

Seiya is forced to fight with Aiolia, who was mind controled by the evil pope. When the Pegasus was almost dead, Cassios appeared and sacrificed himself to save him. Seiya, moved by the death of his childhood rival, awakens the Seventh Sense and strikes Aiolia, who returns to normal. Before leaving, Seiya has his right leg, which had been broken by Aioria, healed by him. Seiya, Shiryu and Shun suffer from the great power of Shaka, considered the "Man closest to God", being easily knocked out by the Divine Surrender, only waking up in time to witness the sacrifice of Ikki.

Upon reaching the ninth house, Seiya and his companions enter and find the Armor of Sagittarius, which shoots an arrow that hits the wall, revealing the will of Aiolos, who entrusted Athena to the young Knights. Later, while Shun faced Aphrodite, Seiya goes through the Pisces House and climbs the stairs that connect the house to the Pope's hall, discovering that the path is covered with poisoned Roses, in which Seiya gradually loses his five senses until he faints. He is saved by Marin, who takes off her mask and puts it on Seiya's face to protect him from the poisonous scent of the roses. Gradually, Seiya regains consciousness, but Marin doesn't resist and passes out. Knowing that he is the only one left and seeing his friends sacrifice themselves to help him, Seiya lights his cosmos and in one blow, clears the way to the Master's hall. Shaina also arrives at the location and tells Seiya to proceed, and that she would take care of Marin.

Seiya finally arrives at the Master's hall. Contrary to expectations, the master welcomes him showing his face: it was Saga, the Gold Saint of Gemini. Showing regret for the acts he committed, Saga says he couldn't help Athena, explaining to Seiya that, crossing the hall, he would find Athena's statue. Saga explains that Athena would hold Nike, the Goddess of Victory, in her right hand, and Aegis, the shield of justice, in her left hand, and that Seiya should direct the shield towards Saori to take the arrow from her chest. Without really understanding what is going on, Seiya goes to the statue. Suddenly, Saga awakens his evil side and strikes Seiya violently.

Recovering, Seiya attacks with his Pegasus Meteor, but the blow doesn't even scratch Saga, who summons and wears his Gemini Armor. Saga tries to play Seiya in the Other Dimension, but is stopped by his good side. Saga changes tactics and removes Seiya's five senses at the speed of light.

Practically an undead, Seiya continues fighting Saga and increasing his cosmos, managing, even for a moment, to deliver blows at the speed of light, temporarily knocking the Gemini. Saga hits Seiya again, and is prevented from killing him by the arrival of Ikki.

The arrival of the new ally gives Seiya breath, who goes to the statue, guided by Athena's Cosmo. Saga, having obliterated Ikki, runs to stop Seiya. The Pegasus Knight manages to catch the shield and redirects it, reflecting the light in the direction where Saori was, causing the arrow and wound to disappear and Saga to lose his evil face.

Poseidon Arc

Julian Solo, the reincarnation of Poseidon, kidnaps Saori and takes her to the Underwater Fortress, forcing Seiya and the other knights to confront the god in his own domain. Meeting with the beautiful Commander Marina, Thetis, she informs the knights that, if they wanted to save Athena, they would need to overthrow the Seven Pillars that support the seven oceans of Earth, each of which is protected by a General of Poseidon.

Hades Arc

Seiya's participation, during the first arc of the Hades Saga, was expanded in his anime adaptation. Initially the Pegasus Knight intervenes in the battle of Mu against Death Mask and Aphrodite. Wanting to participate in the battle, Mu is adamant about prohibiting the involvement of the Bronze Knights, making it clear to follow Athena's own orders. Despite what happened, Seiya has a quick duel with Death Mask, getting to take some advantage, but ends up paralyzed by Mu who simulates using the Star Extinction, teleports him from there, sending him to Mount Star Hill (Coliseum in the anime). In the anime, meeting up with Shiryu, the pair make their way to the Twelve Houses.

Seiya against Deathmask in the manga

Afterwards, he joined forces to destabilize Athena's Exclamation, the secret technique used by gold saints. The explosion knocks Seiya and the other Bronze Knights unconscious, coming back to consciousness only when Saori decides to take her own life. Discovering, through Shion of Aries, the truth behind the renegades' intentions, Seiya dons his new Pegasus Armor, revived with the blood of Athena. With the time he has left, Shion entrusts the Knights with the Armor of Athena, which the goddess would need to face Hades.

