Phoenix! The Warrior who saw Hell (Fenikkusu! Jigoku wo mita senshi) is the sixth episode of the Saint Seiya anime. It was released on November 22, 1986 on TV Asahi.


Shun and Jabu are pitted against one another. Shun's chain warns them of a nearby enemy.


Shun makes a flamboyant entrance, calling upon the Andromeda cloth and dons it. Jabu does the same, eager to fight. Shun asks him what his motive is, sharing that he is searching for his brother. Jabu denies to share his motive, cutting Shun off by saying they are to fight.

Shun simply shifts out of the way of Jabu's hits with ease, extending his chains to display Andromeda's nebula and prohibiting Jabu from closing in. Jabu stubbornly charges toward Shun anyways, only to learn that Andromeda's chains certainly do live up to their reputation. He falls flat on his back, the unicorn cloth has taken a significant amount of damage.

At the hospital, Shiryu shares his concerns with Seiya about Phoenix. He suggests Andromeda's chains will help sift out a possible enemy that will prevent any of them from obtaining the gold cloth.

After incapitating Jabu, Andromeda's chains form the letters A-X-I-A on the floor. Jabu yanks the chains away from Shun, only to be electrocuted by them. Shun tried to warn him prior, but only learned after that. The chains move faster, in a frenzy, signifying a threat is close. They point to the gold cloth, which makes Shun realize that Axia means "prize" in greek. Shiryu and Seiya arrive just in time for Phoenix to emerge from the gold cloth.

Shun realizes that Phoenix is his elder brother, Ikki, only he is different now. Ikki exclaims his resentment for Shun, promising Shun to be his first kill.



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