Pisces Rugonis (魚座(ピスケス)のルゴニス Pisukesu no Rugonisu) was a former Pisces Gold Saint and the master of Pisces Albafica.


Lugonis was a Saint who lived alone, because as a Pisces Saint his blood has gradually evolved into a venom similar to the poisonous roses. One day, he found an abandoned baby in one of his poisonous gardens, away from the Sanctuary. Astonished that the baby has a natural resistance to poison, he decided to welcome him as his son, naming the infant Albafica.

When Albafica grew up and decided to become a disciple of Lugonis in order to become the next Pisces Saint, despite knowing that it will be a path of loneliness due to the poisonous blood that they develop, Lugonis trained Albafica strictly. He did not tolerate any mistakes as when using roses as their attacks, if the roses missed their target they were fatal, even to an ally or an innocent.

In addition to the training, each day Albafica and Lugonis performed the Crimson Bond Ritual, the traditional ritual for the candidate of the Pisces Cloth. The ritual consisted of Lugonis and Albafica exchanging small mounts of blood through a small cut on their fingers; this gradually caused Albafica's blood to become as venemous as Lugonis'. Ultimately, the poison in Albafica's blood become more powerful than Lugonis', and the ritual ended with the former Pisces Saint's death. With his demise, Lugonis left the Pisces Cloth to become the possession of his son and disciple.

Prior to his death, Pisces Lugonis met with Sage. He asked Sage that when the time comes, if Dryad Luco (Lugonis's brother, who had dedicated his life to finding a cure for the poison in Lugonis' blood) is able to find said cure, to send Albafica to Luco so that his son and heir can choose once more whether to continue living on the lonely path of being the Pisces Gold Saint or to return to live with people. The Pope honors the request, sending Albafica to the Quacks Island years later. However, the Pope was also aware that Luco had awakened as a Specter of Hades .


  • Royal Demon Rose (ロイヤルデモンローズ, Roiyaru Demon Rōzu): Pisces Lugonis uses poisonous red roses to affect the senses of the enemy. These roses cause severe impairment of the five senses, loss of consciousness, and finally death. The Royal Demon Roses can be used in large numbers in order to give birth to an entire field of toxic red roses. The poison is delivered through the fragrance emitted by roses, making it difficult for any trespassers in these gardens to protect themselves.
  • Piranhan Rose (ピラニアンローズ, Piranian Rōzu)


  • His name was mis-romanized as Lugonis, but his grave reveals the actual spelling in Albafica's gaiden.
  • Lugonis was an exclusive character of an audio CD, until his story was adapted into manga in Gaidens of The Lost Canvas.