Seiya and his brothers head to Hades Castle, Germany, where the Knight of Pegasus faces one of the three judges of hell, Radamanthys, and crashes with him into the Underworld. In the manga, Seiya faces Radamanthys, but the battle is interrupted by the arrival of Harpy Valentine and other specters. Seiya clings to Valentine, plummeting into Hades' domain. In both versions, the Knight of Pegasus awakens the 8 sense in the process.

Seiya wakes up next to Shun. The pair immediately seek their bearings, reaching the banks of the River Aqueronte, where they are required to pay a boarding fee to Charon. They had no money, but in order to avoid unnecessary combat, Shun offers his pendant as payment. Upon reaching the other side of the bank, Charon again challenges the knights, being defeated by the Meteor of Pegasus. Arriving at the 1st Prison, they meet Lune de Balron, a specter who replaces Minos de Griffon in the role of judging the souls of the dead. Through his Reincarnation technique, Lune exposes the number of sins that the Bronze Saint's life accumulates. Seiya and Shun end up saved by Kanon of Gemini - who had gone on to serve Athena and adopted the Gemini Armor.

Heading to the 2nd Prison, they encounter the three-headed dog, Cerberus, and the guardian specter, Pharaoh. Defeating the three-headed monster, fighting the specter is far from easy. Pharaoh plays his harp, immobilizing Seiya's body. Help arrives in the form of Orphée, a Silver Knight who had left Athena to rescue his dead lover. The Saint of Lyra reaffirms the commitment to justice, and defeats the specter. With his help, Seiya and Shun think they have found Hades, who looks the same as Shun. At this point, they are attacked by Radamanthys. Amidst the confusion, Orphée dies and Seiya discovers that the real Hades has always been inside Shun. Distracted and shocked, Seiya is defeated by Radamanthys and taken to the 8th Prison, Cocyto, reserved for those who rebelled against the Gods.

Seiya wakes and see the remains of hundreds of knights, who had opposed Hades in past wars, lay there, as well as the newly imprisoned Mu, Milo, and Aiolia. Seiya manages to make Valentine himself take him out of the Ice Inferno, saying that if the specter defeats him he could take Athena's Armor. Due to the low temperatures, and being consecutively hit by the Life Eater, Seiya doesn't seem to rival Valentine's height. Burning his cosmos, the Knight of Pegasus manages to turn the fight in his favor, ending the specter.

Guided by Saori's cosmo-energy, Seiya reaches the 4th Sphere, in Judecca's palace, finding Shun, already freed from Hades' influence, and Virgo Shaka, discovering that to find Athena it is necessary to cross the Wailing Wall. This is possible thanks to the union of the Twelve Golden Knights, the five who were still alive (Mu, Milo, Aioria, Dohko and Shaka) and the seven who were dead (Aldebaran, Aioros, Saga, Camus, Shura, Aphrodite and Mask of the Death), which disappear using their last energy so that the Bronze Knights reach Athena. Following the opening made in the Wall, Seiya and Shun feel the force exerted by the inhospitable dimension. Athena's blood in her Pegasus Armor, causes the wings, until then seen only at rest, to be activated, which gives Seiya stability to travel in safety. Joining Shun, the two cross the hyperdimension, while Hyoga and Shiryu finish defeating the last specters.

Seiya against Thanatos

Seiya arrives Elysyan fields and fights against Thanatos. There he wakes his divine armor. Though, even with more powerful armor, the two can't even scratch at Hades, who is at the height of his power. Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga arrive to help them. The five unite, but even so they are easily repelled by Hades. The latter, in turn, looks at Seiya differently and, worried, remembers that, in the past, he was injured by Pegasus, and since then he started to take human bodies as hosts in all his incarnations.

That's when Saori manages to free herself after wearing her armor, and faces Hades, protecting the five knights in energy spheres. But even she doesn't seem to be a match for the God. Seeing her in danger, Seiya destroys his sphere of protection and launches himself between them, striking Hades and throwing him away. Everyone celebrates the feat, but when they look back, they see the Sword of Hades across Seiya's chest. The Cosmo of the Knight of Pegasus disappears. Hades pulls himself together and mocks their pain. Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun and Ikki burn their cosmos to the maximum and unite them with Athena who pierces Hades with the Scepter of Victory. Then the Elysian Fields and the Underworld begin to destroy themselves.

