Pisces Albafica
Pisces Albafica Profile.png
Japanese 魚座(ピスケス)のアルバフィカ
Romanization Pisukesu no Arubafika
Alias(es) "Poison Incarnated"
General Information
Classification Gold Saint of Athena
Deity Athena
Cloth Pisces Cloth
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Constellation Pisces
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Royal Demon Rose
Piranhan Rose
Bloody Rose
Crimson Thorn
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 23 years
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Ottoman Greece
Place of training Athena's Sanctuary, Greece
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Master Pisces Rugonis
Debut TLC: Chapter 3, Episode 2
Appearances The Lost Canvas: Manga
The Lost Canvas: Animation
The Lost Canvas Gaiden
Japanese voice Hiroshi Kamiya
English voice
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Pisces Albafica (魚座(ピスケス)のアルバフィカ, Pisukesu no Arubafika) is the Gold Saint of Pisces.


Albafica - A mysterious person. He is quiet, calm, lonely; but not because he wants so, but because he has to. He has a very generous heart. He isolates himself, creating the image of a cold but loving man who lives in solitude. Albafica tries to avoid approaching, touching and even talking at all costs, to protect others from contact with his blood, which became extremely poisonous due to prolonged contact with poisonous demon roses.


Lost Canvas Manga : Chapter Pisces


While still a baby, Albafica was abandoned in Pisces Lugonis's garden of Demon Roses, which would have been fatal to any other living being. Yet, even being so young he resisted, and was found and adopted by Lugonis, who became his teacher.

Red Ribbons

Lugonis and performing the ritual Albafica Red Ribbons.

Ritual red ribbons of blood is between a Saint of Pisces and his pupil. Exchanging a drop of blood from a wound made in the fingertips of each of them in this ritual, the transmitted blood circulates in their bodies and the ceremony is held for a few years. If the receiver however, is unable to resist the poison of the Pisces, they will suffer a terrible death. Even if they are able to support the poisoned blood, they must expect a life of solitude. Albafica performs the ritual with his teacher Lugonis for a few years, giving up a chance for a normal life. At first, the poisonous blood of his master only burned his body and caused him severe pain, and on several occasions, Albafica was near death, but still somehow survived on each blood installment. Eventually, his body grew stronger and became used to the poison dwelling within it. Albafica and Lugonis shared the same poison in their blood, making them even closer more than a father and son as he said the Ghost.

Albafica at times thought it was an absurd notion, however, he started to take notice of his master's weakening condition, and after a particular blood exchange, Lugonis fell dead, but before he passed away, he told Albafica that it was unavoidable that the student's poison had surpassed the teacher's, up to the point where it was strong enough to kill him. He then explains the fate of a Pisces, to spend a life away from men.

Quack Island

Once Albafica was a Gold Saint, the Pope Sage entrusted him with the task of exploring the Healer Island for possible specters. Albafica travelled to said island and met the healer, a man with the ability to heal any disease known to man, he even offered to cure the poison in Albafica's blood. Later it is revealed that this man is the brother of Lugonis, Dryad Luco , who uses the flowers from the underworld to heal the ill. Those very same flowers left the Pisces Saint in a vulnerable state. Luco and Albafica then clash, but the specter's ability to control all types of plants gave him momentary advantage and was able to use his own Piranha Rose against him. Albafica then deploits his technique Crimson Thorn to destroy Luco, deafeating the specter and restoring peace and calm to the island. After the mission, Albafica would stop being cold and evasive, especially around Aries Shion (TLC) who always showed sympathy.

Lost Canvas : Chapter Cancer

Mission In Venice

Albafica in Italy to face Nero with Manigoldo

In another mission, Albafica accompanied on his mission to Cancer Manigoldo against the Black Saints in Italy. Faces Albafica Black Crow's Ruse who confronts the Royal Demon Rose with Black Feather Defense . Black Crow uses Defense of Black Feathers transport a Albafica to Yomutsu Hill, along with Manigoldo and Gioca , Black Hounds Judo believes that will be safe from the roses and blood poisoned Pisces, however Albafica attacks him with his fists defeating, Black Crow subsequently killed by Black Altar Don Avido . Once in the mortal world with apparent ease Albafica defeat to Black Heracles Lemargos and Black Hounds Judo , kills them both with his Bloody Rose . Then both saints return to the Sanctuary.

