Pisces Amor (魚座(ピスケス)のアモール, Pisukesu no Amōru) is the Gold Saint of the Pisces constellation in Saint Seiya Omega. He is the guardian of the twelfth temple, but the existence of Amor was unknown even to the other Gold Saints. Amor can use the element of Darkness and Water. Amor governing the Spell and Orientation.


Amor is shown as an easygoing, confident and malicious. He follows the wishes of his older sister and has no problem eliminating anybody who opposes his wishes and plans of this, such as fellow Gold Saints.

Chronology (Mars-Hen)


Amor claims that he and his sister were born with a Dark Cosmo and that is why they were persecuted. One day, when they were about to be murdered and that's when their powers are unleashed actually killing their abusers. Amor was fascinated by the show and decided to follow his sister to live other similar moments.

The veracity of this story is highly questionable, however, as soon as he finished telling it, Amor alleges that he told lies. Amor also said he met Eden once, but he was too young to have retained a memory.

New Battle 12 Zodiac House

Medea Room

Mycenae went into the apartments of Medea, determined to kill the one he now considers as the real instigator of the battle and the source of evil. He hardly has time to do its job as Pisces Amor makes his entrance. Leo Mycenae learns with surprise that there is a Gold Saint under this constellation in this era. He briefly tries to explain his motives and to convince his well-founded suspicions, but when the newcomer reveals that he is also the younger brother of Medea, he understands that confrontation is inevitable. While he waited to begin a One Thousand Wars, Mycenae is amazed by the large Dark Cosmo. Amor then defeated Mycenae, presumably killing him with an unknown attack.

Pisces House

First contact

Kōga and his companions reach the Pisces House, meeting its guardian. He soon binds Koga with a special technique, and hopes that he would break the power through Darkness Cosmos. That is why he soon split the group into two: Sōma, Ryuho and Haruto find themselves trapped behind the Silent Water; then he used his Rinne Kesshō to invoke the Four Heavenly Kings of Mars against Soma, Ryuho and Haruto. Amor shows a perverse pleasure. Yuna is now the only to cope with the Gold Saint and finds herself completely outclassed by his opponent, who plays with her. Meanwhile, Sōma and his companions are hardly better off against the Kings. 

Yuna tries to fight but Amor easily restrains her and expresses how much he's fascinated at her, which greatly disturbs her. When Amor has enough of Yuna's insolence he attacks her, prompting Kōga to release his darkness, freeing himself from his prison and preventing Amor from killing her friend. However, contrary to what was expected to the brother of Medea, the Pegasus Saint is able to control himself through the use of its Seventh Sense. Amor witnesses as Koga destroys the Silent Water and quickly takes off Bacchus. Amor not long to respond, forces Kōga to lose control of his Darkness using his own. Joint efforts Sōma, Ryuho and Haruto to make return to reason are vain and all seems lost, until Yuna's Sevent Sense reches him. The companions of Koga then ask him to go forward facing in Mars while they take care of Amor and the Kings. Kōga accepts, and Yuna is once again facing Amor. The fight is still uneven, and if Sōma, Ryuho and Haruto are able to defeat the three remaining kings is to vanish soon after, exhausted by their effort. It was then that Eden enters the twelfth house, and was quick to challenge the keeper. Amor taunts Eden by claiming his rage and sadness of losing Aria and Sonia push him forward but make him weak, and then continues by further taunting him by admiting to kill Mycenae. This infuriates Eden but Amor easily pushes him away. He then reveals himself Eden's uncle and taunts him by saying he swore to become the Pisces Saint to protect Medea while Eden couldn't protect Sonia and soon restrains Eden. He then marches to stop Koga but Yuna persistently stops him even after Amor attacks her several times, which prompts him to taunt her by claiming victory is impossible, but Yuna refuses to accept that and attacks him. Eden takes his leave and Amor decides to fight Yuna.