No Cvidania

The story unfolds after the battle against Hades. All knights recover after defeating Hades with only parts of their armor left on the body. However, with the defeat of Hades, the other knights thus manage to have a calm after defeating Hades. Hyoga starts to leave the group and sends a message saying No Cvidania (in Russian it means up to one day). Shun later went to see Seiya who was in the port. Seiya is thoughful and remembers Miho and how much she liked him, as did Shaina and Saori. He also remembers the fight he had with Shiryu in the Galactic war and the story ends.

Episode G Assassin

Episode G Assassin is in an alternate future, since the timelines got changed. During the battle between Sigurd and Shiryū, in which the latter mentions feeling the voices of his companions, Seiya says that when they were young they had decided to defeat any enemy with their burning hearts and cosmos, and that thanks to this they have been able to cause " miracles "on several occasions, Seiya also mentions that when they were young they had thought of saving the world without fear of injury, since regardless of whether the opponent is a hero from the past, no one could destroy that dream since they were the brave of the "today".

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

Shaina approaches Seiya in the wheelchair in Next Dimension

After the Battle against the Emperor Hades, Seiya is in a wheelchair because of the curse of the Sword of Hades that was placed on his chest in the battle against the God. Saori and Shun time travel to the previous Holy War, which took place in the 18th century to destroy this cursed sword within three days, otherwise Seiya will die as the Sword will reach his heart.

Being impotent in this wheelchair, Seiya is in danger when Toma, a prisoner angel of the goddess Artemis, arrives, who by order of Callisto, the High Commander of the Moon Goddess's army, gave him orders to kill Seiya. The angel even throws Seiya into the air, but Marin de Águia intervenes and saves him and battles Toma holding the wheelchair for a while, until Hyoga arrives and also faces the angel, who after having his arm frozen ends up. fleeing, but threatens to kill Seiya, without failing next time.

Seiya is then in the care of Marin and Shaina, while Athena tries to save his life. In the past while Shun looks for Tenma there, he ends up spotting Seiya walking with the dead to the abyss of Yomotsu. Shun tries to go after him, but Athena contacts him so he doesn't follow Seiya, otherwise he won't be able to come back and they still have time to save Seiya before he reaches the abyss. At one point, Shaina starts acting strange while she was on guard duty. It reaches out to point its claws at him, but Marin arrives so Shaina starts running until she gets close to the ruins of the old Serpentarium House.

Non canon episodes

Asgard Arc

The Asgard events were an exclusive adaptation to the anime. After recovering from the battles of the Twelve Houses, Seiya saves Saori from the attack of Syd, a God Warrior hailing from the Norse kingdom of Asgard. The fight, however, is interrupted by the appearance of Ikki, Shiryu and Hyoga, and Athena herself, who asks Seiya to retreat, since the strength of both Knight and God Warrior were similar. Saori comments on Odin's representative, Hilda of Polaris, and that something terrible has happened in Asgard for its inhabitants to be with hostile intentions. Saori and the knights decide to go to the Nordic kingdom to discover the source of this.

After many battles, Seiya still had to face Hilda that even not fighting in the style of knights or god warriors, is powerful enough to face the group. At one point, Seiya has a chance to kill her, hesitating as he realizes that Hilda's death would bring the inevitable destruction. Thrown to the bottom of the cliff, he receives moral support from the spirit of the Gemini Saga. With the friends serving as a shield, Seiya offers Odin's sapphires at the foot of the Norse god's statue. Odin answers the prayers, releasing his Robe from Odin, which Seiya wears. Wielding the legendary Balmung Sword, Seiya cuts the effect of the Ring of Nibelong.

While Saori uses her Cosmo to stop the ice from melting, Seiya and the others set off after Hilda, seeking to extract the Ring of Nibelungo from her. Odin's Robe detaches itself from Seiya, going to the top of the altar. Freed from the harmful influence, Hilda takes the Balmung Sword in her hands, beginning to atone for her crimes. Little by little, the glaciers resume their initial position, ending fears of a possible flood. Running to where Saori is, Seiya and the others only have time to see her being swallowed by a gigantic wave and disappear.

Saint Seiya Omega

Omega is an spin off and the continuity of the anime, in an alternate timeline that differs from the canon story Next Dimension. There, Seiya is the greatest among the Legendary Knights of Athena, a status which he acquired for his invaluable achievements as a Bronze Knight in the 20th century. With the arrival of the 21st century, Seiya was promoted to Golden Knight and leader of the Army of Athena, also serving as personal guardian and confidant of his goddess from the first Holy War against Mars and the re-awakening of Poseidon,

During this period, he assisted Saori Kido in the creation of Kouga, who would also become his successor as Knight of Pegasus. In the following years, right after the second defeat of the God of War, Seiya disappeared after being imprisoned by Ludwig in his domain, only reappearing at the end of the Third Holy War against Mars with the awakening of Apsu in order to help his goddess with the new generation of Bronze Knights bringing the ultimate defeat of the dark god. After returning to active duty, Seiya soon proved to be one of the main factors that brought Athena's victory over the Holy Wars against Pallas and, later, Saturn. With peace restored in the land, Seiya returned to live next to Saori.

