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Pisces Cardinale (魚座(ピスケス)のカルディナーレ, Pisukesu no Karudināre) is the Pisces Gold Saint in the 18th century, regarded as the personification of beauty.

Plot (Next Dimension)

Cardinale is first introduced during the Pope's assassination attempt on the infant Athena, which is foiled by Virgo Shijima. Witnessing Shijima's efforts to protect the goddess, Cardinale deems the Pope a traitor and prepared to impart retribution on him, however, Shijima becomes the target of his deadly attack. Pisces has stated his loyalty to Hades, although his motives and true allegiance remain shrouded in mystery. He is currently chasing after Shijima with the intent to kill by orders from the Pope though he doubts that he would be needed. Inside the Shrine of Atena, Cardinale reaches Shijima that was locked inside the "Labyrinth of the Gods", a maze of illusions from which it is very difficult to go out, created by the Pope. The gold saint of the Pisces attacks him twice with his technique Dagger Roses, but the gold saint of the virgin avoids the roses using the powerful illusions. Then Shijima stop the duel, telling the terrible prophecy is about to happen, which concerns the thirteenth evil gold saint, Ophiuchus. Cardinale, however, continues to attack, and eventually believed to kill Athena and Shijima, but in reality it is just a delusion created by Athena, which begins to grow by breaking the power of Cronos. Cardinal returns to the attack, but is defeated by the divine cosmos of the goddess, which then takes his "Ariadne's Thread" that allowed him to move easily through the maze. Athena and Shijima escape the Pope's chambers only to find the way to the Temple of Pisces full of Cardinale's Royal Demon Rose. The sanctuary accepts Athena as the goddess she is and clears the way for her to pass. Just as they are walking a Serpent appears and bites Athena, the serpent speaks and tells Shijima that is Samael's venom which only Odysseus the Gold Saint of Ophiuchus would be able to cure her. More serpents appear to attack Shijima and at the moment thought to be dead, Cardinale shows up to aid Shijima and Saori as they were being attacked by Odysseus' Serpents. Cardinale confesses that he realizes that Saori is indeed Athena and will fulfill his duty as a Saint to protect her, he clears the Demon rose and allows Shijima to escape as he stays behind fighting the serpents, he sacrifices his life for Athena.


  • Bloody Rose (ブラッディローズ, Buraddi Rōzu): the final technical Cardinale, with this lance a single white rose which plunges into the heart of the enemy. This rose absorbs the blood of his enemy slowly turning red as he goes. Once you have absorbed all the blood, the opponent dies. It is the only technique known throughout the universe of Saint Seiya which, if hit, kill the enemy at 100% of a single blow as long as no third party intervention to remove the white rose on his own. The white rose of Cardinale can pierce even the Gold Cloth.
  • Dagger Roses (ダガーローズ, Dagā Rōzu): Cardinale technique which consists in a very quick launch of a group of purple roses that pierce the opponent as if they were daggers. These roses can easily damage also a Gold Saint.
  • Royal Demon Rose (ロイヤルデモンローズ, Roiyaru Demon Rōzu): Cardinale creates with his cosmos of the red roses very poisonous, which can poison the opponent with the pollen and with the thorns.

Particular objects

  • Ariadne's thread: a thread that comes from the era mythology, owned by Cardinale. This thread has the power to find the output of any maze.


Cardinale is able to fade into the mist that generate their own roses and so escape the attacks of the opponent to attack by surprise. Recently said in The Lost Canvas Saints all Pisces, Diabolical Roses dominate and deadly perfume generate immunity in the blood to all types of poison, so I could resist the attack of Niobe of the Abyss

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