In a few minutes, Amor is merely playing with Yuna. When the twelfth hour expires, he welcomes the advent of a new world and then quickly get rid of the four Bronze Saints always present in his house.

Battle Of Planet Mars

Amor quickly joined his sister on top of the twelve houses, claiming to want to lend a hand. This gives him a part of Dark Cosmo she recovered from the Galaxy before her late husband to leave for the New World being created on the planet Mars. Determined to correct its own errors and those of his family, Eden agrees then again the fight against his uncle, and gets quickly using Kōga. Amor realizes that given the progress made by his opponents in the battle on the one hand, and given its current powers on the other hand, it could be in trouble. To regain the advantage, he decided to go on the red planet with his opponents. Darkness on the planet, the cosmos is reflected and multiplied the master shot without much problem his enemies after discarding Eden, it freezes and makes Kōga contact their Darkness to wake Abzu. However, things do not go as he expected, and he realizes that his sister was fooled. Enraged, he decides to rule the world alone, but the resolutions do not last long: Abzu wakes up and kills him with a single punch.


Amor uses the new version of Pisces Cloth, formerly worn by Aphrodite. The Cloth keeps similarities with the original version, with similar "marine" in the arms and legs. The most notable difference is that the cloth has become more streamlined, similar to the other Gold cloths. The Cloth also does not appear to have a white cape like the others, but instead large black scarves that extend from the shoulders, similar to the cloth of Amor's nephew, Orion Eden. Amor was never seen wearing the cloth's helmet during his time wearing it.


  • Rinne Kesshō (輪廻結晶): Amor raises four circles of magic that raised the four Emperors of Mars: Diana, Vulcan, Bacchus and Romulus. They move freely after the first command of Amor and have powers superior to those of a Gold Saint.
  • Silent Water (サイレントウォーター, Sairento Uōtā): Amor creates a water barrier that emerges at an extremely fast speed. The barrier, however, can be destroyed.
  • Arrested Judgment (アレステッド・ジャッジメント, Aresuteddo Jajimento): Amor uses the element of darkness and shoots his opponent in the form of spears that prevent the enemy from moving, it can only be negated using Dark Cosmo.
  • Bloody Waltz (ブラッディワルツ, Buraddi Warutsu)
  • Bloody Canon (ブラッディカノン, Buraddi Kanon)
  • Gravity Concerto (グラビティコンチェルト, Gurabiti Concheruto)
  • Bloody Ballet (ブラッディバレット, Buraddi Baretto)


Pisces Constellation

Pisces, the twelfth zodiacal constellation, it is difficult to locate by the stars that compose it are very faint. The figure consists of two fish by their tails tied with a rope, anything oriental fish vertically, while teammate is located to the west. A ring of five stars it has sometimes been called is located immediately south of the Great Square of Pegasus, but slightly south and east of the bright star Markab. The head of the fish swimming north is about to collide with Andromeda.

Predecessor and successor


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  • Unlike previous incarnations of the Pisces Saint, he does not use roses as his motif.
  • His name, Amor, may be in fact the word Roma (Rome in Italian) spelled backwards. Since Mars, and his servants, Bacchus, Diana, Romulus and Vulcanus are all Roman deities, this may not be a coincidence.
  • Amor also means 'love' in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Amor is an alternate name for Cupid, the god of Love and the Latin version of the Greek god Eros. Amor was the son of the goddess Venus (called Aphrodite in the Greek myths) and possibly the Roman god Mars. Similar to his namesake, Pisces Amor is part of Mars's family, by marriage, in the Omega series. He is additionally the successor of Pisces Aphrodite, continuing the mythological links. 
  • This character shares his name with one of the two gods who inspired the myth behind the Pisces constellation; in the story, the god Amor/Cupid and his mother, Venus, when confronted by the monster Typhon, changed into fish and fled, but kept a string around their tails to bind them together, so they wouldn't be separated. 
  • He is the first Gold Saint in the Omega era with the most amount of screentime in battle (excluding Harbinger, Kiki and Fudo).
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