Creation and Conception

While being in the process of creating Saint Seiya, Masami Kurumada first intended to give Seiya the name Rin. It is known that Masami Kurumada orginally wanted to name the series: Ginga no Rin (銀河の輪; Literally meaning "Rin of the Galaxy"). As Kurumada continued developing his manga, he decided to change the name to Seiya, which he though that it was more fitting for the main character and the series. Kurumada first spelled Seiya (星矢; Literally meaning "Star Arrow") with kanji to relate it to Seiya's condition as a Saint, but has changed his mind which the name Seiya pointed to emphasize the constellation and mythological motif. Kurumada changed the name of the manga into Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ), Seinto Seiya) after that he fully developed the concept of the Saints. Since his manga was going to use the constellations as a very important and ever-present theme, he wanted his protagonist to have a special move that would be like a shower of meteors. Seiya drew inspiration from Kurumada's previous popular manga: Ring ni Kakero (リングにかけろ; Literally meaning "Applied to the Ring") from the main character: Ryūji Takane (高嶺竜児, Takane Ryūji).


Seiya is the least popular character in Japan of the main characters of the Saint Seiya series. In the Bronze Saints character poll, Seiya was ranked fifth. Seiya's techniques however has been ranked high, as known that Seiya's Pegasus Meteor Fist in the technique poll has been ranked first. Seiya also gets criticized for being a "underdog" in most of the battles.


  • In episode 19 (exclusive of the anime), Seiya appears playing a guitar and in the game "Saint Seiya Pachinko ~ Hoshi no Unmei" reappears like this.
  • Despite being the main protagonist, alone, he hasn't defeated any main antagonists in the manga: Ikki was attacked by Misty, Saga commits suicide, Poseidon is bounded by Athena, Hades was destroyed by Athena and the other protagonists.
  • Shaina demonstrates her romantic feelings for Seiya at every opportunity in all versions, she being the most explicit love interest in the manga: In the 12 houses, she confesses her love after receiving an attack from Seiya. In Poseidon, the sea god shoots the sagittarius arrow aiming at Seiya, but Shaina receives the attack, saving the knight's life, so she again says she loves him being the inspiration for him to continue fighting. In the battle against Hades, she berates Seika for not being with Seiya, and defends her against Thanatos. In Next Dimension, the Amazon proposes to take care of Seiya alongside Marin. Exclusively in the anime, in Asgard she protects Seiya from Siegfried's Sword of Odin attack.
  • In the anime, however, Seiya's main love interest is focused on Saori. This romance is only hinted at in manga, in anime it is more explored, especially in movies. However, in the manga Seiya doesn't show many signs of reciprocating Saori's feelings, although in the anime this affection is reciprocated.
  • Seiya together with Dohko appears in almost every spin-off, even if making a cameo, as in The Lost Canvas, when Kairos takes Tenma and Shion, to the present, where they find Seiya in a vegetative state, not forgetting that the latter chapter shows the new generation of the twentieth century and in the anime also has a cameo along with Saori and his companions. He also appears in episode G as a premonition of Aiolia.
  • He also appears in a cameo with Shiryu (both unarmored) in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! and also in the classic series Captain Tsubasa 1983 in which the body appears behind Kojiro, except for the head.
  • In Saintia Sho, Seiya has his encounter with the Lesser Horse rider Shoko when she nearly loses Pegasus' pendant. Seiya is surprised because the girl has the pendant that symbolizes her guardian constellation, like



  • (To Marin) "Tell me something I don't already know! I know I can beat that giant jerk!"[4]
  • (To Marin) "Look at this, Marin! This is my center! This is my Cosmo!"[1]
  • (To Marin) "Well I was kind of hoping to see your real face...."[3]
  • (To Saori) "Stop talking about this stupid war! All I care about, right now, is seeing my sister after 6 years!"[5]
  • (About Hades) "Ooh...His pupils...What a beautiful color...Are these the eyes of Hades, ruler of the land of the dead? They look like the depths of a bottomless lake."[6]


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