Lost Canvas

After the awakening of Hades in the body of Alone, Pandora sends Griffon Minos to invade the sanctuary with a group of specters. Albafica goes forward and leaves his position in the last of the twelve houses to create a rose garden poisoned to keep the Specters away from the Sanctuary and the village, Rodorio. The trap works and kills several of the specters, but as Deep Niobe ends his attack the roses Deep Fragrance, which makes Albafica immune to the poisonous scent of roses, so Albafica kills him using Crimson Thorn.

Then Minos gets rid of the roses with his ​​Gigantic Feathers Flap, and paralyzes Albafica with Cosmic Marionettion, letting his specter, including Necromancer Byaku, move towards the Sanctuary, with the order of destroying the village Rodorio on their way. Luckily, they fall away, because Albafica had placed his Bloody Roses by the way, claiming the lives of all specters accompanying the Judge of Hell .

Although Albafica uses the Crimson Thorn against Minos, he rejected it without any problems, and torturing Albafica saying that someone so beautiful should not focus on fighting. After an endless torture, Minos uses his power to break every bone in Albafica's body, which after this attack presumed he is dead.
Albafica still gets to his feet and once again challenge Minos when he was about to destroy Rodorio. Albafica reuses the Crimson Thorn, this time with all the blood, although it is just a distraction, as his real attack is a stab in the heart of Minos with one Bloody Rose filled with Albafica poisonous blood, something that Minos does not realize until too late. After defeating Minos, Albafica dies, finally finding peace with the poisonous roses that marked his life.


There are notable differences and similarities between Pisces Albafica, and Pisces Aphrodite in terms of personality and battle tactics.

  • Like many of the gold saints from the same sign, Albafica and Aphrodite are identical in appearance.
  • Both battle with roses and poisonous fragrance to dislodge their opponent's mindset.
  • Both use the same tactic of covering a particular trail with poisonous roses to prevent the enemy from advancing.
  • Both use the following techniques: "Royal Demon Rose", "Piranhian Rose", and "Bloody Rose".
  • "Crimson Thorn" is unique to Albafica.
  • While Aphrodite is an advocate of poison techniques, it is unknown if his blood has poisonous properties like Albafica.
  • Aphrodite strongly believes that might is power, and power is justice. It is unknown if Albafica shares this particular philosophy.
  • Aphrodite is also extremely proud of his physical beauty. Albafica appears to acknowledge this trait, but is not overly concerned with it.
  • While Albafica is portrayed to be a lone wolf, it is hinted that he only does so because of the powerful poison in his body. Alternatively, Aphrodite has shown to not be hesitant to approach anyone.


  • Rose Garden : Pisces tends a garden of poisonous roses whose fumes can dispatch enemies without him lifting a finger. Since Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, his temple is the final obstacle before reaching the Pope, and he sprouts this carpet of roses on the steps leading to the Pope's chamber as a deadly buffer zone. If Lost Canvas is to be believed, Pisces can make this garden bloom anywhere he pleases, since Albafica meets the invading Specters in the middle of such a garden before they even reached the temple of Aries.
  • Crimson Thorn (クリムゾンソーン, Kurimuson Sōn): This attack seems to be unique to Albafica due to his highly toxic blood. When injured, he can cause his blood to evaporate and form a crimson mist. Then he commands the suspended droplets to form needles and bombard his opponent. Sometimes he skips the mist stage and goes straight to shooting blood needles. Anyone pierced by these dies within seconds.
  • Royal Demon Rose (ロイヤルデモンローズ, Roiyaru Demon Rōzu): Pisces flings red roses at his opponent. If the victim is cut by their thorns or inhales their fragrance, they are poisoned, gradually lose their five senses and ultimately die.
  • Piranhan Rose (ピラニアンローズ, Piranian Rōzu): Pisces flings black roses at his opponent. While the red roses do damage over time, the black roses act like a swarm of piranhas, instantly tearing apart anything in their path. This can be used to either defend against attack or break through others' defenses, including armor.
  • Bloody Rose (ブラッディローズ, Buraddi Rōzu): In his ultimate attack, Pisces flings one or more white roses at his opponent. It seeks out the heart of its target, able to penetrate even Gold armor, and once it pierces the body, it will get dyed red as it sucks all the blood from its victim.